Is nothing the reason for everything?

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ZERO - I believe in something

ZERO - I believe in something very powerful idk what that is yet and I am waiting on time to reveal more about the universe and for more information to unfold.

Weird; last year you claimed to have all that shit figured out:

ZERO - guys im way past big bang i know what caused it and how

ZERO - what i am explaining is science that has yet to be explained

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I mean I still stand by that

I mean I still stand by that Its my opinion so I dont get your point in bringing that up because that was a different topic you a funny boy for that 1 lmao

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So what caused the Big Bang?

So what caused the Big Bang?

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you late you can go back and

you late you can go back and read the year old post cuz was geeked up to quote.

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idk 100% for certain what I

idk 100% for certain what I explained in the past is correct but I stand by it 100% so its not like I change my mind or anything like that so is funny how you did that boy trying to trick people to think im going back on my word if I did than I have admitted I was wrong I have no problem doing that.

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ZERO - or me god can be

ZERO - or me god can be replaced with a stronger type of energy

I see you are back to describing god as a scalar quantity; how big is he this time? 35 calories? 17 kilowatt-hours?

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that's not me that is you

that's not me that is you guys bringing up year old post and creating sub topics and ignoring the original topic of the forum.

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ZERO - that's not me that is

ZERO - that's not me that is you guys bringing up year old post

The post I quoted is less than 1 hour old (as of right now).

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lol goofy boy you brung up a

lol goofy boy you brung up a post that was literally a year + old and then trying get on me for talking about old topics from the past silly you brung it up in the first place idk what wrong wit ca!!

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Here's a thought, instead of

Here's a thought, instead of offering up pseudo-science and faulty logic, you just prove your god. Instead of just SAYING that maybe your god doesn't fit known universal laws ( I presume that you mean natural or physical science), why don't you just PROVE your god. Since believers believe that they interact with said god, it should be really easy to produce this god. You have more than 2000 years to do so and yet all we get is pseudo-scientific psychobabble.
Now if I claimed that a man shot and killed another man, I would have to provide proof that the event occurred. My eye witness account would not be enough to convict the one whom I claimed committed the crime. So the fact that you just throw up wild hairbrained theories doesn't prove anything outside how illogically your mind actually works You have to follow the evidence, not claim something and assume the evidence will follow. That is it in a nutshell. Believers hold to a claim that their god is real and make up all sorts of shit to fit their narrative. They actually demand that I disprove their god as if that is somehow logical. It isn't I won't and it makes ZERO sense in the first place.
Instead of trying to fit your god into an idea that said god is somehow multi-dimensional, why don't you just prove he exist in the first place. Just because someone said that he is without beginning and end doesn't make it true. It's just another wild claim that has never been proven.

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bro you being straight up

bro you being straight up wacky because I never said I was here to prove anything this forum was not made for that instead I wanted to ask questions and to see if what other people came up with on the original topic of this forum. I am not here to prove god or my god like I never said anything like that and pretty much everybody who commented in this forum has been trying to twist the narrative for that to be what the conversation is about but I am not buying those childish tricks.

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I think this guy is a

I think this guy is a sockpuppet and a troll.

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the reality of it is I am

the reality of it is I am asking questions that nobody actually commented on or answered the topic of the thread. based on that I would say how am I the troll when I am simply asking questions and people are answering questions with more questions?

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To go back to the original

To go back to the original questions of this post that nobody answered but nitpick points in my argument.

1. What would be the reason for something with no beginning or end to exist?

2.Could nothing be the reason why something comes into existence?

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Everything has to have a

Everything has to have a beginning, as long as it's on going it has no end yet. Science doesn't know what was around before the big bang. Are you taking about the quantum level for something coming from nothing?

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What do you think about this?
Is this part of Zero's theory?

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I don't think so; but on a

I don't think so; but on a side note, a year ago ZERO was trying to convince us that the big bang and star supernovas were the same thing.

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What is your point to being

What is your point to being that is what? that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread and your trolling tactics are really childish. for the record In that year old post you keep bringing up all I was saying was that big bangs and supernovas have similar things about them and I am not about to explain I spent weeks of my life explaining that to a bunch of limited thinkers which I am no going down that rabbit hole again.

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"Nothing" is not a reason for

"Nothing" is not a reason for everything but it is the ultimate worth of everything. With regard to multiple universal laws, that's a fractious thought insofar as you are considering humanity's ignorance as a vehicle to explain a law we have no coherency of. If we have no knowledge of such an expansive set of variables that ultimately comprise the whole of such a law, why do you (we) persist in vacuously filtering it through feeble imaginations and then unabashedly openly opine such ignorance?

Facts are not ours at this time to postulate anything, and imprinting a god over top of it is just patently wrong.

When will this ridiculous use of imagination resolve itself to that which cannot be known and get on with what it can?

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Have you seen the Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher?
Alternate universes.

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great movie!

great movie!

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So, gods or god exists

So, gods or god exists outside of space and time. Fascinating. How would you go about proving this bald assertion???

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Bald... I like it :)

Bald... I like it :)


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