New Testament Only!

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New Testament Only!

As an Atheist, I am always put upon to "defend" atheism, as if I need to. Of course, this ALWAYS comes from christians given where I live in the world. That being the case it occurred to me that me pointing out the flaws in the bible makes no sense if I point out the Old Testament. Christians aren't concerned with the Torah, as they are not concerned with the Koran. So it occurred to me that arguments and debates between atheist and christians should only concern the New Testament and of course science. Specifically, the resurrection if I want to debate the bible. Of course, any and everything in the New Testament is up for grabs, but what does the Old Testament actually have to do with christianity? It can't matter that the stories in the Old Testament are purely folklore and fables cobbled together to explain a world that people of the time could not hope to understand. Indeed I am sure that most if not all christians dismiss the Old Testament as easily as any atheist. Christianity is totally based upon the supposed life of jesus and really nothing else. I don't even know why ANY christian would even bother to defend the Old Testament.
The god of the Old Testament can't be any more different than the god of the New Testament.

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