The problem with "faith"

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The problem with "faith"

I have recently found, through a conversation with a freind of mine, that the excuse for a theists faith is largely circular. For instance, if you ask a Christian why they have faith, they tend to give the answer "because I trust the Bible". When asked why they trust the Bible, the response is " because it's gods words". Asking why thy trust gods words, they say "because I trust god.". Then, when asked why they trust God, they say " because of my faith". The cause(a) causes effect(b) which causes effect (c) which is the cause of cause(a), rendering this not only a circular argument, but rendering the cause it's own effect as well.

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Is no one fing to say

Is no one fing to say anything? I'm disappointed, fellow atheists.

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There's no logic involved in

There's no logic involved in belief, by definition. You just believe what you've been told, and when questioned people will just mumble whatever they can.

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I understand that. I was

I understand that. I was merely making a point.

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The Random One circular

The Random One circular reasoning is just a small part of the problem.

It is the effects of brain damage, just one of the effects.

To be more precise it is one of the ways they try to explain nonsense.

It does not deserve your attention, not mine, they themselves do not believe it.

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Jeff, we need you at jstones

Jeff, we need you at jstones post. Stat

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He is a troll, best way to

He is a troll, best way to respond to him is to ignore him.

He is an attention seeker, and his only aim is to create confusion and provocation.

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I'm just doing it for

I'm just doing it for entertainment.

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At least he looked like a

At least he looked like a troll when he just copy pasted a paragraph in 3 different topics.

Maybe I was quick to judge though, maybe he is just not educated enough to know how to behave on a forum he just joined.

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He seems to have cut and run.

He seems to have cut and run. Like they all do.

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Yep seems so.

Yep seems so.

Some of them are in denial, but most that run means that they are less convinced of their claims then they were when they posted.

Which is a a victory for reason over insanity and a crack in the dam.

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As much as I would like to

As much as I would like to convert him, a person who is so dense as to ignore the facts, deny reason, and scoff at logic is a hard on to deal with.

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Jstone again stop making

Jstone again stop making unsupported claims and get to the point.

Do you really want to show that Christians cannot handle a mature argument?
That they cannot handle explaining their own claims?

I do not think that.

I think you are a disgrace to your fellow Christians.

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