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@Child of Christ: "He knows

@Child of Christ: "He knows you so much, he knows the hairs on your head"

Most of the hairs on my head are missing. Can your father help me find them?

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Child of Jesus Christ, that

Child of Jesus Christ, that is a great testimony you gave, If it works for you don`t worry what these non-believers have to say. They are vulgar some of them that`s because they last reverence for an almighty God that you adhere to.My recommendation for you is to keep studying and examine all the arguments, I know that the book of psalms chapter 14 says that fool in his heart says there is no God.These days anything goes that`s why you get responses that you do. But don`t let that deter you at all. Keep on keeping on, That`s what the bible teaches.

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Amen brother! finally someone

Amen brother! finally someone with knowledge, I love you, God bless you

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So the only people with real

So the only people with real knowledge are the ones that conform to your particular belief set.

There is little wonder why you are so deluded.

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My father is real also. His

My father is real also. His name is Donald. He did such a great job being a dad that I don't feel compelled to seek father figures elsewhere. Where you lacking for attention as a youth?

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I love you all, and I hope

I love you all, and I hope you find the truth <3

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I hope you find the obvious

I hope you find the obvious truth in front of you.

No, not the truth you been conditioned and brainwashed to believe, probably, all your life since you were a defenseless little kid, but the real obvious truth. I know truth hurts, Christianity and all that is a very comfortable lie. (Yay heaven! Yay, I do not have to think for myself god has a plan!)

I get, that letting in the idea you been tricked all your life is a hard one, no one wants to admit they been taken for a long con, especially when it is likely all your family and friends have been taken in on this con too. You have powerful motivations to keep to your delusion. It is a very well constructed con, even as ridiculous it is, it helps that you were introduced to this con by your parents at a young age. If someone introduced you to this god concept when you were 25 and freshly out of college, you would laugh right along with me how ridiculous the whole Christianity con is.

I used to have the mindset of: let deluded people stay deluded, but then as I learned more, I realized Christianity has wreaked enormous havoc on many people's lives, and the advancement of the human race as a whole is held back by these archaic religions.

I know the chance of actually reaching you on this is next to impossible, the con has you completely enraptured. But hey, you visited the Atheist Republic, make a profile and started talking to us.

I like to debate with you, but know you are wasting your time trying to have us join in on your con. If you wanted any chance, you would need large amounts of repeatable, verifiable evidence that builds on itself (like evolution.) Not just what a book says, and what other people said about events that happened over 1000 years ago. Not word games like "well you can't prove some non physical, in another plane god is not real," but real evidence, that we can see, touch, hear, repeat verify.

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Oh my gosh! hahahaha, you can

Oh my gosh! hahahaha, you can't prove evolution! it has so many contradictions, the idea we came from animals, we would have no feelings, for example: if we came from animals we wouldnt have feelings, and don't you think we'd have evolved a way to be immune to disease?, and the Bible states so much evidence of God, read this article PLEASE:

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Child Of Christ - if we came

Child Of Christ - if we came from animals we wouldnt have feelings

So much wrong with that, but even at the simplest level it don't make any sense. For starters animals clearly have feelings (immediately obvious to anyone who has ever had a dog).

Child of Christ - don't you think we'd have evolved a way to be immune to disease?

Yeah you'd expect that we'd have a system that tried to fight disease to give us a chance to live long enough to reproduce. What could we possibly call something like that? How about an immune system?

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Just because you and

Just because you and financially motivated speakers of your religion say it cannot be proven, does not mean it cannot be proven. It can be proven. And not just in one way, but in countless ways. If you were to actually read on this subject other than to blanket dismiss it because it does not conform to your worldview it would become apparently evolution can be proven in countless ways almost immediately.

For the examples you have given: are you saying all animals (other than us humans have no feeling?) If you stab them or scare them, even though they react much in the same way humans would, they have no feeling, their feeling response is just some sort of "trick" meant to fool us into thinking they have feelings? The ape that can communicate and understand over 500 words, has a DNA that is 98.8 percent identical to ours has no feelings? Your god created apes and humans made them genetically almost identical but in that tiny 1.2 percent difference made sure to cut out any possibility of this genetic "twin" having feelings?

Evolved to be immune to disease-- disease is defined as: "a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury."

If you have a different definition for it please state yours and I will still easily deconstruct your argument. Without disease we would be immortal we would have no need to reproduce, (and if this species did reproduce it would quickly consume all the available resources.) This "immortal" species would be incredibly vulnerable to a species that evolved to not be immortal but to instead change, while this species is opening itself to disease, it is also opening itself to the possibility of evolution that can, and at times will give it superior advantage over the species that does not change or reproduce. Disease actually helps validify evolution. Evolution explains disease very neatly. The bible/god does explains disease horribly. "It is gods will" "god works in mysterious ways" "You have sinned and broken one of god's confusing rules written down in a heavily edited book!"

Science has gotten so far advanced that we can now even push along and prod evolution to speed up so we can see it before our very eyes over the course of a couple year study. We can take very short life cycle animals like fruit flies, and literally watch them evolve in a few short years in response to a change in their environment. This is just one of countless real world things anyone can do to show actual real proof of evolution. If I thought there was any chance to get you to see past your delusion I would put in the work to give you a long long list of things you can do, or see for your own eyes that supports evolution.

Also, the list of all the logical flaws, inconsistencies, hypocritical lines, huge contradictions in the bible far FAR! out number the flaws of evolution the spaces that evolution does not fully explain yet etc.

I did read your article, I am always fascinated by the incredible effort christianity puts forth to try and keep converts by trying to reconcile obvious science truths with the ridiculousness in their bible.

First off, using a book as evidence is ridiculous. If I wrote a book that said I have 3 arms would you believe me just because there is a book on it? Why not?

I could go on and easily deconstruct each and every argument beyond the "it all comes from a book! from this page you linked. Beyond the already solid argument of: "anyone with basic writing skills can write a book to say anything!" argument.

You also run headlong into one of the most devastating arguments against your god, why does god never regrow lost limbs? Supposedly god sometimes (rarely), seemingly randomly will "cure" people of disease like cancer, sometimes by prayer, sometimes the awful dictator that has killed and tortured 1000's of Christians will suddenly be cured too. But why never lost limbs? Not once, since video cameras were invented, has someone regrown a limb. Surely plenty of people have prayed to have their limbs back, but regrowing limbs is not a miracle god will do, no matter what, for no good reason other than the very real logical conclusion that your GOD DOES NOT EXIST! Hey don't feel bad, everyone else that ascribed to a religion con that has an active god got it horribly wrong too.

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@Child Of Christ: When you

@Child Of Christ: When you use bible quotes as proof of anything, well, that isn't an article, it's proselytizing garbage. The bible is a book of fiction, like the Lord of the rings, the Game of Ender, or Cujo. Do you want truths? Read, read

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I hope you read a history

I hope you read a history book

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I have, it's called the Bible

I have, it's called the Bible

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I agree with you for once,

I agree with you for once, the bible is a book, I could even agree that it is a historical book, there some stuff in there that probably has some history, and some of that history may even be loosely related to what has happened in the past.

It would not surprise me at all that there was some very charismatic man named jesus that had a small but growing following that ended up on a roman cross and killed.

I think even you would agree: most historical books get some things wrong, that the history books are written by the victors, especially back then.

Oh whoops! Now you see why I agree with you! The bible is a history book! Not the word of some magical invisible deity! A book written by financially motivated men that follows the same rules as any other book or history book they can and often are very wrong in part or in whole. This particular bible book really digs itself a hole when it supposed to be the word of god, a god that supposedly is perfect, even though entire libraries could be filled with all that is wrong with the bible.

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100% of it is history friend,

100% of it is history friend, but let me say this and I am gone
God wants me to warn people of Hell, not to convince them, and if you seek God you'll find him I promise you, I love you all and I hope Christ saves you.

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I guess you could not handle

I guess you could not handle me agreeing with you that the bible is a history book. Subject to all the limitations of what any other history book is.

You had no rebuttal, you are turning tail and running as soon as the house of cards you stand crumbles. The walls of real truth are closing in and you ran and hid.

I get it, it is a terrifying thought when you realize you been conned, probably your entire life, and that you been helping to spread this con around.

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No, you haven't, bible is a

No, you haven't, bible is a fiction book... And by curiosity, Have you found with whom Cain had children?

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Oh look, another gibberish

Oh look, another gibberish-repeating parrot.

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What do you mean friend?

What do you mean friend?

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Exactly what I said.

Exactly what I said.

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Evolution is a proven fact.

Evolution is a proven fact. If you didn't have your head buried in the bible you'd know that.

The thing is that the bible that you hold so dear is the most flawed book ever written. Also, it has been so edited, so altered that it doesn't resemble the original document. The oldest known version of the bible is the Codex Sinaiticus. It doesn't even have the resurrection the bedrock for christianity.

The other thing Child of Christ is that the people here are most likely better experts on the bible than you will ever be. They know more about the bible the bible's history, historical record than you could even guess.
So coming to this forum and trying convert people is just stupid especially since you don't bring any facts to help you. Proselytizing is futile. I know you do it because it makes you feel superior, but all it does is prove your utter ignorance. You can't shame, threaten, scare, or force anyone into your way of close minded thinking. Atheists are people that have opened their minds that do research, that learn and educate themselves, that need and find facts, and let those facts dictate the truth. We are not like you who have an agenda and have a predetermined outcome for anything that you supposedly research. The bible isn't history. Far from it. It's a crafted story written and rewritten to fit an agenda. There are no independent documents from any source let alone reliable that confirm the bible,...nothing, nada!

So check out this little starter kit that I posted for you. I am not trying to convert you or make you loose your faith. Atheists, as a rule, don't do that. It's just a way for you to learn and THINK.
BTW atheists don't hate god. We don't believe in a god. You can't hate what doesn't exist. We are not in league with the devil. To us, the devil is the same as a god, which we don't believe in.

We see people like you all the time. You interfere with our lives forcing your myth upon us. You illegally and unconstitutionally interject your myth into every facet of our lives. You try to brainwash our kids. You try to hijack or institutions. You try and write laws to force your shit upon us. We live with that obtrusion each and every day. That is what we hate.
If I spent all my time forcing you to accept atheism you would harbor some animosity toward me and atheism. That is precisely why atheists don't force their lack of belief on anyone.
Also you believers confuse atheism with secularism. They are not the same. secularism is a political stance that respects all beliefs and nonbeliefs. It isn't in any way shape or form atheism.
Your religious freedom starts and ends with you as an individual right. You have no religious rights beyond that.

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Drop it Mykcob, this guy's an

Drop it Mykcob, this guy's an asshole, he knows exactly what we're trying to say, he's just bullshitting us to write page long paragraphs.

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COC ...... or should that be

COC ...... or should that be Numpty....... or better still Kevin ....

"you can't prove evolution! it has so many contradictions" can't prove anything that has contradictions ..... might want to read this......

Its only the New Testament.... there are very many more if we include the Old Testament....

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You keep talking about the

You keep talking about the Bible. Have you actually read it? All of it? Not just the part your pastor puts in front of you every Sunday. Isaac Asimov said the best method of creating an atheist is to have him read the Bible.

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Hah I love that concept. Even

Hah I love that concept. Even if only a few people that actually read the bible become atheist after, it is well worth recommending to any theist to actually read their book.

In some senses that is what happened to me. My parents were only christians in name. They did not go to church unless some other family member convinced them to for a special occasion. They did not think about god and thankfully did not try to teach me about god in any way.

My maternal grandmother however was a very devout christian. When I was about 10 and started to read a lot, My grandmother gave me "Aesop's fables" a children's book version of it. I enjoyed the book it had all kinds of zany but crazy little stories with morals attached to them. And then the following Christmas, my grandmother, gave me the children's version of the bible.

No one explained to me when I was handed this "book" that it was some sort of special book. I sat down and read it over a few nights, I actually enjoyed it, it was like Aesop's fables to me, but just a longer story with more continuity. Lots of violence lots of craziness, (even in the children's version!) This book also reminded me of Saturday Morning Cartoons, the more crazy off the wall ones.

My childhood brain understood that Aesop's fables was not real, but instead stories, just all the other stories I have read, the stories I have seen on TV and in the theater. I understood what fiction ment, a fun read but, does not actually affect me, it is not "real world."

Imagine my surprise a few nights after reading the children's bible, that when I brought up what I read in the children's version of the bible to my parents, that: my parents had to explain to me that many people take what is in the book as the literal truth. That people felt that: not some, but all the events happened exactly as the book says, and that people organize their entire lives around this book. And that the adult version was the word of this god the book goes on and on about doing all these wild and crazy and wacky things.

I was 10 years old and I instantly equated that people believing in the bible as truth is like people believing everything that happened in Disney's Little Mermaid that I watched a few days earlier, and I knew that people believing in stories like the "Little Mermaid" would be silly confused people.

I actually do not remember how old I was when I found out Santa Claus was not real, but I am pretty sure it occurred a few years after this event. I should ask my parents, it would make this telling even better, that the bible framed in the wrong way could not fool a child, even a child that still believed in Santa Claus.

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"Isaac Asimov said the best

"Isaac Asimov said the best method of creating an atheist is to have him read the Bible."

Agreed! The bible is what did it for me. I just couldn't continue to pretend it that it's not a complete joke of a book.

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I also want to say that I

I also want to say that I have grown up in church but stopped believing a few years ago, I listened to the theories of evolution and the Big Bang Theory, but I found issues with the theories, so I researched christianity, and found out about God, then I said God says you'll find God if you search then I'll check, and I kept trying and eventually I found God, I'm 15 btw

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Child Of Christ - I listened

Child Of Christ - I listened to the theories of evolution and the Big Bang Theory, but I found issues with the theories

I've learned that people who say that; can't give even a remotely accurate description of them. Or in other words: I bet you are using some wacked out cartoon version of those theories, and so of course you found "issues" with them.

Child Of Christ - 100% of it is history friend, but let me say this and I am gone

So are you evangelizing and bailing, or not?

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@Child Of Christ:

@Child Of Christ: hahahhahahaa then you grew up in the church, but you were not a believer, and when you were taught what the Big Bang and evolution was -I know you like called theories, but we have a picture of the Big Bang and the evolutionary fact is not debatable, Sorry-, you studied the bible and that didn't give you problems... Tell me the truth, study, when you said to study, didn't study much, recognize it.


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