Praying to god, jesus, and the holy spirit?

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Prayer is like compulsive

Prayer is like compulsive gambling, you do not talk about the losses.

A meme I read somewhere...


Edit: Found it!

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This thread seems like a game

This thread seems like a game of Chinese whispers. I think it shows that prayer is very much a one way conversation.

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A quick read of any two or

A quick read of any two or three of the top, say, five threads at any time seems to be enough to demonstrate that we don't usually care about the OP.

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Reference Link

Reference Link

"I think book burning is a relatively modern invention."

Dude? Really? Really, Dude?

What do you think happened in a war when a city was conquered and razed?

Anything literature was burned/destroyed. This has been going on for about 13,000 years.

You really need to go back to high school. And this time pay attention while you are in history class.



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