Oppression of catholics

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Oppression of catholics


Ridiculous bullshit. Catholics against gay marriage are not a new oppressed minority, no one is going to kill them or call them sinners and abominations of nature. The law does not mandate gay marriage or anal sex, it's simply an option. If you don't like it then don't take part. Don't glorify a non-existent issue so you can indulge yourselves in pseudo self-pity.

We all know that anal sex doesn't lead to procreation, but since when was procreation mandatory? We could do with less people considering the population boom. Sex is pro-creational as well as recreational, otherwise your God wouldn't have given us the reality of pleasure during sex. Not to mention that anal sex is one of the most common fantasy and one of the most commonly searched pornographic category even among heterosexuals. Get over it.

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I have never understood how a

I have never understood how a marriage between two people of the same sex substantively impacts the marriage of two people of different sexes.

No one I've spoken to who is against marriage equality has provided what I find a compelling reason for why they are against it.

The people in this vid are actually crying??? Oy!

I also find their use of the "It gets better" tag line disgusting. The way I figure it, if heaven did actually exist, Dan Savage would be one of the first invited in.

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Right, usually the argument

Right, usually the argument given is that the institution of heterosexual marriage assures the proliferation of the species, and that gay and specifically anal sex does not. funny how they try to use science against us. They would have to in this case account for the popularity of anal sex among heterosexuals as I mentioned before, and also establish that sex is not meant to be recreational and only meant for procreation.

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The oppression of Catholics

The oppression of Catholics has been a dark stain on history, marked by discrimination and persecution. From penal laws to cultural marginalization, Catholics have often faced systemic biases. Understanding this history sheds light on the struggles faced by many communities. For more insight, check out this resource: https://app.roll20.net/users/12746048/wi-c

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