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New member here

Chuck here. I am new to this community. I have been an atheist for about 27 years now. It's nice to know that there are others like myself on this forum. I live in the Philippines. My interests are science, philosophy and the undeniable truth. Where are you all at?

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Welcome chuck, from sunny

Welcome chuck, from sunny South Australia.

Jump in, we don't bite.

Enjoy your time here. .

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Howdy! I'm parked over here in the southeastern portion of the good ol' U. S. of A. Alabama, to be more precise. Smack-dab in the midst of the wonderful Bible Belt. Close your eyes and throw a rock in any direction, and you are almost guaranteed to hit a church. First Baptist, Second Baptist, Mt. Zion Baptist, New Zion, Methodist, United Methodist, Church of God, Church of Christ, Catholic, Pentecostal, Calvary, Jehovah Witness, Open Door, Life Church, Antioch, Holy Ground, Independent, First Christian, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Christ Fellowship, Unitarian Universalist, Church Without Walls, and the list goes on and on and on. Yes, sir! If you have a hankerin' for the word of God, then we have whatever church you need to fulfill that desire! Weeeee, doggies!... *slapping knee*... *spittin' glob of tobacco juice*... Careful which one you pick, though. Because the church next door might be tempted to call you a sinner and condemn you to hell for not following your bible the same way they do. Just a little FYI... *wink*...

So, with that out of the way, welcome to the AR. Fortunately, we are just a bunch of godless assholes around here. Oh, and I'm afraid Cranky was slightly mistaken. Some here DO bite. Cog, for example. Cog does bite. And he slings poo. Be careful around Cog. And NEVER accept a banana from him. You'll understand why later.

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Thanks cranky47. Glad to be

Thanks cranky47. Glad to be apart of the group. Cheers

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Welcome Chuck, from the great

Welcome Chuck, from the great white north, also known as Canada. As I gaze out my window here in Toronto, I see a fresh snowfall and a cold day ahead.

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Welcome Chuck,

Welcome Chuck,

From the UK.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Northern Alberta, Canada...

Northern Alberta, Canada... as a group we are the “Texans” of the North. Conservative financially, liberal socially...
I’ve been here about a week, so I’m new, my boys say we’re all “boomers” on here and they laugh at me (lovingly?!?!)
They have no idea why we feel a need to talk about the non existence of God or our personal experience - for them it’s equivalent to them gathering over the trama of finding out Santa wasn’t real. I’m soooo happy they have no clue!

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Chuck here. Thanks y'all for

Chuck here. Thanks y'all for the greetings. Some fresh crisp Canada snow fall sounds pretty nice compared to the humid weather where I'm at. It's a muggy warm day for me in the Philippines. Glad to be apart of the community! How's the Corona virus doing for ya in the U.K. @Randomhero1982? I've seen quite a few tweets on twitter comming from the U.K. #coronavirusuk
We have two confirmed cases here in PH.


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Hello Chuck, from South wales

Hello Chuck, from South Wales in the UK.

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Right now I am in the

Right now I am in the Philippines. Natalia Hotel, Angeles City. I am sipping on sweetened milk-tea, watching Planet of the Apes, and resting up from last nights X-Rated adventure. I just finished shopping at S&M. Got myself 4 pair of pants and a shirt for the same price as one pair of shoes. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE SHOE PRICES IN THE WORLD TODAY? Shoes are not that frigging expensive!!! I need to take a nap but I have promised to meet someone at 1PM. I think I will be late. Oh! I have a piece of Jolly Bee chicken in front of me and I am waiting for it to thaw out a bit before eating it. The refrigerator is set to freeze everything. That really makes the milk tea delicious but it turns the chicken to ice. Chuck Grahm? Not a typical Philippine Name? Are you on vacation as well?

Oh yea! I wanted to mention.... I was sitting in Philliys this morning. (Philly's has a roadside bar. You sit at the bar and watch people walk by on the sidewalk. Vendors approach you while you are eating your two eggs, over easy, on toast with coffee and try to sell you stuff like sunglasses, electric drills, T-shirts, and this morning.................... WAIT FOR IT.................................. BIBLES!)

Some guy walked up to the window with a bible in his hand, a bag over his shoulder and a little not indicating the bibles were P300. I looked at the man and smiled. I said, "Your selling bibles?" His response was, "Yes, the holy word of god." And I replied with the epic, "Then you are wasting your fucking life." Out of the blue, he asked, "Are you a teacher." Now I don't know what the fuck that has to do with anything but of course I am a fully licensed teacher, so I said, "Yes." The man, no longer smiling and looking like he wanted to kill me, responded "So am I," turned and walked away. I have no idea at all if he thought he has gotten one up on me or not at that point. but I think I ruined his day.

It's truly fucking amazing how these smiling, loving. assholes can emotionally swing form happy and cheerful to insane in the amount of time it takes to tell them their God is a fucking joke..

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Chuck here. Sounds like your

Chuck here. Sounds like your enjoying yourself. I'm originally from Orange County California. I live in the Philippines now. Pretty much exploring right now, if I get bored with PH I will probably move somewhere else. So far can't complain. The prices out here are pretty nice.

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Chuck From Orange County: I

Chuck From Orange County: I grew up in Balboa, Attended Newport Beach Elementary, Harbor High, OCC, and have my MS from CSUF.

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Welcome Chuck. I'm in

Welcome Chuck. I'm in Queensland, Australia, but we're getting ready to move back to the South Island of New Zealand after 10 years in Australia. Both countries have been called "God's Own", but I'm doing my best to change that.

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Chuck here. Hey Cognostic.

Chuck here. Hey Cognostic. Sure is a small world for sure. Spent most of my time in Huntington Beach. Btw laughed pretty hard when I read your reaction about the dude handing out bibles. Sounds like he was on one heck of a high horse.

Hey Algebe. Cheers. Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be apart of the group. I totally get what you mean with the whole "God's Own"statement. Irritates me daily running into people like this. Whenever I run into arrogant religious/Christian/whatever title people I just send them this video link it seems to shut them up pretty quickly haha probably the most effective way to turn a Christian into an Athiest hands down.

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Midnight Surfing at the

Midnight Surfing at the Huntington Pier; EXCELLENT. Being swept three miles up the beach by the tides at THE CLIFFS; not as excellent but still a hell of a day. I hung out at 32nd street for surfing or 18th or the Wedge for body surfing. When I was young no one surfed the Wedge, it was just considered insane to do so. These days a lot of surfers are making their mark there. I still think it is insane. LOL

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Well since I became a full

Well since I became a full atheist I've even had people try to convert me to the Muslim faith. I will not convert to any religious belief, as none can be proved without a doubt. There's 3200 known beliefs in this world, and probably into millions of gods.

Believing in none of those so called God(s) is what I would rather believe.

If actual evidence for a God should happen to surface I am welcome to that. But so far there's no scientific evidence that a God exists.

My two cents.

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@Fievel Mousekewitz

@Fievel Mousekewitz

If actual evidence for a God should happen to surface I am welcome to that. But so far there's no scientific evidence that a God exists.

Not only that, no evidence has surfaced since the dawn of humans, (at least 200k years.) Looking pretty bad for the whole "there is a god" argument.

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Well logically there's no such thing as god. Physically no either there is no known evidence of a god. So Yeah!

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