New law in Ohio

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New law in Ohio

This is so very sad! A student can’t be marked wrong if their answer is based on their religion but scientifically incorrect.

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Keep the voters as dumb,

Keep the voters as dumb, ignorant and delusional as possible.

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Fuck.... *shaking head in

Fuck.... *shaking head in dismay*...

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Something in Kentucky's

Something in Kentucky's supply has spread north!

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The proportion of high

The proportion of high quality engineers (percentile of population) in the USA compared to other nations has been in a steady decline. This kind of crap will ensure the USA will continually slip further and further behind.

Next time I watch the movie "Idiocracy" I will lament the fate of the USA.

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The US is in heavy decline

The US is in heavy decline across pretty much all measures, once you exclude the top 10% or so. A trend only accelerated voting in a supposed billionaire as potus.

If your household makes over 100k adjusted gross income a year or more, the US is one of the best places in the world to live. Below that? Not so much. As we speak the social services that prevents crushing poverty is getting steadily stripped away. A majority of americans can not handle a 400 dollar sudden expense without going into debt. But it seems like for most, as long as they can afford the latest smartphone, they don't really care.

It gets scary when you look at all the economical, educational, etc. numbers once you strip out the top 10%. I am still very surprised the bottom 90 % tolerate the existence of the 1%

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Sometimes that smart phone is

Sometimes that smart phone is the only thing keeping them alive. It is smarter than they are and allows them access to the only services that work.

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A majority of americans can not handle a 400 dollar sudden expense without going into debt.

Something I have in common with them lol.

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That is one majority most folks do not want to be in. Unfortunately percentages of upward mobility in income in the US is also in steep decline.

Yes, sometimes hard work, persistence and all that plays a role in financial success and you can find financial success/stability, but all too often it is luck. And that sucks, and is not fair at all.

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I do agree, life is not fair. If I did other choices, I would maybe be in a better financial state. There is luck... and there is luck... Full societal "forces" that you can't do anything against them.

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There are more flat earthers

There are more flat earthers each day.

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Why are only religious

Why are only religious beliefs exempt from scientific scrutiny?

How about comic book beliefs - I don't accept gravity because Superman can fly. I don't accept speeds being limited to 186k mile per second because the Flash (as well as Superman) can go faster.

How about just any personal beliefs - I don't agree that the sun is 93 million miles away because I think only witches use the number 93. I don't accept molecular theory because despite my best efforts with a pair of scissors, I've never seen a molecule.

Just when I begin to hope that science will be able to overcome many of the challenges we have, the morally superior morons step forward to quash that hope.

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They are robbing religious

They are robbing religious students by giving them the chance to not get it right and poorly equipping them for the real world. Religious students would end up amassing undeserved academic honours and degrees.

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1. Name something that has mass?
A. A Banana B. Church C. Both A and B.

2. What are the three states of matter?
A. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. B. It doesn't matter. C. Elements, material, Ice.

3. How many planets are in our solar system?
A. Science is always changing its mind; only God knows the real answer.
B. Are we counting Pluto or Planet 9?
C. Six or seven or eight or nine. Maybe 10.

4. What does a thermometer measure?
A. Mometers
B. Spiritual energy.
C. Ultimate reality.

5. How long does it take the Earth to make a full rotation.
A. The length of a day was different during the creation so we can't know.
B. Why would the earth rotate when the sun is orbiting it? Get serious.
C. If the Earth rotated we would all be thrown off the edges. (Funny Question)

6. What is density.
A. God's plan for the universe.
B. The opposite of immensity.
C. A Christian way of thinking logically.

7. Why does Ice float in water?
A. It's filled with the holy spirit.
B. It's just one of God's miracles.
C. You can't prove ice does not float in water.

8. Which of the following is an element in the periodic table.
A. It's a table .... so.... Wood, plastic or glass.
B. The period of time it takes.
C. Spirit

9. What is a compound?
A. A place for a religious retreat.
B. A combination of holy spirit, holy man and holy god.
C. None or All of the above.

10. When a person jumps on Earth, why do they always come back down?
A. They jumped 'ON" earth, not "OFF" earth.
B. They don't always come back down.
C. Sin weights them down.

11. What is the sun.
A. God's holy creation.
B. A star that orbits the Earth.
C. A pre-Christian solar deity.

12. What is a solar eclipse.
A. An event that darkened the world at Jesus' death.
B. Satan blocking the sun to scare the hell out of the children.
C. An early Christian sect.

13. If the Earth's Northern Hemisphere is tilted to towards the sun, they are having -
A. A religious experience.
B. An apocalyptic event.
C. Ha ha ha ha - The earth can't tilt, the pillars won't allow it.

14. How much water makes up the earth?
A. One, it's all the same water.
B. Enough to cover all the land.
C. God made the earth, not water.

15. When you touch a stove that's on, why do you get burned?
A. God wants you to know what hell will be like.
B. Fire is evil.
C. Only the body is burned; the soul is not touched.

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I scored 100% on your test. I'm a friggin' genius.

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What the hell does this mean?

What the hell does this mean?

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@Redemption Re: "What the

@Redemption Re: "What the hell does this mean?"

Howdy. I'm afraid you need to be a bit more specific with your question if you actually want an answer. One, who are you addressing. And, two, what the hell does what mean?

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It means you probably

It means you probably answered this...and I can take a good guess at your choices....muppet.

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@redemption: RE: "What the hell does this mean?"


used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced.
"is this your bag?"
referring to a specific thing or situation just mentioned.
"the company was transformed and Ward had played a vital role in bringing this about"

Glad to see you are finally asking questions instead of making stupid ass assertions. I hope this helps.

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While I don't like that their

While I don't like that their bill has even come into question, at least it's only a bill and not law yet. We can still have hope that it will be rejected by the rest of the process. Any Ohioans out there should consider writing to their reps and senators.

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I don't believe in atoms,

I don't believe in atoms, they make up everything.

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