Original Sin

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Original Sin

Follow My Logic: Original Sin

After God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden he told Adam he could eat of all the plants and trees of the garden except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But without having knowledge of Good and Evil Adam could not have known that it was wrong to eat of the fruit. God's command to Adam could at most be understood as a suggestion. He could not comprehend the concept of going against God's advice as Evil or even wrong prior to partaking of the fruit which would provide him with the understanding of such concepts. The word Sin simply means to miss the mark so for someone to hit or miss the mark requires that parameters are put in place to define what the mark is and what is not and more importantly that these parameters are clearly understood. Without such parameters the mark does not exist much less is there a chance to hit or miss it. Eve like Adam had no concept of Good and Evil or right and wrong when approached by the serpent. Eve makes a decision based on two suggestions, God's which states do not eat the fruit and the serpent's which says to eat of the fruit. Either choice Eve makes is equally valid and has equal value. But, once she eats of the fruit she instantly knows what she did was wrong and evil. Then she approaches Adam to also eat of the fruit. This is the original sin since Eve knowingly persuaded Adam to eat of the Fruit with full Knowledge that this was wrong. Adam still oblivious to such a concept innocently eats of the fruit. Then and only then is he aware that this was wrong and Evil and then they hid themselves. Adam and Eve hiding themselves and covering themselves with fig leaves further demonstrates that had no concept of right and wrong prior to eating the fruit. So the only conclusion that is logically valid is that Eve was innocent of any Sin until she persuaded Adam to eat of the fruit. Adam is completely innocent of any Sin prior to eating of the fruit including the eating of the fruit itself. I see no other examples of Adam sinning in the Bible. So therefore is not and cannot be held responsible for original sin. The two reasons this is true is he had no concept or even the mental capacity to understand Good and Evil and secondly since the parameters of the mark were not in place and clearly could not have been understood by Adam or Eve even if such parameters were in place. They could not have missed the mark or sinned since there was no mark to be missed, or hit for that matter.

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The subject about original

The subject about original sin bothers me when I was a Christian but now I'm free with such worry. I can now live my life without thinking how to unfair it is for human's to carry original sin. I was just a church's idea.

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The story of Adam and Eve and

The story of Adam and Eve and original sin is one of the stupidest fairy tales in the bible. When I was five years old I remember my Sunday school teacher telling this yarn about the talking snake and thought it bizarre. It is ludicrous to think all humanity should could be blamed for some infraction committed by two people supposedly created from dirt and a spare rib. It is ridiculous and absurd!

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