The price of prayer

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The price of prayer

According to this article, Christian disaster victims value "thoughts and prayers" from Christians at $4.36 per mumble, while non-believers would pay $3.54 to prevent a Christian praying for them.

I'd like to nominate the research for an Ig-Nobel prize.

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I'd like to nominate God for

I'd like to nominate God for his boost to the construction economy and his hard work in facilitating population control.

North Carolina Mortician Society (NCMS) agrees!

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Algebe - Christian disaster

Algebe - Christian disaster victims value "thoughts and prayers" from Christians at $4.36 per mumble, while non-believers would pay $3.54 to prevent a Christian praying for them.

That sounds like a financial opportunity! I hereby authorize anyone to pray for me, but first send me the difference ($0.84) for each prayer.

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@Nyarlathotep: You make

@Nyarlathotep: You make more money praying for the Christians. I will be happy to pray for all the Christians. Just send me the $4.36 and your written prayer. I will give it all the attention it deserves,.

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Right, but then I'd have to actually do something to get the money. I'm going for volume here!

/e: On second thought: since we already know prayer doesn't work, I guess I could just not do them, and no one would ever be able to tell the difference. You're a genius!

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@people that value prayers

@people that value prayers done on their behalf:

I wonder if the folks that value "prayers," that happen to read this thread are able to comprehend:

This thread and what it means about how they value (money wise) the prayers done on their behalf.


I will spell it out in case:

People may say prayers are worth "money" to them. When the reality is, another person's prayer for them is not even worth 1 cent.
Say a random stranger's prayer to you is worth 1 cent.
I am a random stranger.

I, a random stranger just did 1 billion prayers for you. (are you telling me I did not/can not?... If so, why not?)

If you agree prayers are worth at least 1 cent, where is my check for 10 million dollars?

Don't have that much money? Fine, being the super generous guy I am, I will give you a huge bulk discount, just send me a check for all the money you currently have.

Still no? Why not? Are prayers worth not even a cent to you?

Knowing this, if you were the victim of a major disaster that was out of your control, would you rather a stranger donate to you 10 dollars instead of 1 billion prayers from 1 billion people?



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@Nyarlathotep: Do something?

@Nyarlathotep: Do something? I didn't think of that. I was just going to take out the money and burn the envelopes for fire fodder just like the evangelists on TV do. Prayer? "Thank you for the money. Amen." as I open each envelope.


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I’ll undercut them and pray

I’ll undercut them and pray (or not pray) for the low, low price of $3.00!

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