Other than atheism, what worldview/framework/school of thought are you

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I'm a socialist, humanist,

I'm a humanist, anti-feminist (insofar as most of modern feminism is divorced from what the movement was originally about), environmentalist, anti-religious-advocate (though I would vocally oppose it, never legally. In fact, it's idiosyncratic, but if religion became illegal tomorrow I'd fight for a person's right to believe what they want, so long as their religion doesn't extend to forcing others or inflicting physical, mental or financial injury: totalitarianism of any kind is far worse for society than multicultural societies that have freedom of belief, freedom of speech, and legal protections for all personal liberties), pro-choice (within reason), referendum democratic, anti-private monopoly, anti-fossil-fuel, anti-corporation, anti-totalitarian, anti-fascist, anti-military-policing, pro-state-welfare, pro-high-tax-on-the-biggest-earnings (most wealth is inherited, and the richest -- think bank owners and financiers -- have the most destructive effect on economies. Us poor people just go along with it, so I don't think poor people born into a capitalist-fiat-currency culture under the whims of massive private conglomerates and market traders should have to shoulder the burden of socioeconomic stability. The richest people are in a far better position for that -- tax them till it hurts, then maybe they'll think twice about fucking up our economies next time), pro-human-rights, anti-oligarchy, pro LGBT rights, pro-free-state-education (with the caveat that it's taught without the Western biases in regards to WW1, WW2, capitalism and other indoctrinations), anti-private-bank, anti-fiat-currency (it really doesn't work: it's based always on debt), anti-austerity, anti-privately-controlled-public-infrastructure (why should our taxes subsidize privately owned rail or energy companies, seriously?), anti-wage-slavery, anti-racist (in regards to government laws and employment policies, at the very least), pro-free-speech (don't agree with jailing someone for using the N word, even though I hate the word myself), anti-private-political-lobbying, pro-separation-of-church-and-state, anti-creationist-school-lessons (seriously, wtf is this nonsense?), pro-trade-union, anti-first-past-the-post-electoral-system, anti-oil-war, anti-cult (Scientology should be banned outright), pro-taxes-on-religious-institutions-that-do-not-inject-profit-back-into-the-community, anti-government-communication-control, pro-encrypted-civilian-communication, anti-guns, pro-sodomy, pro-gay, pro-letting-people-do-whatever-the-fuck-they-like-in-consensual-relationships, and anti-imperialist.

You could call me a radical democratic libertarian socialist. I take a lot politically from Noam Chomsky, Abraham Lincoln and Clement Attlee.

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Regarding entertainers and

Regarding entertainers and their payout(s):
There was this joke on a funny joke app I have, and there was this joke that said "Shouldn't people defending our country be paid more than people defending a fucking ball (football players)?" And I would think it's no different here. Also as NordicFox said, some druggy doing 30 a week shouldnt be paid more than a shit ton of other Americans. I think my mom TRULY works harder and deserves more than a fucking Kardashian.

As for other views, although yes every 16 year old says this, I mean it more than any other teenager on this whole planet. Fuck Americas schooling system. Oh you have no idea how aggrivating and frustrating it makes me to see the system. I won't go into it, other than how my lifelong goal is gonna be to get these power-hungry assholes to make some MAJORRRR changes.

Other views.... lets see lets see... I think min wage should be raised at LEAST by 2$+, Abortion should be legal/illegal depending on the cir"cum"stance at hand (ehehe get it? Even though I do mean that point). Freedom of religion is alright as long as they HAVE TO pay taxes, cannot force anything upon anybody and not act upon "stupid" teachings. Marijuana should be legal if cigarettes are (or aren't, lol). That's all for now, maybe i'll update it later. Cheers! :D

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let's get back from the

let's get back from the concept of should into the concept of "how". Unless you want everyone to be poor, you will have wage disparities, and the richer the country, the larger the wage disparities.

And if you don't like entertainers making more than soldiers, then stop all forms of entertainment and donate money to charities that help veterans

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First, maybe you were talking

First, maybe you were talking about how instead of should in your previous posts and I didn't read them, but this thread said nothing about presenting a way how to fix the problems, although I will most certainly think of ways.(Not like my, along with a lot of others', ideas matter because we're not rich) Second, I'm sorry I do not know what wage disparities means, and third, I don't want entertainment (a chunk of it) to go away, I just want them paid less. If I may ask, do YOU honestly think that Charlie Sheen should make more than somebody risking their lives daily to kill ISIS people?

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I honestly don't know what

I honestly don't know what you mean by one type of person should get paid more than the other. Jobs form a neural net around America, and saying one is more important than the other amounts to nothing more than circle jerking. There are some people who are bad at their jobs, but that is besides the point.

So my answer is nyes, I do not think either for or against that Charlie Sheen should make more than somebody risking their lives daily to kill ISIS people.

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"I honestly don't know what

"I honestly don't know what you mean by one type of person should get paid more than the other"

Well then who do you think should earn money? Someone always on their ţoes or someone who spends their time doing drugs? That circle jerking made my day by the way lol :D

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The problem with a free

The problem with a free-market economy is that what we think about it doesn't really matter.

Only in a free-market economy can something that is known to create dependency and kill (alcohol) be sold legally for millions of profits while an herb that has never hurt anyone (cannabis) is illegal and governments ruin people's lives over it. Even life has no meaning in a free-market economy.

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I never really knew what I

I never really knew what I was. I was something that had no name to me. Then I started to read about ancient Greek Stoicism and every word hit home. So apparently I am a Stoic.funnily enough so was my name sake Marcus Aurelius. Many people were until the closing of all pagan philosophy schools in AD 529 by order of the Emperor Justinian I, who perceived them as being at odds with Christian faith.
Bloody typical!

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I'm not much for labels

I'm not much for labels because they come with preconceptions.
That said, the closest "worldview/framework/school of thought" that fits my personal philosophy is Libertarianism. As long as a person isn't harming anyone I really don't care what they do or what they believe.
Also, as long as I'm not harming anyone I don't believe anyone has the right to tell me what I can and cannot do or believe, or disbelieve as it were.

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I am a libertarian, who came

I am a libertarian, who came to my political views from the same source as my views making me an atheist, from reading Ayn Rand. Also gave me an intellect I never had before, and from it, developed a talent for writing letters to the local newspapers.

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I am in a similar position.

I am in a similar position.

In my younger days I thought of myself as a lefty liberal, until I began to realize that the socialist utopia required complete submission to groupthink. We see this now in so many cases of college pressure groups (and cowardly administrators) caving into demands that any positions outside the approved opinions will not be tolerated. They are quick to scream government oppression when their positions are under attack, but when in power they are quick to demand that government enforce their rules on others.

It seems though that even among atheists there is a presumption that one is a blue Democrat, so I guess I'm an outlier here just like I am among the religious.

[Side point: years ago at a humanist group meeting, an argument between two quite old women almost came to blows. One was a life long communist, who, with her husband had been harassed by the FBI, while the other had been born in communist Hungary and escaped... and had a palpable hatred of communism]

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I took a political quiz once

I took a political quiz once and was labeled an antiauthoritarian objectivist anarchist libertine. That about sums it up.

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what was the name of the quiz

what was the name of the quiz?

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The 5 Dimensional Political compass Quiz. I retook it just now . I am now a 'Right-Leaning Anarchist Non-Interventionist Humanist Libertine". Fun quiz for what it is. I actually lean a bit to the left.

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Said I was a communist, lol

Said I was a communist, lol

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I myself alighn mostly with

I myself alighn mostly with Nordic fox. I am also an extinctianalist (once you die, you simply sece to exist, except in memeorie) One might pose the question how I can live life thinking I won't exist after I die. My response is that as long as I live a good life and leave memories of a positive legacy in the minds of the next generation, I can be at peace when I die.

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The problem is too many

The problem is too many polititions put all the 1% in the same group, and some people think all wealthy people wre just assholes who did nothing, which is not the case, we all want to be wealthy and that should always be an option with the hardwork one puts in, it becomes a problem when those people decide everything in a country, its not just the wealthy but the corruptness in government.

Bill gates, warren buffet, mark z, elon musk, larry page... They worked hard, and donate billions and billions to build up 3rd world countries, and they create tons of jobs, what the government needs is to lower military spending (military is the biggest employer in the USA).. We need to manage and change our priorities, and stop letting money influence so much.


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