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Today I can breath the air, talk and look into your eyes clearly.
You are here, I can realize you and you can realize me, but tomorrow, realization is going to went out
through a process called death. It happens every moment to alert us about one fact.

What is the reality, What are we, What are life?

Want an answer, OK

We are a part of nothing.

Now in this moment, we are shapeless, There are no colours, no dimensions and nothing, just nothing,
This is our reality.

Stop, Don't think that is craziness. Wait and before judging my words,

Let me ask you what are the colours around you?
maybe blue, white, some red or brown. Whatever,
if you see a red colour as a specific colour in your mind, does it mean that this colour in your mind is the same colour that called red in my mind?

Answer, maybe yes because we have the same optical system in our eyes as we both are humans, but maybe not. May be we call different colours as red! because it's not that clear and simple to figure out what happens inside the brain.

But what if I ask you, do bees see the same red colour that you see?
bees have more developed eyes than ours. They can see in ultraviolet world
means that they can see what you can't see. They see world in different colours than yours
Red is black. White is blue!

If you think you are as a human is the smartest creature ( maybe it's a delusion) at least you now that there are other creatures which can see better than you, the eagle for example.
So let me ask you again what is the fact? What is the reality of this colour? Is it the colour that you see or the other colour that a bee or another creature sees? Maybe its eye better than yours and you see it wrong!

Answer: none of you.

The real colour that both of you see differently is '' no colour '' it is a part of nothing that you try to realize by drawing a fake image in your mind for it.
That brings us to my point again which is, all what you see is a result of some kind of realization of nothing points around you. You create dimensions, colours and more elements to realize the nothing around you.

You are not in the universe now, you and the universe are a part of nothing.

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And your point is?...

And your point is?...

BTW: Give me some of that weed, man...


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Seriously, did anyone read

Seriously, did anyone read past this:

"Stop, don't think that is craziness,"

I have to be honest at that point I could feel the craziness of wasting anymore thought on his post, and I had certainly expended more thought on it by that point than he had.

What a load of utter nonsense. The worst kind of vapid verbiage.

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@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

Dang, dude. You got further than I did. I never made it past the fourth line...


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My eye sight is good thank

My eye sight is good thank you. I see all the real colours and I can see in the dark too. Over sixty and no need for glasses, driving or reading. Hearing is my problem but I am so glad I dont actually have to listen to this sort of drivel I just read ...which is enough to wish I were blind instead.
Learn English and the art of communication.

PS Nearly every animal and insect and marine life hear better than any human., me especially so. So I repeat Arakish's question...whats your point?

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If you looking for the art of

If you looking for the art of communication and talk, learn my language like i learned yours and come we´ll talk.

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Here is something interesting

Here is something interesting and new from Biology https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/schroedingers-bacterium-could...

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Indeed it is interesting,

Indeed it is interesting, this part leaped out at me after fallacious god of the gaps argument about food recently.

"Those experiments have already yielded tantalizing but inconclusive results. Earlier this year, for example, researchers showed the process of photosynthesis—whereby organisms make food using light—may involve some quantum effects."

So all life needed initially was light to feed on. Evolution did the rest.

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Vendetta, you wrote, “If you

Vendetta, you wrote, “If you looking for the art of communication and talk, learn my language like i learned yours and come we´ll talk.”

The big difference is, in case you’re unaware of it, you chose to come to an English-speaking forum. So your crack about learning your language holds no water.

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All colors can be

All colors can be specifically identified and measured. For example, red has a dominant wavelength of approximately 625–740 nanometres. Additionally, we now have tests for color blindness. So basically, we all see the same way.

I still don't get the OP's point. But I suspect there is no specific point, just ramblings.

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Can't you see! NOTHING is the

Can't you see! NOTHING is the point.
Wait it's not an easy word.
If you think that you know what nothing is, then you might be wrong.
It's more complex than you think, because nothing is you and me.

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"Can't you see! NOTHING is

"Can't you see! NOTHING is the point."

Yes, I can see that pretty clearly.

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I still don't your point. It

I still don't your point. It is a black and blue dress. So what?

And yes I did read the article. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me.


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You see it as black and blue

You see it as black and blue while others see it as white and gold. can you explain why you see the same image differently?
Because your brains react in different ways and give you different colours or images which takes us back to my point which is images that you see around you are totally fake.They're just random images for nothing itself to allow you to differentiate between nothing points while you still part of nothing and all things around you are too.

All life is just imagination or just kind of realization of the nothing itself.Other creatures see the same world that you live in together as totally different world with different dimensions. there is no shape in fact for our world or for us.

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OK. One thing you keep

OK. One thing you keep harping on: Nothing.

Define "nothing."


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We are a part of nothing and

We are a part of nothing and that is the aim of life (fake realization) to define nothing and make fake images for it to be something while nothing itself won't change. nothing is you and me and things that around. nothing has no shape, colours or dimensions but we create images to create what called life while other creatures create another images that are different of ours but for the same points of nothing to see it differently. After all nothing is still nothing itself regardless how we see it. Now you know where you are.

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Still no definition of

Still no definition of "nothing."


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You have no freaking idea how

You have no freaking idea how to define "nothing".

Your post gave "nothing" qualities, and that is obviously contradictory. If anything has a quality, then it is something.

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Nothing and something are two

Nothing and something are two faces of the same coin.

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Actually they are two

Actually they are two separate coins, to use the same analogy.


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If you don't accept my

If you don't accept my definition of nothing then I will assume that you've another, do you?

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The assertion that nothing is

The assertion that nothing is two sides of the same coin is now more correct than ever. Since nothing actually exists as something it actually is a part of the coin. The big question would be, what is beyond the coin?

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"If you don't accept my definition of nothing then I will assume that you've another, do you?"

No, I can not. I wish I could come up with some snappy come-back, but the facts and truth get in the way.

One can not define "nothing" because it is the complete absence of anything (even time and gravity) and can not be measured or observed. At best it is an abstract concept, and may exist outside of our known universe.

I can not define what "nothing" is, but logically, if one assigns properties to something, then it no longer is "nothing".

Vendetta, it is you who is taking some observed property and naming it incorrectly as "nothing". Personally I think you are just using these words as word salad in an attempt to be pompously complex and mysterious.

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Taking into consideration

Taking into consideration your misunderstanding of nothing, let me ask you couple of questions,

When you said about nothing: it is the complete absence of anything.
What that means? Do you have any examples? Can you make a reflected image on your mind of your previous words in order to understand what you say?

In order to realize nothing you have to create qualities for it, which brings us to the same point that you hinted about, it becomes something.

let's talk about something rather than nothing in order to unravel mysteriousness.

Something is the only definition of nothing and vice versa. If you think something can be defined without being nothing, you may misunderstand what something is. as I pointed previously our realization of the same thing can be totally different compared to other creatures which means we live in a multiple world. in the previous dress example humans themselves can not figure out the colours of the dress, therefore you can not define something without considering nothing as its other face.

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You fail to grasp the concept

You fail to grasp the concept of "nothing". You believe it can be examined and has properties.

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That’s the point you dolt,

That’s the point you dolt, nothing cannot be perceived or even imagined in the mind. It is the absence of any qualities, real or imaginary. If nothing existed, it would exist outside our universe, or between that which “is.” The human brain cannot even think of what nothing looks like, because nothingness is the absence of any color, any wavelength of light, a void. If a human was trapped in a void of nothingness, it would confuse the brain to the point of seizing no doubt.

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If you were in one of the giant cosmic voids in space what do you think you would experience?

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@Dio Re: "If you were in

@Dio Re: "If you were in one of the giant cosmic voids in space what do you think you would experience?"

...*jumping up and down frantically waving hand high in the air*.... Oo-oo-oo! Me-me-me! I got this one!... *calming down*... *composing self*... *deep breath*.... Ummmm.... I would experience.......*dramatic pause*...... NOTHING!.... *Huge Grin*....

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The interesting thing about the cosmic voids is that their blackness blocks light from the galaxies behind them. So, while they don't seem to be conventional black holes they act like them in that they don't allow light to pass through them. Isn't that sort of weird? How could any normal material object exist in such a place? So you are probably right. You wouldn't experience anything because you wouldn't exist at all.

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Take Heart guys. According

Take Heart guys. According to Lawrence Krause, NASA pointed one of their telescopes at one of those black voids in space and found....... yep ........ billions of stars. They just aren't any voids at all. Bootes Void has over 60 galaxies in it. Okay, that isn't much considering how big the void is. It's like driving across taxes and only seeing 60 cowboy hats. Still, if you find yourself in a void, you got company somewhere.


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