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The lights are going out, the

The lights are going out, the refrigerator door is closed, the guitar is back in the case, last call was thirty minutes ago, and SHELDON has frigging had enough!!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ....... I love it when he reaches his limit!

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I'll be fine I promise, but

I'll be fine I promise, but the vapid saccharine nonsense flooding this place lately means I have stored up a lot of fucks to unload. Figured I'd get them all into one post.

I also have colitis for the second time in 4 months, and it is damn painful.

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Take your medicine and feel

Take your medicine and feel better soon Mr. Sheldon. I look forward to the Old You soon. (Patience and Logic Incarnate).

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Religious ducks taste

Religious ducks taste horrible...even with good sauce.

Dishonest fucks.

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"If you want to argue

"If you want to argue cosmology, talk to a cosmologist. If you want to argue physics, talk to a physicist. If you want to argue medicine, talk to a doctor. Don't come in here spewing string theory and quantum mechanics as they relate to the pharmaceutical industry's ability or willingness to cure cancer and, by golly, that proves god. If you do, you will be ridiculed."


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Faith is religion’s greatest

Faith is religion’s greatest trick. The ability to make someone believe something they can’t detect with their natural senses. That’s why I think it’s a form of abuse to brainwash children with this shit. I read where people claim to hear voices, see demons, all kinds of supernatural experiences, without any shred of proofs. I believe the kind of brainwashing that some of these people experience lead to these experiences. World’s greatest scam.

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Most certainly the world's

Most certainly the world's greatest scam...

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How can you discount the


How can you discount the personal experience of a person? You’re essentially calling what you don’t believe a lie. How convenient for you. You don’t believe it, they can’t go much farther than giving you their testimony - and you are calling them liars. Double standard, my compadres.

You hear one voice in your head. And you associate it with your self. I’m calling bullshit. You’re fucking lying. You don’t hear shit and you have no self. Go spread your lies elsewhere.

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It's all relative. To me, we

It's all relative. To me, we are all Master debaters. :P

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I just want to add this in.

I just want to add this in. It's something I posted in another thread which I feel is germane to this issue.

I did make an edit, wherein I changed the name "Bob" to "Frfnrgle The Defiler" as to not further offend any Bobs or friends of Bob.

I want to add one last thing to this:

We human beings are creatures with egos. Unfortunately, ego lies to us. Ego tells us we're right when we're wrong. Ego tells us that someone is attacking us when they're calling out points or statements we have made. Ego tells us that when someone disagrees with us, it is a personal affront and we have to shut that shit down, most rikki-tik, in order to save face. Ego tells us to win, no matter what.

I believe that, quote often, people take contradictory evidence, questioning, requests for evidence or salient points against their claims as personal attacks. These things are not attacks at all, though it's easy to let ego, that little sidewinding prick, make us think they are.

I would like to suggest everyone look at the latin we use in debate to describe an attack against the presenter:

Ad hominem.

Ad hominem translates to "to the man" or, more snowflake appropriate, "to the person".

If you feel like someone is attacking or ridiculing YOU, ask yourself: Is that comment aimed at me or is it aimed at the content of my argument?

Also, are they remarking about a behavior or about you, directly?

Here's an example:

Frfnrgle The Defiler says the sky is plaid because [insert clearly faulty "evidence" here (we ALL know the sky isn't plaid]
I say "that's the biggest load of crap I've ever had mashed into my eyeballs"

Is that "to the person"? Did I call Frfnrgle The Defiler a load of crap or did I call Frfnrgle The Defiler's argument a load of crap?

So now let's say Frfnrgle The Defiler establishes a pattern of making really bad assertions:

The sky is plaid
The killer bunny exists
His all original 1973 VW beetle can do a 7 second quarter mile
Lightning is how aliens abduct people for anal probing
Coke and Pepsi taste the same

For each of these assertions, the "evidence" he presents is full-on laughable. I won't make up examples, let's just agree that his "evidence" isn't evidence at all...It's just really, really bad.

If I say to Frfnrgle The Defiler "You have a long history of making completely asinine assertions which are backed up with nothing but assumptions, presuppositions and horse-apples"...

Is that "to the person"? Was I attacking Frfnrgle The Defiler or was I commenting on Frfnrgle The Defiler's behavior? Even though it is (technically) subjective opinion, it's still not aimed at Frfnrgle The Defiler.

Now, if I say "Jesus, monkey balls, Frfnrgle The Defiler, you're a fucking idiot!"...

THAT is "to the person" and even though it's unacceptable, it's an area in which we will all slip from time to time. I, for one, ask that if I do slip, the offended party call me out on it. Point out that I have used an ad hominem attack and if that's true, I will stand like a man, take my medicine and accept that I was a bonehead.

Just please make sure it's really ad hominem.


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