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I had a gideons bible that i

I had a gideons bible that i was given at school, & I was also given a king james bible, when I had a brief flirtation with christianity about 30 years ago. I hollowed out the gideons bible by cutting out the middle of the pages to hide stuff in. I think the king james bible eventually ended up in the bin.

Most christians dont actually read any bible. They all own one, but the only passages they usually read are the hand picked ones the church or bible study picks out for them to read.

If you ask a christian why they are against homosexuality, most can recite from memory the one passage from Leviticus that talks about a man lying with another man being forbidden, but if you ask them to recite ANY other verse from leviticus they have no idea at all what ANY of the other verses in Leviticus are about.

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Even though I grew up in a

Even though I grew up in a Christian home in a small town Christian community and was dragged away to church every Sunday whether I wanted to go or not, about the only time I ever read any of the bible was when I was required to read a passage or two during Sunday school. Therefore, pretty much anything and everything I ever learned about the bible/God/Jesus/Satan/heaven/hell was from whatever the preacher decided to tell us about selected bible verses during his sermons. And, of course, from whatever cute little popular bible stories that were taught to us in Sunday school class. And as I have said on here dozens of times already, even as a little kid I detected so many contradictions and inconsistencies in all of it that I could never fully allow myself to accept it. And don't even get me started on all the confusion I had due to the blatant hypocrisy of the "venerated" Christian adults in my life.... *rolling eyes*...Unfortunately, despite all my doubts and reservations, the concept of Satan and hell got firmly implanted into my tiny impressionable brain because I was raised to obey, trust, and respect my elders who loved me and cared about me.

As a result, it took me over forty agonizing years of my life to finally break away from my religious indoctrination. And it was only then that I finally started reading more and more of the bible a little at a time. And, to be perfectly honest, I barely got halfway through Genesis before I decided, "This is a bunch of bullshit. How can any sane, educated, rational adult read this stuff and decide it is the work of an omnipotent/omniscient god???" And, quite frankly, I really don't care which version of the bible it is, because the very foundation of most all of the Christian sects are practically identical. And that foundation is about as stable/solid as a bowl of warm clam chowder. Speaking of different versions of the bible - hell! - that fact ALONE should be a glaring clue. This "Perfect Word" of an omnipotent/omniscient "all-loving" god (who wants ALL of humanity to know him and love him, by the way) has been (mis)translated, (mis)interpreted, and edited countless times over many centuries such that it has multiple conflicting versions and has spawned thousands of denominations/sects (many of them violently opposed to one another) and has been the primary cause of some of the most atrocious barbaric torture crusades and epic wars throughout history from the time of its inception on into our modern day society. Yet, the all-powerful/all-knowing/ALL-LOVING PERFECT "author" of the bible does absolutely NOTHING to correct its PERFECT, most precious, and vitally important message to its beloved human pets? What a crock of shit.... *waving hand in dismissal*...

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If it wasnt for Satan,

If it wasnt for Satan, christianity would probably lose about 4/5 of its adherents, with only the most dedicated & deluded 20% remaining faithful.

Most people who say they are christian don't really believe it is true, however like you they had the idea of satan & eternal torture drummed into their brains from a young age, which sticks with them for life.

So most christians are simply taking pascals wager, pretending to believe just in case. That is why the majority of christians dont follow most of what is in the bible, or even care what is written in the bible.

Satan in the old testament & to the Jews was merely an adversary, not a figure of evil. It was the christians who demonised satan & invented eternal torrture & damnation. They certainly knew that the power of fear was much greater than the idea of an invisible zombie who loves you & wants a relationship with you.

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thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback everyone.

Yes, you are all correct that worldwide Christians are only about 1/3 of the population. English speakers though, tend to have at least some knowledge of Christianity. It is the religion historically linked to the country.

Tin Man, I think it is awful that all you got out of your religious experience was nightmares of hell. My experience was the opposite. It was in Church that I felt safest. The hell was leaving the building.

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@Mrs. Owczarek

@Mrs. Owczarek

Here's some irony for you. During all those years when I was still under the hold of my Christian beliefs, I NEVER felt safe or comfortable in a church or any other religious facility. Matter of fact, I always felt incredibly ill-at-ease simply being around people who were discussing religion, or even when watching a tv show/movie with religious references. There was just too much uncertainty and fear, so I tried to avoid the subject as much as possible.

Now, however, I have discovered I actually ENJOY discussions about various religions, and I feel completely relaxed and almost.... well... peaceful in and around churches and other such "holy" places. Strange, huh?... *chuckle*...

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Now I am the one who can't

Now I am the one who can't stand being in a Church.


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