Nothing speciall in the quran? Watch this!!!

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Nothing speciall in the quran? Watch this!!!

You think that there is nothing speciall in the quran and that's why you don't believe in the quran. Will you still think like that after watching this?
If you have watched this, do you have any comments?

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Still don't believe in the

Still don't believe in the Quran. Those same similarities can be explained away as pure coincidence.

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You asked if, after watching

You asked if, after watching that vid it is possible to still not 'believe' in the quran. I will assume here that you are asking if this vid proves that book was inspired by some god. My answer is...(insert drum roll here)

I don't think any book was inspired by any god because I don't think any gods exist.

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I don't say you will believe

I don't say you will believe in God after watching this, maybe you get any interesst

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The Qur’an has approximately

The Qur’an has approximately six thousand verses. Of the six thousand verses there are approx 1,000 verses pertaining to science. The majority of these verses pertaining to science were largely UNDISCOVERED until the 1960’s to 1990’s. In other words most of them were conclusively proven by scientists only recently when science advanced to the extent it has.

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Quran is writed in arabic but

Quran is writed in arabic but nobody who speaks arabic today understands it because this is the arabic they spoke for 1400 years ago. We still need to translate it even if we can speak arabic. It's not just about embryology, it's so many other things like the big bang. Who knew about big bang and other things that scientists has proofed today, 1400 years ago? who knew?

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If nobody understands it, how

If nobody understands it, how are you able to interpret it

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Firstly, please do not say

Firstly, please do not say that my religion is false. Because i don't say you atheists are stupid. Everyone around the world believes in except these small group of people. Why doesn't they believe? Just because they know so much about science and think that they are oversmart and they can figure out everything without God. They can actually finish up all the sufferings by their own. They can feed a needy without a God saying that they should do. Well go on and do that! Send money to a needy in africa, would you do that now? Secondly nobody is perfect not even a prophet nor Jesus. Everybody do sin. What about if i ask forginess for my sins and get everything better. Even muslims aren't perfect. Islam means peace but some muslims are criminal, some christians are also criminals, some jews are also criminals and even some atheists are criminal because they think there is no God so Im God. People are bad because of theirselves because they choose that way. God hasn't anything to do with that. There will be peace on this earth but only when people make the change. If we start to care about others. That is what im doing. Trying to make the change! The good change!

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You are posting in an atheist

You are posting in an atheist forum and you actually ask that an atheist stops saying your religion is false?

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Sorry but we atheist, theist,

Sorry but we atheist, theist, pantheist, deist, etc are free to attack a concept. No one called you stupid, so stop the false equivocation.
And Islam is as dangerous to humanity as any other form of theism when not questioned or stood up to.

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Man its hard to read his

Man its hard to read his posts so many mistakes.
You need to google world crime per religion you will find atheists are the LEAST criminal christianity is the MOST criminal followed by islam but islam should be most criminal if your countries had civilised laws making honour killing and pedophilia illegal like EVERY civilised country.

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Lmale, why are you saying

Lmale, why are you saying 'his' about this poster?

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Because saying its would have

Because saying its would have rude overtones.

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Not possible this person is a

Not possible this person is a female?

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Possible sure but since using

Possible sure but since using it is out of the question that leaves only two options and naturally males say he females say she.

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All you ever have to do is

All you ever have to do is check the poster's profile and you will be able to use the proper pronouns.

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Atm i dont have the time. I

Atm i dont have the time. I just bought the new diablo 3 game and im attempting to complete it on hardest level in 10 days for a special acievement this means completing the game atleast 3 times.

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Besides because of memory

Besides because of memory aphasia id have to check every time.

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If you say that muslims are

If you say that muslims are criminals, and you are atheist so basically what you are trying to say that it's false. I'm saying it again, the religion isn't false, the people are false so don't blame islam, blame the people.

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And yet, they do crimes in

And yet, they do crimes in the name of islam and are just as convinced as you are they are right.

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Yup religious justify crimes

Yup religious justify crimes with beliefs that you deny yet people of your religion use your religion to justify their crimes.
Why can you say other religions are false but yours is true theres very little difference between your religion and many oghers that you say are false.
The fact that an atheist says muslems are using religion to justify crimes means nothing more than muslims are using religion to justify crimes. Atheists generally dont have ulterior motives and say what they mean. The fact that an atheist said it does not change the fact that its true.

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gregpek, i've read the whole

gregpek, i've read the whole quran many times and in that book is everything that you should do and not do. I havn't find anything about that what you are saying. I told you islam is a religion of peace and yes it is. Just because there's many crimes, it doesn't change the religion to a criminal it changes the people who do such things like that btw they are not called muslims if they do so. Just because a muslim (who actually isn't a muslim because he does crimes), makes a crime, the history will say that there was a islamic man who did this, who did that and people will believe and start thinking that islam is a bad religion just because of that man did a crime who actually wasn't even a true believer but was muslim by name. True believers doesn't do crimes. So basically the religion isn't a bad religions, it's people making it bad. Muhammed PBUH didn't tell us to make crimes! He told us to be a good human being. All he wants is us to believe that there is one God. And we should be good people. Yes there is people doing crimes in islam but isn't there any atheist making crime?! yes there is. Now you'll say that we are the one who does least crimes, then i will say yes because you actually are the least people in the world and thats why you make the least crimes, you are the least people and islam is the second biggest religion. What I call proof, is what you don't call proof so i can't force you to believe. You will actually get your proofs if you read quran (not thinking that it is false, but try to find the proof) you will then understand. Otherwise i can't say anything because you will keep arguing about the history and the science etc etc... You only think bad things about religion. Isn't there any good thing that you had find?

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Aye, I have a copy A

Aye, I have a copy A Translation by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, and read passages - the writing is very similar to the bible and also esoteric like Nostradamus' Quatrains - These are just words written in multiple translations taken from the words supposedly given to Muhammad by some sky fairy. A lot of it (just like the Bible) can be taken as having multiple meanings and can be taken to mean anything that you wish to justify (IF YOU REALLY THINK IT IS THE WORD OF GOD). There is nothing in the Quran that wasn't known to the bunch of dusty old crusty-men who just wished to foister their vicious misogyny (coz they weren't getting any!) onto the gullible plebs of the day....Word of god my arse!

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You cannot prove an

You cannot prove an untestable claim by quoting a book. Its just a text, much like a really bad comic book.

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I told you, you will not get

I told you, you will not get the proof untill you read it and try to understand...

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I have to read a book and

I have to read a book and Understand it (how do you measure when one understands it?) before proof is given?
Why doesn't God speak directly to the entire human population? Or visit "physically" every once in a while? In other words, why isn't God's existence more obvious, based on direct, observable and irrefutable evidence and not theoretical guesses and feeling?

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Atheists dont commit crimes

Atheists dont commit crimes and justify them by religion religious do simple as that.
Any theist confronted by bad things people did claiming their religion made them always says their arent true muslims christians etc.
Thats a cop out your religion lets you treat women like shit and you claim its a religion of peace.
Your religion promises virgins to terrorists and you claim its a religion of peace.
Your religion assults any following another religion or atheism in your countries and you claim its a religion of peace.
What percentage of muslims causing crime will it take for you to acknowledge your religion is a religion of hate and obedience.

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The worlds intelligence

The worlds intelligence agiences say 25% of muslims are fanatics dedecated to the destruction of western civilisation is that enough or shall we add all the other crimes.

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As an ex muslim what you just

As an ex muslim what you just posted dosent prove shit( especially if your only source is youtube) I have suffered through the arrogance and denial of your beliefs. The Quran is all bullshit and I enjoyed ripping apart a Quran when I was 16. Kiss um allah wa kull majnoon fee islam.


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