The Notre Dame fire is more proof that their god is fake

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The Notre Dame fire is more proof that their god is fake

Good riddance I say, the Notre Dame cathedral went up in an inferno today and I see all sorts of people crying and praying and all this and that, it's ridiculous. Sure it was a nice building but I can't help but think of how many children were raped inside there or how many children-raping priests were hidden away inside while being moved to new hunting grounds to prey on more innocent children. I'm glad it burned down.

One thing I've noticed is that the religious haven't clued in YET AGAIN. Listen people, your god if they exist burned down this church on purpose so quit complaining. OR your god doesn't exist or is powerless as they can't even protect their own building from a simple fire, that's pathetic. If I was a god every single one of my buildings would be indestructible. A hypernova or gamma ray burst wouldn't even put a scratch on the paint. My buildings would easily withstand a super massive black hole as well as the end of the universe, but this god apparently can't even protect against a fire!?!? What a poser.

How are they so dumb, why don't they put 2 and 2 together and realize it equals 4.

Anyone know?

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@Snowmang: Don't get a job

@Snowmang: Don't get a job as a stand up comedian. "Timing is everything." It's not just a Church that has been lost: This beautiful 17th-century library houses a collection of rare books bequeathed by Winchester’s Bishop Morley, and still boasts its original carved shelves. He also left money to buy ‘two globes of the best and largest size’, one terrestrial and one celestial. You can find the Library up a staircase in the south transept. The Morley Library is currently closed due to our Capital Projects work. And then there is the art work and architecture.

Antony Gormley sculpture
Medieval Wall Paintings
The chantry chapels
The Fishermen’s Chapel
The Choir stalls
The crypt
The Epiphany Chapel
The Great Screen
Medieval floor tiles
Medieval sculpture: Ecclesia
Medieval wall paintings
Medieval misericords
Roof bosses
The Venerable Chapel

The Winchester Bible, housed in the Cathedral Library, is the largest and perhaps finest of all surviving 12th-century English bibles. (YOU KNOW IT CONTRADICTS OUR CURRENT BIBLE - NOW IT CAN NO LONGER BE USED TO DEBUNK IT.)

And so much more. Atheism is not an excuse for hardheartedness. Yea, the Christians lost a Church, no one gives a shit, but this really is so much more.

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"Good riddance I say, the Notre Dame cathedral went up in an inferno today and I see all sorts of people crying and praying and all this and that, it's ridiculous."

That is an interesting observation that is actually biblical going back to the First Commandment = Exodus 34:11-16. It's the only commandment everyone has every followed throughout human history.

Exodus 34:11-16 (CEB) =

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@Snowmang: more proof that

@Snowmang: more proof that their god is fake

It's also more proof that the churches are not fit to be in charge of anything of value, whether historical buildings and great art, or more importantly, the innocence of children.

But Notre Dame is a great loss. It's one of the projects that allowed the light of reason to seep into the Dark Ages through the sciences of architecture, mathematics, and engineering. It's also where Napoleon showed the church who was boss by crowning himself instead of letting some archbishop do it.

The corruption and dishonesty of the church don't diminish the breathtaking artistry and skill of the people who built Notre Dame.

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It was a building fire thats

It was a building fire thats all. It proved nothing more than we already knew. A tragedy. As was the wilful destruction of ancient temples by Isis which still burns me.

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Maybe the fire will revive

Maybe the fire will revive the Christian spirit in France that has been dying a slow death. If it does that could be a good thing. If not then the country will flip into the Islamic column and that will prove to be a very bad thing.

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I actually really don't care

I actually really don't care about the building or all the things inside. What I don't like to see is the emotional sadness of people who feel they've lost something that meant a lot to them. There are loads of other reasons that cause emotional suffering and the loss of a religious building is not the worst of them by any means but I do have respect the sadness of others.

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I think all religions give a

I think all religions give a very good explanation for why.
It not really something that is hard to answer there are over million reasons and good arguments why God don't do anything.

Btw I don't believe in a God

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@ Snotmangy

@ Snotmangy

You are despicable. If not already happened, I hope your butt gets tossed out the door for such a heinous statement.

I shall be the first to admit that of all here, I probably have more reason to hate religion and its effects. However, I ain't so damned callous as to want the destruction of such a wonderfully beautiful and gorgeous architectural masterpiece. I can say my wife and I at least got to see Notre Dame before this horrible incident occurred. Having served as a volunteer rescue worker, I just wished I could have been to offer whatever I could. However, I would probably been better just staying out the way.

Snotmangy, you are a deplorable human. I am so fucking glad I ain't got to know who are.


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Your understanding of God is

Your understanding of God is so limited and foolish. It’s these types of rants that give atheists a bad name.

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Jordan "Your understanding of

Jordan "Your understanding of God is so limited and foolish. It’s these types of rants that give atheists a bad name."

Can you accurately define the deity you think exists, and demonstrate any objective evidence to support this belief? It's asinine to insult atheists as lacking understanding until you can do this, how can anyone be expected to accurately understand what you believe until you tell us? Theists always make this risible claim, as if there is a standard and accurate definition of what a deity is, and objective evidence to support the idea, when neither claim is true.

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@Jordan: What perception of

@Jordan: What perception of God are you talking about? Before we can have a discussion about this God thing, you have to tell us what in the hell you are talking about.

OOPSEEEE! Jordan, how could you! Have you not read your bible? My God man... you are going to have to beg for forgiveness now.

MATTHEW 5:22, "...And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell."

Obviously you are just a troll and have never actually read the bible.

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