Prepare to have your mind blown.

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Prepare to have your mind blown.

Some fool on a video comment on one of the amazing atheist videos tried to convince me atheism is a cult started by the free masons (he allso said evolution is an occult dogma asked me to watch a 10 min vid that proved nothing but then refused to check my link to not just a theory) so u checked out the wiki to see when atheism was first recorded.
Ok time for the mind fk first recorded atheism were capital crimes!! Being atheist in 6th century bce was a death sentence!!!
Remember the romans persecuting the christians GUESS WHAT THE CHARGE WAS. Wait for it. ATHEISM.
There you go i just fked your mind lol for more info check out wikis atheism page.

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You do know that one the prerequisites for being a mason is to believe in a "higher power"? I don't think that counts as atheism.

Also, as a minor historical note i believe the charge was heresy... but I suppose it could be a translation error.

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I believe In a higher power

I believe In a higher power and i am an atheist :P

Atheism is not Adeism

+ anything can be a higher power
conciesness can aso be considered a higher power.

right now money is the higher power :P

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It was suggested to me by a

It was suggested to me by a few masons that I should join the Masons. While I never did decide to become a Mason, I did look into it and the impression that I got when it came to the Higher power is we did not have agree on what this higher power was. It just had to be accepted that there was a higher power. Also when it came to religion the Masons did not want to talk about religion and were generally not associated with any one religion one way or the other this is to say they took no religious stance they only agreed there to be a higher power. This is all I feel at liberty to say!

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