Origin of Religion?

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Summary, ancient human find

Summary, ancient human find lightning scary and powerful, and didn't understand it. Thus, lightning must be god, or the work of a god.

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There has also been a heel of

There has also been a hell of a lot of mythological and literary plagiarism in religion. Much easier in a different world in various stages of utter isolation and ignorance.

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Pretty simple, really. I once

Pretty simple, really. I once read that the second smartest man in the history of the world was the man who invented gambling and that the smartest was the one who invented the gambling chip.

But...the smartest one was actually a cave man named Og, hunkered down with a buddy, Dumbo, on a ridge with lightning crashing down around them.

Og suggested that he knew where the lightning came from. Dumbo believed him.

Og, who had really only been kidding, saw the opportunity.

"Yeah", said Og, "there's this superpowerful guy up there throwing those bolts whenever he gets mad".

Dumbo mused, "Well I wonder what makes him mad"

"I know", said Og. "All you have to do to keep him happy is...."

Dumbo believed him and all was lost and millions have died ever since.

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Bravo Arcadia! Bravo! We all

Bravo Arcadia! Bravo! We all know that's how it started, but you animated it for us and it makes today's religious zealots seem all that much more ridiculous.


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