Modest clothing

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Modest clothing

I just did an Internet search on "modest clothing" and find it interesting that the hits I got all considered only women's clothing.

There have been a number of stories recently in the U.S. about it as well...photoshopping sleeves onto girls photos in high school year books, girls sent home from school for dress code violations, etc. We also hear about rape trials during which the female victim is asked about what she was wearing.

Do you have opinions on how a woman should dress? That dressing one way or another is good / bad? That modesty is good / bad / advisable / etc? Do you thing clothing rules applied predominantly to women objectify them or support rape culture?

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I think the right question

I think the right question would be why do we have clothes altogether apart from protection of natural elements?

I think that everybody has the right to go wherever he wants how he wants.
This idea of being naked is shameful or bad comes mostly from religion or culture.

Man's chest is always exposed but there is no fuss about it, why?
we got used to it as being OK, I think that the fact that we hide things makes it more important than it actually is.

I have never seen man making a huge fuss and saying, "look your nipple is smaller then mine" or such nonsense.
So no one can say anything about shame or giving inferiority complex or something.

It is true that man have a very high attraction towards woman(testosterone) but if a man is not mature enough it is his parents fault that they did not teach their child some basic concepts.
mostly because of their culture or religion.

So it is no excuse that how a woman is dressed may excuse the rapist at all.

I view the laws about code of decency as being outdated and old fashioned.

We should get passed our bias and see the human body as it is with it's beauty and it's flaws.

I do not think that I would be shy at all if I was born in a culture of nudists.

But after thinking about it really hard, I concluded that it is all bias of the current culture
There is nothing wrong with the human body that needs to be covered.

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We have freedom to express

We have freedom to express ourselves be it through fashion so we should have the right to wear just anything that we prefer. We can even wear naked if we opt too. It's just that there are traditional standards that our society dictates which make our freedom of expression limited.

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