Morality : I cannot say that everything works without a deity.

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Morality : I cannot say that everything works without a deity.

[B]To paraphrase Hitchens and the over all atheistic view on morality rather a subset of it: [/B]

[I] Human morality and solidarity is innate in us.. we do not need religion and some outdated prehistoric man made rules to tell us right from wrong. Everything works without the need to posit a supernatural deity to it.
No more assumptions should be made than necessary. Since there is no reason nor evidence to suggest a supernatural entity let alone realm exists, it is futile to attempt to argue morality is needed outside of a place not known. [/I]

[B]My response:[/B]

Yes human beings have a moral sense that developed evolutionarily. I fully agree that this was of practical use to primitive human societies. There are many varied ethical systems. Yes, yes, all well and good.

And if that were all of my experience, I would have no need for Christianity either or any God.

But I find that when I read from the Bible, when spend time praying, and when I meditate on the truths that Christians have believed for centuries that I am my best self. I spend more time with the sick. I volunteer myself more. I find myself more interested in others and how I can help them in their lives. I am more self-reflective. I am slower to anger and kinder. And I find I understand my inner workings much better.

So I cannot, from my experience, say that everything works without a supernatural deity.

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