A night with a goddess

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A night with a goddess

As part of his enthronement ritual, Japan's new emperor will have an overnight dinner date with the sun goddess Amaterasu. Many Japanese are appalled by this breach of separation of religion and state under Japan's postwar constitution. Others are wondering what the Emperor will actually do with Amaterasu during his overnight visit. The government is saying it's just dinner, but there will be a bed in the room.

Whatever constitutions say, every monarch in the world is a religious figure. The sooner we get rid of this superstitious medieval nonsense the better.


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Makes sense, religion = power

Makes sense, religion = power.

How do you convince a bunch of farmers to march off to battle in some distant field, towards almost inevitable death and misery, and suffering? Leaving their families behind to likely destitution for the majority of human history? Why religion of course! Basically need to lie/brainwash folks into creating their own carrot and stick to motivate them. (Heaven and hell.) Without religion these farmers would correctly say: "stick your conquering plans where the sun don't shine" I rather stay here support my family by running the farm instead of marching off to my death or worse just to make some royalty/rich/religious leader happy.

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Thought I'd logged into an,

Thought I'd logged into an, uh, how do I say this, a more erotic website, there for a moment. Who knows, perhaps the emperor will turn it into something similar.

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Sorry to disappoint you

Sorry to disappoint you NewSkeptic. The Japanese imperial family are about as good at breeding as pandas. So I'm guessing the new emperor (official name: reiwa) will just have a quiet night with great great.....grandma.

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So, the Emperor will

So, the Emperor will masturbate to a goddess image or at least hope for a wet dream! Fucking weird!

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