Most wonderful song - Hymn to the 81% (of trump supporters)

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Most wonderful song - Hymn to the 81% (of trump supporters)

the most wonderful song hit my inbox today. I have to post it here. I think you will all like it as well. Several thousand liked it and only 55 diskliked it.

It sums up how I feel.

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61 this morning.

61 this morning.

Depressing song, loathed it. Hope it works but I doubt the smug wasps will take that message on board.

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In a time of declining Church

In a time of declining Church membership and the rise of an ever enlarging atheist population, it makes complete sense to "look for Jesus on the other side of the walls." Perhaps a few more Christians will talk to those of us who have been living on the other side of the walls for a while now. JESUS AIN'T OUT HERE EITHER! *The good news is that they are starting to look.

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