more fall of the Legion of Christ - you guys psychic?

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more fall of the Legion of Christ - you guys psychic?

Interesting coincidence. This just hit the National Catholic Reporter today.

It is about the now ex - "vatican prime minister' getting sacked for protecting pedophiles, especially the Legion of Christ. The vatican is like the Aegean stables. Francis has his work cut out for him if he is serious in cleaning it out.

I always say that Catholicism is billions of believers held hostage by 300 proud, pagan, pedophiles in the vatican.

Is this forum psychic?

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i found the answer to how he

i found the answer to how he built his power. Start by being from a wealthy family & schmooze rich women.

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In just one of a continuing

In just one of a continuing series of investment scandals involving the Vatican bank, Roberto Calvi, "God's Banker" was found hanging under Greyfriars Bridge in London in 1982. In the flurry of astonishing reports that revealed Vatican involvement with the mafia, a cardinal, seemingly delighted at being interviewed by the international media, freely and cheerfully admitted that the devil himself worked within the Vatican and had done so for a very long time.

The impression was that he meant only abuses of pecuniary interests were involved. We were so naïve back then, most people would not have been able to spell "paedophilia" and would have thought it had something to do with horses.

These two articles, further support that jolly cleric's admission and so much more.

The Holy Catholic Paedophile Mafia Money Laundering Church.
Jesus, that's worked out really well hasn't it?

And yes Francis has his work cut out for him. I am not psychic, but he's got to stop thinking like an agent for his god and start acting like a ruthless crime buster, but I don't think he or anyone else is up to being Pope Eliott Ness.

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