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that wasn't Dick Emery it

that wasn't Dick Emery it was the inimitable Kenney Everett

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My neighbor said he heard a

My neighbor said he heard a knock on the door. He was bored so he opened the door. It was two JW young men. They handed him a pamphlet. Being bored, he invited them in. My neighbor sat down in a chair. The two young men sat on the couch. After a silent pause, my neighbor ask, "Do you have anything to talk about"?

One of the young men replied, "I don't know, we never made it this far before."

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I had a couple young girls

I had a couple young girls come to my doorstep like this once several years ago. One was probably 16, and the other was younger - probably 13 - I don't know. They may have been sisters or something, and I don't know that they were Jehovah's Witness or anything, because I didn't accept any literature or anything from them.

I wasn't rude or unkind - but I did take their ideas to task, fry up some delicious unanswerable questions and serve them back to them. I honestly didn't give a crap how "pretty" anyone thought they were, how young they were or how impressionable. They came to MY doorstep looking to challenge my outlook on life - they had better be ready for some of the same in return or they need to rethink their approach. End of story. Screw 'em.

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I have an obvious door camera

I have an obvious door camera.

Ever since its been installed, cutting out package delivery, my doorbell usage has dropped at least 66% I have yet to have anyone try to sell me on their religion.

I have noticed lots of folks upon seeing the camera, instead of using the doorbell itself just decide to just stuff their flier/pamphlet/whatever through the mail slot. Which I am happy to use for paper kindling to help me light the fireplace as needed.

Works for me.

I answer through the camera now if I get an unexpected doorbell ring that is not package delivery.

If some witnesses come by, or who ever religious apologist, (have not seen them stop at my house in a LONG time.)

I would start the conversation through the door. And if I happened to have the time, I would sit out on my front porch and have a conversation with them. But I would set a rule. They get to talk for up to 5 minutes, then I get to talk for whatever time they talked for, and we can decide if we want to continue after that. If they interrupt on my turn, first time, I will say first and last warning, interrupt again this conversation is over. A 2nd time I simply get up, and go back inside slamming the door shut in their faces.

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Over the last couple of

Over the last couple of months or so I have been having intermittent interactions with a few JW members from the Kingdom Hall located less than nine miles from my house. I even started a thread about it, and I keep it updated with each new contact I have with them. (See "Two JW's brightened my day today" in the debate forum.) So far I have enjoyed it immensely, and have actually learned a bit from our discussions. They are always very polite/courteous, and I grant them the same in return. Right now, one of them is remaining in contact via texting, but I am looking forward to when I have the opportunity to invite them back for another visit. I freely admit it is a challenge to keep my assholeish sarcasm in check at times during our chats. But looking in their eyes and seeing the sincerity of their faces makes me feel like I would be kicking puppies if I were to cut loose with my usual banter... *chuckle*... Even so, I am very straightforward and honest with them if they ask a question or ask for my opinions. Also, I try to ask them questions and/make points that will hopefully get them thinking. And I have made it very clear to them I am only interested in friendly discussions, and that they will not be able to convert me. So far they are still interested. Guess we'll have to wait and see for how long.


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