The perfect atheist declaration pls read.

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The perfect atheist declaration pls read.

This kid is awesome his words are an almost perfect description of why atheists choose atheism. Generalised of course but he points out that atheists differ.
Please read the link its worth it and I'm sure you'll use in in many an argument.

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Cool statement, I would like

Cool statement, I would like to throw one more reason I would ad to my personal list of reason to distrust or criticize organized religion. While they say it is on us to disprove their god or gods organized continue to ignore or even sometimes violently react to any evidence that opposes or bring into question their belief.

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That's very true Zaph, they

That's very true Zaph, they act like you just insulted them, their family and their way of life just by asking for a little proof.

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Nothing, i used to be a

Nothing, i used to be a security guard before the amputation im unable to work due to pain and really severe side affects from meds.
Im having a blood test on friday to see how much damage they have done to me. I wont go into details but i haven't had sex jn 13 years and i dont care however i am intellectually aware that it is concerning hence the blood test.

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Im an inventor i have 8

Im an inventor i have 8 designs and over 30 concepts but am unable to sell my designs because of my problems. Ive sporadically searched for a partner but not been successful. Im on a severely limited income so the pay advert sites are beyond me and the free sites just attract people that tried to take advantage of me.
Anticipating you may ask, i need a partner with energy as i have none, also need to be able to search for customers and write professional emails to convince them to sign a nda they take one look at my emails and try to pump me for info that i cant give without giving the design away. Im offering a full 50/50 partnership on all the designs and concepts.
My plans always been to sell the 8 designs for a reasonable signing fee and reasonable % of the net profit. Me and my partner would take an equal moderate cut then invest the rest in the concepts between one to three at a time with the aim to manufacture instead of selling the design.
With that plan theres no investment costs just time and effort on my partners side.

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Does this site have a private

Does this site have a private messenger system? I would like to talk to some more Lmale.

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Yes it does, there is a link

Yes it does, there is a link to send someone a private message if you click on their profile.

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It does?

It does?

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Thank you for the link! That

Thank you for the link! That kid makes a very good argument and his words are well thought out. Most of the time we either get a rant or a sob story about a bad childhood experience.

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Yep hey check this blog a

Yep hey check this blog a good read thats step by step uses easily understood logic shows why you shouldn't worship god unless he provides some evidence. Ive included a quote.
Have you read this blog its awesome:
'“Well,” said Sarah, “I need more than faith to accept that something as critically important as God exists. Faith is just another face of trust. I can trust things because of my past experience or because of my understanding. To do otherwise is evidence of naiveté. You are asking me to trust my life on something I can’t see, can’t locate, can’t know the origins of, can’t communicate with, can’t see any evidence of its existence, and can’t see the result of any of its actions. You seek to show me a God, and I see less than an illusion.”'

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Even kid nowadays are

Even kid nowadays are brilliant enough to analyze the truth about religions. I wonder why most adults can perceive what this kids can.

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