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Our Current Troll

Our recurring troll Kenny marken/sweiger/Lloyd has been removed again. In the past I have attempted to offer him chances to alter his trolling and member attacking behavior here in the forums. This is no longer the case, as soon as one of his sock puppet accounts is confirmed to be his I will remove it. I thank all members for your patience in this.

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Kewl beans, Ellie. Thx.

Kewl beans, Ellie. Thx.

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Thank Ellie, was just gonna

Thank Ellie, was just gonna suggest to ban that stupid troll

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Good news for that although

Good news for that although some of his post are quite funny, I mean really funny'. :-)

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I liked some of his cos they

I liked some of his cos they were funny but he escalates till hes so offensive he gets banned then he cones back with a new name acting nicer and escalates again its a predictable pattern which is why ellie is right to issue a permanent ban hes had more warnings than the worlds been warned about globalwarming lol.

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