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They ARE theories, they have

They ARE theories, they have no substantial evidence, no fossil evidence of evolution, plus to the person who disagreed with me about animals and evolution, do you see dogs stay together, NO, my dog had puppies with it's mother! it had no problem with it, dogs just hump each other and don't care about love, my dog gets sad for one minute then wags it's tail the next, it kills my kittens without thinking a thing, I hit it and it wagged it's tail, dogs don't punish each other for murder of other dogs!, don't you think if evolution existed dogs would punish each other like humans do??!!!, and remember the saying "matter cannot be created nor destroyed"? well the big bang states nothing made an explosion and created everything and even if you say it was particles and dust then what created the particles? Nothing????! No evidence!

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Ah, another child that thinks

Ah, another child that thinks he knows something. They are not theories, they are facts. I have given you research to do and HOW to do that research. I doubt very much that you know how to do any research. Just surfing through YouTube videos is not research. Far from it. You don't know about dogs OR animals. You don't know about humans either. You basically don't know about anything. You have a great deal of growing up to do. You are uneducated and ill-equipped to actually discuss this issue.
As far as there being no fossil evidence you are sadly mistaken, there is also DNA evidence, geological evidence. A whole host of overwhelming evidence.
You lack logic and research skills. You are of an age that you think that you know something, that you have discovered something new. It's not new, I assure you. You aren't unique nor original. You haven't discovered anything new. You are just one of many that have made these feeble attempts by using propaganda that have gleaned from YouTube.

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Childof Christ: Dogs are

Child of Christ: Dogs are evolved creatures. They are very successful mammals.

Please tell me the name of the physicist that said the Big Bang began from nothing.

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Child of Christ: " NO, my dog

Child of Christ: " NO, my dog had puppies with it's mother! it had no problem with it, dogs just hump each other and don't care about love, my dog gets sad for one minute then wags it's tail the next, it kills my kittens without thinking a thing"

Where do you live, you swine? I want to report you for animal cruelty. First you allow a dog to mate with its own dam, which is likely to result in genetic abnormalities in the puppies. Then you allow your dog to kill your kittens, and on top of that you beat the dog. If you own those animals, they are your responsibility. You should be banned for life from owning animals, and you should be in jail.

Stop bleating about bloody Jesus and grow some morals.

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I actually feel a little bad

I actually feel a little bad now, on the realizing this kid is only 15. You poor, confused misled child. What religion has done to you is awful, your parents failed you, your school teachers failed you.

You been lied to. Alot.
There is enormous amounts of VERY substantial evidence for evolution theory.. Don't take the con artists words for it, LOOK IT UP YOURSELF. you are on the web their is unimaginable amount of information freely available to you.

That must of been very traumatic for you with your dog and your kittens. Also please do not hit your dog, that is awful, even the ridiculous bible does not want you to do that.

Even if I agreed with you that the big bang is impossible, and a god created everything, there is still zero proof that it was your particular god that your church wants you to believe in. Or that this creator god is still around, cares at all about us etc. (Other than the supposed evidence in this book printed by humans of course!)

Oh and if you are still not convinced, read the actual bible of which ever particular church you believe in. The whole thing, from start to finish. It will take a while. Read it with the rules the bible puts forth. It is the word of an all knowing all powerful perfect god. With those rules in mind as you read it, why isn't the bible easy to read? Why has your particular bible been edited so many times but still a confusing jumble? (if you don't believe me on how much it has been edited, ask your particular holy leader what version of the bible you are reading is.) Why is there so many contradictions, why is there nothing in the bible that you could actually touch and test the proof of it your self, with your own 2 hands?

Why does the local very VERY! rich christian church pass out collection plates?

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@Logicfor TW: "I actually

@Logicfor TW: "I actually feel a little bad now, on the realizing this kid is only 15"

I didn't see the reference to the poster's age. That's even more disturbing--a 15-year-old religious nut who ill-treats animals. Somebody should notify the FBI.

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@Child Of Christ: This photo

@Child Of Christ: This photo you see on the left is the image of the microwave background radiation, it's a picture of the Big Bang... I'm sorry to get you out of your ignorance... wait ... I lie, I'm not sorry at all.. NOT a theory, it's reality. The photo you see on the right is an Auriornis xui, the oldest fossil precursor of what birds are today, and you, inside your ear, have the absolute proof of the evolutionary fact, because you have a series of little bones that, in your ancestors, were gills.

Oh, and you are trying to quote law of conservation of energy, not matter, but, If you really want to talk properly about it... listen to the professionals of the subject...


Attach Image/Video?: 

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I said that dogs have

I said that dogs have feelings. You disagreed but in your response you said:

my dog gets sad for one minute then wags it's tail the next

So I think I will rest my case there on dogs having feelings.

Child Of Christ - and remember the saying "matter cannot be created nor destroyed"

Matter can be created and destroyed; and it is regularly done in the laboratory.

Child Of Christ - well the big bang states nothing made an explosion and created everything

That is also false. The big bang theory is a theory that (mathematically) describes the homogeneous, isotropic expansion of a hot gas (the gas already existing and expanding before the theory starts), which matches observation very well. It is absolutely not about the creation of that gas from nothing.

Child Of Christ - I hit [my dog]

Well that is disturbing. Although I have to admit I was abusive towards animals as a child as well; not something I'm proud of.

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COC ......

COC ......

Your own body carries evidence of evolution .....your own skeleton comes complete with a COCCYX ....

"In humans and other tailless primates (e.g., great apes) since Nacholapithecus (a Miocene hominoid), the coccyx is the remnant of a vestigial tail, but still not entirely useless" ...


There you go.... "vestigial tail" ........ Now where do you think that came from .....???

similarly....Wisdom Teeth too are vestigial attributes from earlier examples of our species....

"Wisdom teeth are vestigial third molars that human ancestors used to help in grinding down plant tissue. The common postulation is that the skulls of human ancestors had larger jaws with more teeth, which were possibly used to help chew down foliage to compensate for a lack of ability to efficiently digest the cellulose that makes up a plant cell wall."

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I did not get wisdom teeth.

I did not get wisdom teeth. Of my two daughters, there were a total of two of them. Gotta love evolution!

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I also did not get wisdom

I also did not get wisdom teeth.

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We are evolved, Chimp!

We are evolved, Chimp!

My dentist said he thinks the next thing to go is the baby toe.

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The ring finger is also a

The ring finger is also a fairly useless appendage. It has extremely little gripping power, and the lowest range of motion in our fingers. However, evolution doesn't necessarily work by practicality, only by whatever will allow us to procreate. If a random mutation makes a person be born with scales and a beak, the trait will stay as long as they reproduce. Whether or not it's useful is irrelevant.

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First off, let's

First off, let's hypothetically say that evoution wasnt true. That does NOT equate to god, or a god existing.

Second off, what the hell does "I found god" mean?

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@Stu. K.: You don't need to

@Stu. K.: You don't need to say it "hypothetically", you can say it with all tranquility, we have the DNA map and we know where the @Child Of Christ DNA comes from and that of all humans, we know that he has reminiscences of a tail in the coccyx and that the little bones of his inner ear were the gills of his ancestors. You don't need to say it "hypothetically", The evolutionary fact is NOT debatable, only the ignorant idiots discuss it.

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I hate to sound like a dick,

I hate to sound like a dick, but Im not going to burn any fuel by debating a 15 year old christian.

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As if age really matters at

As if age really matters at this point. This idiot would say the same dumb shit if he was 30. Hell, I'm only 16. It's not really age, it's logical ability. He's forsaken his, and along with it, any sense of intellect he may have once had. Screw this crap, I'll stick to debating Breezy.

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This idiot would say the same

This idiot would say the same dumb shit if he was 30. Hell, I'm only 16. It's not really age, it's logical ability. He's forsaken his, and along with it, any sense of intellect he may have once had.

I agree regarding age. But what I said was "15 year old CHRISTIAN".

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@JB ....

@JB ....

I share your frustration..... indeed I shall not engage any further with said Numpty.....however I would point out this....

COC has demonstrated classic symptoms....but there he is ...15 years old...his whole life in front of him.... already caught in the trap... the Kool Aid has worked on him.... he's you know what he will be like in say 10 or 15 years....we've all met them.... his life is already planned out...a blighted downward spiral of stupidity and exploitation....

Surely it has to be worth a few lines of posting to try to nudge him in the right show him the the final analysis its going to be his choice......

He may decide to remain in the perpetuate the misery.... to raise more like himself ... generations of entrapped stunted humanity ..chained in their own prisons created by their religion but policed by their own minds ......

he may take the opportunity...or he may not.....but in either case...we did what we could....

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@watchman Point taken.


Point taken.

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I hate how religious people

I hate how religious people always make long posts about how God loves you and everything, but never give you any proof. And when they give you "proof", its how they felt an angel watching them. That is not proof. That is delusion

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Hi all. Just joined up. A non

Hi all. Just joined up. A non theist as defined by Christopher Hitchens..atheist is the established so that's fine too.

I find it ironic to see child of Christ state evolution is a theory with no evidence..not even the fossil record corroborates it's and that matter can't come from nothing. These statements are arguments from ignorance and to believe in God and creation which has zero evidence from any scientific testable methodologies.
If we care about what's true what is the best way to come to what's most likely? Would it be gathering evidence..testing models..peer reviewed verifications or ignore all this and believe what's true being what the bible says without question or scientific validation.
Let's not forget the bible makes claims in Genesis such that light and plants appear before the sun. Jesus was born of a virgin. We need to suspend the laws of physics and biology to believe this. So what's most likely to be true.

Also you're a Christian wager your indoctrination came from a Christian family and community. What a coincidence hey. If you were born in ancient Greece you would believe in zeus..if you were born on Iraq you'd follow Allah etc etc. There have been thousands of documented God's in human history of which like an atheist you don't worship. You just need to see your particukar one in the same way and see through the indoctrinal bias..or time and place you just happen to be born into.

So micro biology and our understanding of dna and genomes is enough evidence alone to reasonably conclude that evolution is true. The fossil record does add to this as well as radiometric dating. So simply for example we don't find rabbit fossils buried in cambrian rocks alongside dinosaurs. Vestigial remnants as previously demonstrated of which there are thousands both easily observed and buried with dna.
Additionally we have observed evolution in decades in our lifetime..I'll give one example..go read lizard evolution on the pod islands near Croatia. I assume child of Christ you're happy that the earth isn't flat and that the sun doesn't go round the earth. I'm sure you're happy with some scientific understanding at least? If you're ill would you go to the doctor or just be happy solely to go to church and be prayed for? I get as a Christian you must refute the parts about evolution and cosmology but then's a scientific trick or lie....or as I said your Christian belief is true because based on luck you were born into Christiantity and not a zues worshipper in ancient Greece.
Lastly if anyone is still reading..
You say matter cannot be created or destroyed. In part true although too simplistic and misleading. To address this you mean matter can't come from nothing? So matter more tradionally needs to come from some other matter and you get and infinite regression..therefore a god must have made matter? This is a statement from ignorance also. A few quick points...the physics of how you can get a universe from a fraction of a second is pretty well understood. Matter can be destroyed totally leaving no example would be a matter anti matter explosion. Physics at a quantum level also now tells us and demonstrates if in a vacuum you remove all matter ..radiation everything it still weighs something... but the reality is a boiling brew of virtual particles coming in and out of existence.
Child of Christ I suggest you read something from nothing by lawrence krauss to elaborate on this and most of Richard Dawkins on the evolution side.

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I'll add look the progress of

I'll add look the progress of much ground religion has had to give in the last 400 years. If you're rational and can think critically and care about what's actually true...what's most likely. A scientific understanding that we have so far and or one of thousands of religions and gods..most of which are buried in the grave we call mythology ...sam harris quote.
Or holy books written with contraction..racism slavery..stoning people to death..having to suspend the laws of scientific understanding to believe in its miracles...written decades after aledged jesus by desperate people being slain by the Romans who didn't even know the earth went round the sun.
If there are things we don't still know scientifically of which there's fine to still say let's find out ..let's see what evidence we can find rather than lazily say...ah well we don't know that bit there yet so I'll just chuck in God did it what a cop out

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To say to an atheist why do

To say to an atheist why do you hate God makes no sense again child of Christ. Let's assume none of us believe in fairies...So it's like saying why do you hate looks ludicrous. If you don't think I should liken a belief in God with a belief in fairies I'd easily argue the evidence for both is equally poor.

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Welcome to the boards

Welcome to the boards FreeUrmind.

I actually read all what you wrote. I of course, agree with you wrote, being an atheist myself. It always seems to me that the evidence that points to no god is overwhelming compared to the few confusing, poorly constructed arguments theist have for the proof of god.

Some of what you wrote can be summarized as "the god of gaps." If you have not heard that term before, it paraphrases/encapsulates much of what you wrote in your first response.

Like you said 400-500 years ago, believing in god made a lot of sense. Life was cheap, life spans were short, and life was hard. For the most part, the most powerful medicine known to man back then was the "placebo effect." There was much we did not understand about the world, and even for the few back then that began to grasp concepts like the world is round, the earth rotates around the sun etc, comprised of only the tiniest fraction of the population.

I believe less than 1% of the population back then could read and write. Everything they learned, they learned from their parents, the local place of worship and the immediate small community around them. If Christianity was what your particular small community did, the chances of "knowing different" was incredibly small, you simply did not have access to other information. It is a bit like trying to explain how big the world is to a 5 year old, beyond: "its much much bigger than you can possibly imagine."

Fast forward to today. Now much of the world can read and write. We have access to the internet, an incredible wealth of information is available in micro seconds, and we have places on the internet like the atheist republic. The excuse to not know better has gotten incredibly small. It really requires a locked down, closed off mind to ignore the enormous amount of evidence against most major religions.

One thing I have learned so far in my brief time here on these boards, for the remaining "strong theist" that actually would visit a site like Atheist Republic, it really is not about logic and fact. For these people, so sucked into their religion, they feel they need to come here to "save us" (atheist) from ourselves. It is not about facts and reasoning and logic, if it was, they would not still be theist. It is all about emotion.

This again has been shown in science. They have done brain scans of strongly atheist minds and strongly theist minds. They can literally see and record differences in what parts of the brain light up, what chemicals are released in the brain and so on. They can literally "cut out" the more religious part of the brain, greatly affecting and diminishing that person's religious experiences.

They have mind altering drugs that can give a strong atheist, (like me,) a "religious" experience. As well as different types of drugs that can suppresses a strong theist's religious experiences to the point they feel going to church on Sunday is a waste of time. Of course getting the dosing on these drugs correct can be a tricky task. Someone like me may cry uncontrollably the entire time, and the theist may turn catatonic.

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damn, You remind me of how I

CHILD OF CHRIST, damn, You remind me of how I used to think. Satan is right around the corner ready to lead you astray. Keep rebuking satan. that really works. Enjoy your bubble:)

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When you say evidence points

When you say evidence points to no God. I might elaborate that to something like this.
Evidence based on scientific methodologies and evidence demonstrates the natural world and how it works without any need or as yet evidence for the supernatural. Additionally we're not making a claim about God and the onus isn't on an atheist to disprove God in this way. If someone makes a claim about something then it's on them to provide evidence for it to be true.
So the burden of proof is on the person making a claim..this is rational thinking. Religious people sometimes say to an atheist you can't prove there's no God therefore it's true or possible. This is shifting the burden of proof. It's like use the fairy analogy can't prove fairies don't exist so the default position is that they do until proven otherwise. Clearly nonsense and the default is fairies don't exist until evidence is given for them existing. So I just reject the notion of a god because those who assert it haven't met their burden of proof.
It gets worse sadly...I recently joined a Christian site as an atheist and many have been compelled due to overwhelming evidence to accept evolution in some bizarre God guides mutations way rather than by natural selection to attempt to weave it into supernatural beliefs. Also some think there is some scientific conspiracy to make things up and lie. It's hard for us atheists to imagine the levels of indoctrination that have happened here to facilitate this paranoid thinking and to lose any objective thinking.

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You're fucking back and up to

You're fucking back and up to the same old tricks. BTW your video didn't work dumbass!

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What tricks? I saw his post

What tricks? I saw his post and it reminded me of a clip. If you didn't like it, Ok.


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