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Jumping in late and I do not pretend to have any expertise in math, all those years of math in college, my professors would probably be mad :)

Anyhow, what if we do a bit of light number theory? Instead of a 10 base system, why not binary when looking for a prime formula?

Wouldn't that make it much easier? Under the binary system all numbers are prime right? How about a base 4 numbering system? I imagine finding primes in that would be much faster/easier. Maybe a pattern can emerge as we go up in base numbering systems.

Throwing darts at a board blindfolded here, but I figured it was an interesting thought. Am I shooting at the moon here or is there something there?



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LogicFTW - Under the binary

LogicFTW - Under the binary system all numbers are prime right?

Let me give you an extremely primitive definition of a prime and I think you will see why that isn't true:

A prime number of apples is a number of apples, that you can't divide evenly among children, unless there is only one child, or x children, where x is the number of apples (and you aren't allowed to cut the apples).

Notice this definition doesn't rely on any number system, it just relies on someone handing out apples. So if you find that a certain number of apples is prime when working with the children, the representation of that number will be prime in any number system. And the same for non-primes, if you find you can distribute them equally, that number won't be prime in any system.

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Thanks, that explanation makes it simple "oh duh" moment for me.


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