Praying on gullible people: A "pshychic detective" gets caught

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Praying on gullible people: A "pshychic detective" gets caught

Laurie McQuary, a clairvoyant "psychic detective" who has "been in the business for 30 years" gets filmed while giving a made up story about what supposedly happened to a girl she is told went missing 30 years ago.
The photo she is shown of the girl is actually a reporter in the story, but the bluffing "psychic" gives a story how the girl was sexually assaulted and violently killed. She continues to point out an area on a map where the body is buried.

The next day the reporter who is the girl on the photo, has an interview with that "psychic" and calls her out. For some reason her interest to continue the interview suddenly vanishes and she promptly aborts the interview...

The fraud's home page, still making money of gullible people:



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