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I would like to practice one-on-one debates with theists. If you are a believer in God, and would like to debate me, let me know and we can arrange one on Kik, email, whatever. It would be just for practice and fun, not too serious or formal. And if you like, we could even post the conversation here when we're done.

Also, if there are any atheists who know of a good site to have a 1on1 debate let me know, because all I can find are public debates.

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Nice dare. I don't think you

Nice dare. I don't think you can find someone willing to debate with you from here. How long you've an atheist?

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I don't actually remember for

I don't actually remember for sure when I "became" an atheist. It was more like I realized I had been an atheist for a while. I would say roughly 8 months. I did get a debate with someone. I'll be posting the debate up for everyone here to read in it's own post.

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ex-christian_atheist, you

ex-christian_atheist, you seem to be enjoying yourself more then usual lol

Did Atheist Republic have that effect on you? lol
Or something happened?

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I'm not sure what you mean

I'm not sure what you mean lol. I usually enjoy myself.

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I tend to think too deep

I tend to think too deep sometimes and was just curious.

from this OP


"I would like to practice one-on-one debates with theists."

was quite a shocking change.

I mean do you still hide it from some of your family or you just want to practice online?
You can choose to not answer at all. I would understand, it is none of my business.

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I am now out of the closet

I am now out of the closet completely. My parents and in-laws know, and if anyone asks, I don't hesitate to say I'm an atheist. There are still plenty of people who don't know, but it's because people dont ever ask. But i don't want practice so I can go around debating with any christian I get my hands on. I just like to be ready for any arument that is presented to me, and I just enjoy having the extra knowledge.

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Yea that is indeed a good

Yea that is indeed a good thing to do.
knowledge is power

what do you thing about:

I think the evidence is quite obvious for such a conclusion for the origin of Christianity.

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Jut because it says debate in

Jut because it says debate in the title doesn't mean you have to debate. use me asd an example, I am posting on four forums, and simply DO NOT DEBATE. read my signature.

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Woops, sorry about that. no

Woops, sorry about that. no signature on this forum.

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Obi-wan Kanobi

Obi-wan Kanobi
By dictionary, I am defined as an atheist. But a different kind, as I happen to be a strong believer in an afterlife, and (God-nature). I just don't believe there is a grey-bearded man looking down at me from above, and i happen to believe "ON" CHRIST, but not "IN" CHRIST. (There is a difference)

My spritial beliefs can mostly be summed up with OBI-WAN KANOBI'S words, "LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU."  (This is just a precursor, for those interested I have two threads on this form with similar titles "Let the force be with you" and instalment 23) th

I am a Naturalist, and an Evolutionist. 

I believe in aliens (space aliens) and that they are now around, and likely have been around since long before modern humans evolved.

I would very much enjoy discussing, or debating the issue with anyone interested.

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Sure, I'm up for it. I'll

Sure, I'm up for it. I'll send you a message.

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