Preaching in a Vacuum.

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Preaching in a Vacuum.

Many many theists come to us for basically one reason. They all want to preach to us. They start out in many different ways but they all seem to end up trying to preach to us.
We have seen the "I am writing a paper for college" bullshit. And the "I would like to ask a question." Then there are the various "I have definite proof of god" bullshit. We all open these threads curious about their content but also knowing there isn't anything new. We know these people aren't doing "research" as they haven't even researched their own beliefs. So the threads start out with the theist being all meek and superficially respectful not unlike Eddie Haskel on Leave it to Beaver when he is in the presence of Beaver's parents. But just after there are a few replies requesting REAL data, sources, and facts, the theists always resort to condescending bullshit like "I'll pray for you" or "god loves you" or reciting scripture that they haven't clue of the meaning!
I would like them all to know that they are "Preaching in a Vacuum". Atheists by and large have studied religion a great deal more than any believer. We have researched the history, the literature, and have usually been believers before we came to the undeniable fact that there is no god and never was. It is not effective to post what you (theists) think are scientific data because 1) It is always NOT scientific or factual, and 2) There are real scientists here that will blatantly prove you wrong. It is also worthy to note that "word salad" is particularly annoying and a complete waste of time. It doesn't make you seem smart or learned. Quite the opposite in fact!
Also, it isn't worth trying to go down the "history" road as history has nothing in the way of proof of a god, any god!
You are or will be literally "Preaching in a Vacuum."
Furthermore, YouTube is notoriously dubious. It is a tool, not a credible reference. Just because some charismatic preacher wants to make a name for themselves and posts a YouTube video full of false facts and lies doesn't make it fact.
This IS a debate forum. It isn't a pulpit to proselytize. I don't care if you love me or god loves me and I don't think any of the good members here cares either. We know what the bible says and we also know that the bible is not proof of itself! So you can exchange ideas, disagree, and post what you want, but if you want to be taken seriously PLEASE answer questions that are posed to you. The old "There is a lot to get to but I have to go right now" and just run away is chickenshit crap! Then when you do come back all you do is proselytize! Think about what you are doing. You want us to take your post as credible but you only post incredible bullshit and avoid legitimate questions. Why waste your time and ours?
many of the members here are eager to engage with theists, but not one has been really honest intellectually. You can't have a discussion with someone that just doesn't respond to questions but instead starts preaching. WE HAVE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!
Bare this in mind you are "PREACHING IN A VACUUM!"

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An atheist debate forum without Christian proselytizers is like a shooting gallery without the little ducks.

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Yeah, they are fun to play

Yeah, they are fun to play around with, but since there has been an emphasis of "an exchange of ideas" I thought it appropriate to explain how that could come about by disclosing what theist do to make it not come about, Algebe.

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The theists may not bring ideas here, but I'm pretty sure that some of them go away with new ideas and seeds of doubts planted in their brains.

There is more joy in the Atheist Republic over one theist who achieves reason, than over 99 free-thinkers who do not need enlightenment.

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I agree Myk. But sometimes

I agree Myk. But sometimes when I am particularly grumpy, it is fun to see the wide eyed happy clappy optimism that only THEY are the ones to convert the godless, That They have the mission from god, disintegrates into a wallowing hopelessness as every single argument/statement they make is systematically destroyed by the combined intellects on this forum.
When the analgesics aren't working so well it soothes my pain to to see the poor theist bastards skewered on their own beliefs, even funnier is the "wait iI need to think about that ploy" translated : "I need to a)cry, b) consult my pastor, c) search google d) watch a preacher on YouTube.
A couple of theists of course love pain so much they return time after time as if being so utterly wrong is a kind of penance for being such a condescending fucktard.

So 10/10 agreement with you Myk! Sic'em! Just leave enough for the rest of us to have some fun.

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@Oldman shouts...

@Oldman shouts...
CyberLN wouldn't like that. The "bullying" guideline was specifically meant for me even though it applies to all. Funny thing is I am 100% correct about every single person I have pointed out so far. 100%. Even I find that amazing. People find it odd that I don't often give the benefit of the doubt to people. There is nothing magic about it. People post clues to their real agendas. I just pick up on those clues. I may but am not usually looking for them but to me, they stick out like a sore thumb.

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@ Myk

@ Myk
I must have missed that particular incident your were chastised for. You are a robust character and call it as you see it... in a workplace I would, if supervising you, be right in pulling you up for your language and attitude. By the same token I would be giving the person proselytising a stern word and written warning. Its not as if they are actually invited to do so. But hell this ain't a workplace!

Looking at the mods previous rulings, you probably deserved a third party chastisement ( known as group training and education) sit an look at the wall you naughty naughty boy

Yes you are right, theist do sometimes announce themselves (however camouflaged) like the man with a red flag in front of a steam engine. And Hey, on the bright side you are still here!
I don't think TM or I could quite imagine life without the atheist equivalent of "I am Groot" hovering about in the background of debate!

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but come to think of it myk,

but come to think of it myk, you can't have fun without them here..
just thank the almighty god that he's sending clowns and mascots to a gladiator cage...

thank you god, you're so fucking stupid sending the wrong person..
it only shows you're so fucking pathetic..

all hail Tin-Man..

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@Q Re: "All hail Tin-Man"

@Q Re: "All hail Tin-Man"

Please send cash, money orders, or certified check donations to:

"What-A-World What-a-world Yellow Path To Salvation Ministries"
care of: His Metallic Holiness Tin-Man
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With each donation of five hundred dollars or more you will receive a genuine certified letter of appreciation written and signed by a flying monkey. As always, stay on the path, and remember, "There's no place like home." Peace and love to all.

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you can`t prove that there is

you can`t prove that there is no God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. right now we just don`t know. so by you dogmatically saying this is not relevant or is it accurate. So before you cast stones look at your own house. it looks like there is a likelihood that there is a God but it cannot be ascertained at the present moment. But to play it safe as paschal wager notes is the wisest thing to do.

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Where have you been? Getting those meds adjusted? The forums haven't been the same without your ill informed, badly punctuated posts.I've missed you!

"It looks like their is a likelihood of a God" where? In your imagination That poor lad, is a "claim" , now you have to back it up.

If there is your christian god and you are playing it safe by pretending to believe...thats is way too dangerous...doesn't it know everything? So you will caught in a blasphemous lie in front of your god at judgement? Wow wouldn't like to be in your shoes old son..its the long drop to the lake of fire for lying about faith...
Unless of course it is just happy about the tithes and donations....

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@faith in God: "But to play

@faith in God: "But to play it safe as paschal wager notes is the wisest thing to do.

Pascal's wager is an attempt to fool god by professing a belief that you don't really hold. Wouldn't god see through that pretense? I think honesty is the best policy.

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HAHAHAHAHA FIG I knew you were lurking in the background. There is no god until someone PROVES it. You haven't proved it, but instead, you keep preaching in a vacuum.

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and your post and thread

and your post and thread doesn`t prove that there is no GOD, Why don`t you list reasons why you don`t believe there is a god, Instead of just having an empty saying like there is no GOD. you give me and the other readers on this forum absolutely nothing by your claim .Go into details why you can prove your spurious claims. it is just a vapor of hot air coming from your mouth. Nothing significant but the same old tired assumption. You prove nothing!!!!!

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There is no onus on Mykcob or any atheist to prove anything. YOU are making the claim that there is a god or even a probability or even a likelehood of your god existing. You prove your fanciful claim and then we can dissect and argue with it.

That's the way it works. Otherwise you are cruisin' for a bruisin' in argument terms.

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Well I feel that since mykcob

Well I feel that since mykcob stated bluntly there is no God I take him up on that claim by telling him to please prove it. And the same goes for you or any other atheist or agnostic humanist etc. etc. You know better then to waste your time here because you have NOTHING no valid argument proving GOD`S NON -existence .I would say the argument from design and the moral argument give me reason to believe in a god, Also the life of Jesus who has over 2.1 billion followers.

Old man shouts at clouds's picture

There is no "argument from design, there is false reasoning and fallacious argumentation.
Your moral stance is laughable as has been proved on this forum many many times and from your own "holy" texts.

"Also the life of Jesus who has over 2.1 billion followers"
Which is well down from 2017 which was estimated at 2.3 billion followers, and falling faster each month since. Plus what you don't mention is the schisms in your faith; lets just take the Trinitarians and the Non trinitarians, then the Paulines and Non paulines then the communionists and the non...see where I am going? You lot can barely agree on the days of the week let alone the "life of Jesus" You are hilarious.

(spelling edited)

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"I would say the argument

"I would say the argument from design and the moral argument give me reason to believe in a god, "

Given you can evidence neither claim that's ironically incongruous in that disjointed rant you've posted.

"Also the life of Jesus who has over 2.1 billion followers."

Another common logical fallacy you keep dishonestly using Billy. So a lie to make a bare appeal to numbers when you know it's fallacious.

You might want to consider why the majority of people dontvbelief in the Christian deity if you find argumentum ad populum compelling.

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Is it up to me to disprove what YOU made up? I don't think so!
As far as proof goes I have proved many things. I have cited sources. I have used CREDIBLE sources not YouTube dubious sources of lying assholes wanting to make a name for themselves. You haven't proved anything and when on the rare occasion that you have actually cited sources it has always been a disreputable source.
When can take a short survey among the members and see who they agree with you or I. Oh wait, we already do that and NO FUCKING BODY AGREES WITH YOU BUT YOU!
Me: Forum Agrees
You: Forum Agrees
People agree with me over 29 times than they agree with you. Since we have been here almost virtually the same amount of time that is a significant disparity.
All you do FIG is proselytize or insult or praise the worst human beings on earth and in history. William Craig, Billy Graham, Donald Trump. A pretty disgusting trio to be sure. All hypocrites, ALL liars, ALL frauds, ALL theives, at least two of them are sexual predators, one is a drunk driver.
So when it comes to spewing hot air, YOU take the cake. You are the king at ad hominem attacks.

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Your avoiding my question

Your avoiding my question that I asked of you, PROVE THAT THERE IS NO GOD, take as much space as you like, And you know your arguments are vacuous. They just don`t hold up under scrutiny. Under close examination they are not reliable they are not convincing and you know it. Your belief is not factual it is not convincing to anyone.

mykcob4's picture

My faith? What faith? I don't have a religion, a faith. I didn't make up any myth. One can't prove a negative. That is basic algebra. Oh, I forgot, you're uneducated. You believe in the myth, you prove the myth. There is no god by default i.e. lack of evidence. Actually SEVERE lack of evidence. Actually MONUMENTAL lack of evidence.

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faith in God fo...,,

faith in God fo...,,


Which deity do you believe in?

The word "God" is just a title. It's not the name of a specific celestial deity. You probably believe in countless Gods but they are people that you have given special powers to. Most of them are politicians, like a person's national leader. Or maybe it's a crime boss. Whoever it is you tend to obey what he tells you to do and hate who he tells you to hate. You will give your life in the service of such a person without a second thought. If he tells you to join his army and go off to a foreign land to kill the people there you jump to it even if yo don't know where that land is. If it's a crime boss you commit all kinds of crimes because he tells you to.

But as far as celestial deities, they are all imaginary and do not exist in this solar system. Religious leaders manipulate superstitious people into believing in such figments of imagination in order to gain special status and riches for themselves.

So which specific God do you want to discuss?

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What are your arguments

What are your arguments against the thousands of deities you don't believe in? How are those any more compelling?

Come on Billy, even you must see how absurdly fallacious your constant appeals to ignorance are by now.

Look up argumentum ad ignorantiam.

Or ask yourself if not being able to disprove God make it real, and if so why don't you believe in all the ones you can't disprove?

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The same holds true for you

The same holds true for you Sheldon, Prove there is no such thing as the Judean-Christian GOD!!!!! And you can`t because you really can`t say that Jesus didn`t exist. I know my GOD exist and That God is Jesus, His spirit is living inside of me. Helping me live altruistic life .And by my moral Christian life. There aren`t many ways as you say countless deities to belief in GOD .My GOD is very real like the air that I breathe. Jesus Christ is the only way to GOD. The great Apostle Gospel Of John written in THe 90`s AD states conclusively "I and the father are one" John chapter 10 verse 30 in the new American Standard Bible. Which is a perfect translation of the Greek that we have. Also in the same Gospel chapter 14 verse 6 states this is Jesus speaking here "I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the father but through me.Just read throughout Johns Gospel, It will become very evident to you that there may have been many who claim deity, But Jesus is the true way.By his life words and actions and by the number of his followers over 2.1 Christians as of this writing.

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@Faith in God: Gospel Of John

@Faith in God: Gospel Of John written in THe 90`s AD states conclusively "I and the father are one"

So your belief is based on a hearsay account written by a person or persons unknown 60 years after the alleged events? That wasn't Jesus speaking. It was somebody writing down what other persons unknown had heard that Jesus might have said decades earlier.

You know, I'd sooner put my faith in a National Inquirer story about Elvis sightings.

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The gospel message of john

The gospel message of john was passed down first orally and then on papyrus paper .Saint Polycarp was an associate of saint john in the gospel so your totally incorrect about that it was written by persons unknown.

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Only crackpots think the

Only crackpots think the Gospel of John was written by John the Apostle.

Columbia - The four canonical gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—were all composed within the Roman Empire between 70 and 110 C.E (± five to ten years) as biographies of Jesus of Nazareth. Written a generation after the death of Jesus (ca. 30 C.E), none of the four gospel writers were eyewitnesses to the ministry of Jesus.

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It was not necessarily

It was not necessarily written by saint john the great apostle of the first century, but that doesn`t take away from the crux of the message trying to be conveyed here. There was a JESUS and he said and spoke the things cited.

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FiG - There was a JESUS and

FiG - There was a JESUS and he said and spoke the things cited.

You don't know that, you believe that. More troubling: many times in the past you have told us the opposite.

eta: So even if we were to just accept your word on the matter (not going to happen); we'd still be stuck.

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"The gospel message of john

"The gospel message of john was passed down first orally and then on papyrus paper ."

So it's worthless as evidence then, since no objective corroboration can be made.

Joseph Smith claimed the book of Mormon was given to him by angels directly from a deity, are you going to believe that as well? You've been brainwashed Billy, pure and simple, and now you lack the ability to think for yourself which is very sad.

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@Faith in God: The gospel

@Faith in God: The gospel message of john was passed down first orally and then on papyrus paper

Well, that certainly convinces me. Oral transmission followed by copies of copies on papyrus sounds almost as reliable as a chain letter or supermarket tabloid story.


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