Of Morality and Will

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Of Morality and Will

On this mortal coil, we contemplate why and how we are here. Furthermore, we wonder how we act. Some of us have decided to impose our will and the answer that we have gathered for ourselves on everyone else. Can it be moral to impose such a thing? To usurp any and everyone’s will with our own? When we dictate morality isn’t the very act of doing so immoral?
I have heard the excuse that the act of dictating certain morality is not the guilt of the one imposing but the will of their god. Doesn’t that make said god immoral? How can denying free will, freedom of thought be moral? Nay, I say it cannot be so. I dare to challenge any morality that would have it as its cause a deity that imposes will rather than invites it.
Ah, but there is a mitigation that defies such profound logic. To proselytize is to spread the message of this deity. As in to say my words are his so heed my words. I shall not let that stand. It is but an excuse for subjugation. To be so arrogant as to speak for a god, a god not willing to confront those he wills to slavery is as cowardly and dishonest as the god himself for doing so. The message is but the thing that we shall judge it for. The messenger will feel the wrath of those who hear it.
One cannot speak for gods. One cannot demand the obedience of others in the name of their god. One cannot define life for others based on what they believe their god would approve. One cannot be a god for any or all.
If you come before me and proclaim to be an agent for your god, I say foul. I say unto you, you are just you and cannot be more. That will is mine and will is yours, you cannot steer mine and I shall not yours. In any name, it shall be so.

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The purpose of any religion

The purpose of any religion or government is to impose order and rituals so that people will row in the same direction. Religions are actually more effective in doing that because they can transcend government boundaries. If people are under the same government and/or religion they are less likely to go nuts and kill each other on a large scale. Violence will be limited to individuals.

Actually it really wouldn't matter what type of government or religion all of the world's people are under as long as it's the sole government and/or religion. Peace and harmony would result. The problem would arise when someone decides to become a rebel. So free will is the enemy of peace and harmony and results in violence and destruction. Could you tolerate someone living in your home who wanted to do whatever he desired whenever he desired to do it? Chances are you would quickly deprive him of his free will.

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