Most hypocrite religious person you met

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Most hypocrite religious person you met

Who was the most hypocrite religious person you met? I met this man who was a former seminarian and knows the bible well enough, unfortunately upon knowing him more, I found out that he is not kind as what he showed to other people. He hurt the people who loves him and do fraud things. As of now, I consider him as the most hypocrite person I met. I don't know If there is more hypocrite than him. How about your experience?

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Any Christian who opposes gay

Any Christian who opposes gay marriage. There have already been so many modifications to the definition of marriage since Biblical times, and so many other Biblical laws that are not followed nowadays that to say that gay marriage is wrong is laughably hypocritical.

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On that note, I will cite

On that note, I will cite that the collective of religious politicians in the US can share the title of biggest hypocrite... the US was founded on the belief in a separation of Church and State. By trying to destroy that, they're pretty much unabashedly trying to destroy this nation at it's oldest root.

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I know this righteous guy

I know this righteous guy from a few blocks from here who was always preaching that he was a good man who followed the word of the lord jesus christ and believed in caring for his family and respecting his wife. This class act was a real life Ned Flanders who ended up being exposed as a cheating homosexual. So not only did he cheat but he was also gay. I have no problem with gay people, but I certainly have a problem with someone condeming people for being something that they themselves secretly are and enjoy being.

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I think it is the most

I think it is the most outwardly religious people who turn out to be the most hypocritical. It's almost like they have to try harder at it to cover up their flaws.

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Yes, the most religious

Yes, the most religious freaks are usually the most deranged and evil. I would much rather know people who tell you they are kind of crazy than a bunch of psychos acting as great human beings. When most of them are always stealing money from their followers without any remorse or regret.

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Religious people tend to make

Religious people tend to make me sick pretty easily. They complain about everything but they are living proof of the self righteous and how easily they go insane with their propaganda.

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And right along with that,

And right along with that, isn't it weird how they preach humility as one of their virtues? I wonder if they even see their own irony.

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In fairness to some religious

In fairness to some religious people who are doing good things in an authentic way, not all are hypocrite although there are really some who uses their religion to build rapport and trust in order to pursue their terrible schemes.

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i actually have a list of the

i actually have a list of the most hypocrite religious people i have ever met: one of them is my sister, and it's sad that i still have to spend some time with her, the father of a couple of friends. although I think hipocrisy is implied in the word christian, because most of them follow gods word, unless it affects them.

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Your sister? That was

Your sister? That was intriguing, why? There are lot's of hypocrite person out there, how it happened that you view someone closest to your as among the most hypocrites that you know?

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I've heard some horror

I've heard some horror stories of people who "found Jesus" after committing horrific atrocities.

Prisons are full of hypocrites like that.

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I had a neighbor who was a

I had a neighbor who was a Southern Baptist and was always preaching about God and Jesus meanwhile he was having sex with his son who later grew older to have sex with his younger brother all the while living in this guys house. This all happened while he was preaching to everyone about being a good person and following the word of the lord. From the outside this family looked great and like a good God loving family that always went to church and cared immensely about the environment. Almost everyone did not know what went on inside their home. I am hoping nobody outside the home knew at least, and everyone thought they were great people. People would gather there for neighborhood picnics. It was all finally exposed one day when the younger of his two sons came out about it. The man told others that his son did horrible things like he had done to his older son years before and for that reason he hopes for Gods forgiveness but it was not anybody's place to judge.

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That was gross! They really

That was gross! They really are hypocrite. I'm sure there are lot of religious families that are just pretending to be happy and god-fearing while doing bad things secretly.

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Oh my that really is quite

Oh my that really is quite disturbing and yes very hypocritical indeed. Some people simply like to think of themselves as being something special simply for appearing to praise God, this is not the case...

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I just can't imagine why

I just can't imagine why there are people who can pretend like that. It appeared to be easy for them to praise god while doing their wicked stuffs. I wonder how they can sleep even better to good people who have no god. They think god will save them no matter what they do as long as they honor the name of god.

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