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Your idea is a very common

Your idea is a very common one and most people believe that you are either a believer in science or a Christian, but I believe you can be both. I am actually a devout Christian who believes in the Big Bang and evolution. If you would like me to tell you why please let me know I'd be happy to share.

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@Jenna Barlow

@Jenna Barlow
How does your god idea work with 14 billion years and the incredible vastness of space, what makes humans in general for the tiniest slice of time and space actually be relevant to such an old and vast god? Let alone this particular human (you) that supposedly got the particular god guess right... or ya know, completely wrong too going by pure luck/odds?

If god did evolution, how do you know humans were the end goal of gods evolution plan? Maybe "god" is waiting for a much more intelligent and advanced species, and us humans are just a step along the way, just like various monkey species before us humans?

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Jenna, how do you reconcile

Jenna, how do you reconcile what your bible says versus what has been learned through science (Big Bang, evolution, etc)?

If the creation stories in your bible are not to be taken literally, what mechanisms do you use to decide what else in the book is the same and its opposite?

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How does one "believe in

J: @ people believe that you are either a believer in science or a Christian
How does one "believe in science." That just makes no sense at all. What is this science you speak of? Do I believe in the germ theory of disease? Absolutely. Do I believe in Newtonian Gravity? Not so much but I get the value of the theory. Do I believe in Einstein's gravity? Pretty much. I think it is more demonstrable. What is the........ are you talking about when you say "Believe in science?" It's just a weird statement.

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I'm going to try this here, I

I'm going to try this here, I've tried on other threads but it's never answered...

How do you make the causal link?

Let's start with the following...

Humans now - Born from their parents (natural link) -
Evolved from primates (natural) - first self replicating cell under correct conditions (natural) - earth formed (natural) - system forms from nebula accretion (natural) - cosmological development period (natural) - cosmological dark ages (natural) - afterglow (nautal) - big bang (natural) - quantum fluctuations (natural).... And so on.....

All these phenomena have causal links that are conforming to laws of nature and physics.

At what point does god causally involve himself?

It's always simply... "I don't know what preceded Phenomena X therefore god!"

This for me is why they are not compatible.

It's patently clear that religion is spurious and attempting to hijack the natural order of things.

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(*** Brought this over from

(*** Brought this over from another thread. Figured it would fit nicely here. ***).... *snicker*....

Okay, boys and girls! Listen up! It's story time! Before I get started, though, I must say that by now your parents should have told you how these things work. Apparently, however, some of you have not had "The Talk" yet. Well, better late than never, I suppose. *Warning: Adult Content Ahead.*

So, there are male universes and female universes, and one day a male and female universe meet and discover they like each other. First, they start off by holding hands, and eventually they decide to try kissing, at which point they fall madly in love and decide to get married. And on the night of their marriage, they have sex. (Please pardon my blunt language.) This involves the Daddy universe placing his super nova into the black hole of the Mommy universe and moving it back and forth rapidly until he discharges billions and billions of comets into the Mommy universe. Then the Daddy universe promptly rolls over and falls asleep while the Mommy universe lies awake wondering why all her friends made such a big fuss about having sex. It really wasn't that big a deal. Probably the most boring twenty seconds of her life as far as she could remem-.... (Oops. Sorry. Got sidetracked.)

Anyway, eventually one of those billions of comets finds its way to a tiny planet located in the Mommy's Crab Nebula. Once there, it enters the atmosphere of the planet and - *Presto!* - life starts to form. A chemical and biological reaction begins that causes the planet to start growing larger and larger. Then, after it has grown for a few million eons in the Mommy's Crab Nebula, the Mommy universe goes into labor and shoots the newborn baby universe out of her black hole while the Daddy universe chain-smokes as he paces nervously back and forth in the waiting room.

And THAT, boys and girls, is how a universe is made. Run along now and go tell your friends.

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Greatest story of creation I have ever heard. I am definitely stealing this one...

***tree reaches into monitor screen slowly peels off a copy of the text***


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TIN MAN: What's best about

TIN MAN: What's best about this story is that it is every bit as valid and self evident as "God Did It."

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Repeating Redd in that prison

Repeating Redd in that prison movie again, "Ain't that the God Damned Truth."


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Tin-man, absolutely superb

Tin-man, absolutely superb sir, bravo!


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