Petition to get religious instruction out of QLD state schools

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Petition to get religious instruction out of QLD state schools

This is a petition to have religious instruction removed from state schools in Queensland, Australia. It closes tomorrow (Sept. 15, 2019). It doesn't mention qualifications to sign, but it does require a full address, so I'm guessing only Queensland residents are eligible.

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Were I Australian I would be

Were I Australian I would be there.

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Yep only eligible residents

Yep only eligible residents will be considered.

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I note with interest that

I note with interest that this bill seeks to replace, rather than dismiss the weekly 'sermon' with a formal academic course in comparative religion, presumably with a dedicated teacher of no particular indoctrination to help students study the varieties of religious experience. The argument being students can get specific religious guidance on the week end like everyone else.

Hopefully atheism will get a showing too. Could be a new opening in the Banana state for atheist teachers of religion, who better to provided unbiased assessments between the faiths?

You up for that Algebe?

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@Grinseed: You up for that

@Grinseed: You up for that Algebe?

Absolutely. I've already made a start with my kids and grand-kids. Kids should learn about religions and their influence on human history. Forewarned is forearmed.

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@ Algebe

@ Algebe

Yep, did that with my sproglets also, dragged them around mainstream churches, Sikh Temples, Synagogues, Mosques the chucked out of a pentecostalist/spiritualist church because all three kecked themselves laughing at their did I...LOL...that was a highlight.

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