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Easy, if someone needs a

Easy, if someone needs a deity to dictate to them, with the promise of heaven or the threat of hell, that behaviours like rape and murder are wrong, then that persons is a pretty shitty and immoral human being.

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Yea! What he said!

Yea! What he said!

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You wrote, “Explain to me what your ethical philosophy of life is & how it developed?”

The same way yours did, the same way it has for all humans.

“ If it's so fukin' good then how cum we're all not singing 'kum baya'?”

Because it’s an awful song. I’d far prefer we all sing, “Louie, Louie.”

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What rhymes with Kumbaya?

What rhymes with Kumbaya?

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@Chimp Re: "What rhymes

@Chimp Re: "What rhymes with Kumbaya?"


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LOL!!! The visual of that is

LOL!!! The visual of that is hilarious!! If you're going to loom a woman's bra, you'd better use satin not yarn. A yarn bra has no support. Just sayin...

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@AtheistGal Re: "A yarn bra

@AtheistGal Re: "A yarn bra has no support. Just sayin..."

Sure-sure. But it will nice and warm during the winter months.

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Kiss my ya!

Kiss my ya!

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Kum baya?

Kum baya?

siddhartha, King of the Jews

Crunchy-paw - Like when you are eating dog meat and bite into a nail.

hezbollah: The Hezbollah was singing Kumbaya with the maharaja of East Pooh-bah.

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Do the most amount of good to

Do the most amount of good to the most amount of people you can, while also doing the least amount of harm to the least amount of people.
And, most importantly, don't forget to enter 4 8 15 16 23 42 into your terminal every 108 minutes.

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A fan of Lost?https://www
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Yes siree. ;)

Yes siree. ;)

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Religions don't teach morality, they teach complete obedience and loyalty to the Boss. As for morality the Bible says that when Adam & Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they became just as smart and intelligent as Yahweh himself. Therefore there was nothing more that Yahweh could teach humans about morality. Whatever your morality is it is just as good as Yahweh's because you know the difference between good and evil.

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Diot,that is absolutely,

Diot,that is absolutely, positively false. Religions DO teach morality. Christianity, via bible: "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you."

Where is your "boss", then?

"cast ye not pearl before swine"

"are we not our brother's keeper?"

"cast ye not stones...."

There tons of parrables, tons of lessons, and philosophical questions that have no answers. An that's just Christianity.

Ever read Torah? They've got more teachings.

Honestly. I can understand your frustration with religion; I agree. But get your facts, right. Have you even READ the bible? You're talkin' out of your ass.

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No, religions do not teach

No, religions do not teach morality and I love your examples. Either you are a complete dote or you are a sarcastic genius. If the post is irony, you are a genius, if not.... well.... lets not go there. Have you any idea of the meaning of "Cast ye not pearls before swine?" "Am I my brother's keeper?" Tons of bigoted, prejudicial, amoral dictates and even the good advice contained in the text needs to be cleaned up for any kind of modern use. "Love your enemy?" What in the hell for? "Treat others as you would have them treat you?" Not in the global nature of the world today. Can you imagine me treating Koreans like Americans, I would be one lonely guy. Try going to Saudi Arabia and treating the people there like you want to be treated. Say "Hi." to a few women on the streets wearing veils and see how long you last.

I really like this post but I have an idea you don't actually know what you have said.

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So, Cog, did you ever locate

So, Cog, did you ever locate Eastern Kentucky? lol Sorry; I couldn't resist.

I'm not going to even begin to try to take you seriously because you're just such a riot. Posturing and overcompensating is the thing of comedians.

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I had trouble finding it on

So you are saying that you have no idea what you have actually quoted? Really?

I had trouble finding it on my map of South East Asia. I think it's in another country. My room mate Whitey is swimming that way now. Whitey is the one with no hair, if you see him out there swimming, He knows to go to Japan and then turn left. He should be fine, he was raised in a test tube for the military. If we did not escape he would still be soaking in solution attached to electrodes. He is used to being wet.

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Cog, I don't like to be lied

Cog, I don't like to be lied to. And I think you do that. That is my problem with you. I would love to discuss and debate with you, I really would.

I doubt if you're a professor, having published two books, like you said.
I doubt if you studied zen for 20 years, like you said.
And SO many other claims you've made... I doubt them. I'll tell you why. You bring them up when you are backed in a corner and lack credibility. So you, say, I'm this, I'm that.. I've been blah, blah, blah for 20 years..
Also, you lack basic humility that most people have because they know they don't know everything, and love learning. From what I see, you don't.

So, sorry, big guy.

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It's not a problem. I doubt

It's not a problem. I doubt that you are capable of a debate as you have no idea how to string sentences together without making assumptions. I never lack credibility. Humility is for losers. I don't have the time to pretend I am humble. You don't like it, go find someone who agrees with you to talk to. At least you got the "big guy" part right. We can agree on that.

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

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"Humility is for losers."

"Humility is for losers."

Nietzsche? Fair play that did make me smile.

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Where do all humans derive

Where do all humans derive their morals from....evolution!
We are tool handling, pattern seeking, curious, pack animals.

We have developed over thousands of years to work together.

We know that harming one another effects the group, we know working together gains better results, we know doing good things is usually smiled upon and reciprocated... and so on...

This isn't rocket science.

What morals does religion offer? You can be a twat to everyone providing you ask the cosmic wizard for forgiveness?!

That it's fine to mutilate a child's genitalia?!

The it's ok to own people as slaves?!

That magic is real and should be believed?!

That it's ok to sodomise children, providing you can get back to the Vatican sharpish?!


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