Pandas or Snakes

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Pandas or Snakes

So a quick chuckle for us atheist.

So whilst pondering the story of Adam and Eve I can't help but think about the snake(Lucifer). Personally I don't think it could of been a snake..Let's face it if you're a pansy like myself a talking snake would creep me the fuck out and anything it said I wouldn't give it the time of day. And let's face it snakes are not as cursed as the bible makes them out to be(btw why must all snakes be cursed when it was supposed to be Lucifer taking the form of a snake..It wasn't like it was every other snakes fault) However I digress..

Now let's look at an animal that has really had it bad ...The adorable Panda bear...I think we can all agree that we are more likely to listen to the advice of a cuddly panda..And let's face it pandas have it horribly..Hunted almost completly to extinction l..What few that reproduce end up eating their offspring.. Let's face it pandas are not doing so well..Maybe just maybe the panda was taken out and snakes were made for the scapegoat because they are more believable as the bad guy...

Little conspiracy theory for the bible/something I thought of while in line at panda express wondering exactly how do panda's taste?

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A fun facts about the panda.

A fun facts about the panda.

No one believed they existed no matter how many sightings and witnesses(skin) were presented for 60 years, until one was finally killed and showed personally to the "Experts in the field" on 13 April 1929 by the Roosevelt brothers.
After that, it took (those same "experts") 7 more years to get an alive panda.

I understand that if someone comes claiming that:
A black and white vegetarian bear exists!!
One would not be believed, but the amount of bias and lack of fair analysis of a claim is a shame to most experts in any field.

People resist change by nature it seems.

The panda case is just one example of this human flaw.

It also shows how much we are not aware of what there is out there in nature.
We just think we have explored everywhere, but the truth is that most thick forest were never foot surveyed.
The panda proved that a big, black and white, dumb and slow moving animal managed to allude experts hunters for 7 years while we knew the area where it's food was.

Funny but it begs the question;

What else is out there that we do not know about?

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And hey let's face it..If you

And hey let's face it..If you came across a panda bear sitting there eating, holding is food in one hand and an apple in the other and then he says.."Hey buddy you look hungry,here have an apple!" Wouldn't you trust Mr.Panda?

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