Proof of Noah’s Flood?

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When it becomes immediately obvious that your web site and the information on it are either very dishonest or ignorant, what position should we take?

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@ Tzephan Yahu I guess I was

@ Tzephan Yahu
I guess I was wrong when I considered this to be a reasonable forum...

When the link you posted leads to a factually absurd, badly written trash website...well, how do you want me to respond? Did you read Arakish's rebuttal of your entire premise?

And you have no response?

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TzephanYahu: "Wow. I guess I

TzephanYahu: "Wow. I guess I was wrong when I considered this to be a reasonable forum... Still, thanks for all the effort!"

And that is all you have to say? I was able to get to your web site through my other computer that does not have the security sccripts for FireFox that my other does.

You have another problem. You're serveris so slow, my grandmother, in a wheelchair, frozen inside a glacier is lightning compared to the speed of your server. Although that other computer ain't the monster my other is it is plenty capable of running Windows 8 with plenty of speed. It takes your server at least 72 seconds to load any page. Even the home page. Ain't nobody going to visit a site that takes that damned long to load any page, even home page. One thing I learned in the three Internet Technology I took in college, if the home page does not load in 10 seconds or less (and 10 seconds is really pushing it), you just lost a visitor who will never come back.

Unfortunately, I shall be back. I am going to plagiarize every last word you have on your website and debunk every last piece crap in a book that I am going to publish everywhere I can, including on AR, if they will allow a book that debunks a website. I shall also be the first to admit that although I am going to plagiarize every word on your website, with proper accreditation and the admittance of plagiarism, not every word may end up in my book.

Dangerous jackasses like you just need to be shot. I was correct in my assumption that the ONLY intention of your website is to convert atheists into non-atheists. Especially, those who are finally waking up from the Matrix. You, kind sir, are the most heinous of the Religious Absolutists, you are also a Religious Absolutist Apologist. A William Lane Craig wannabe. And I already have had a run-in with him debunking his arguments. His lackeys even threatened Copyright lawsuits against me. However, once I reminded them of the Fair Use Act, they had nothing to say. And if you are wondering, here it is:

Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as CRITICISM, COMMENT, SATIRICISM, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.

Since you came here and openly and willingly asked us to criticize your website, I am going to CRITICIZE it.

Consider yourself on the short list.


P.S. — I am also sending this as an email to the that butthead.

Edit: repaired many misspellings. Just ain't got this morning. Damn

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I was perfectly reasonable.

I was perfectly reasonable. The act of reasoning isn't your strong point.

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@Tzep Re: "Wow. I guess I

@Tzep Re: "Wow. I guess I was wrong when I considered this to be a reasonable forum..."

Awwww.... Not fair! I, for one, believe I was VERY reasonable. I extended a sincere welcome to you in a polite and courteous manner, and informed you I would attempt to view your site when I found time. Yet, no response from you acknowledging my (nor anybody else's) welcomes. Just the soothing symphony of chirping crickets. In the immortal words of Jar Jar Binks: "How wuuude!"

Better yet, however, is you come to an atheist site with the Noah's Ark story (of all things) REQUESTING our critiques and opinions in a supposed attempt to help you refine your website. And many knowledgeable and highly intelligent members on here did exactly as YOU requested.

That being said, in my opinion, you should be THANKING everybody who took the time to offer their views on your work. But noooooo..... Instead you slink back in here in a most arrogant and self-rightous manner and offer nothing more than a not-so-subtle insult in a quick parting shot. "Why," one may ask? Well, it is because you apparently had some lofty delusions of grand-manure that you childish little fairytale would be the acme of theistic knowledge that would finally lift the veils obscuring the vision of all we lowly and misguided godless heathens, causing us to "see the Light" and fall to our knees in gratitude for your willingness to share with us your precious gift of divinely -inspired insight. Hallelujah!

Or, maybe you were just trying to get as many views as possible on your site to help promote it. Hmmmm... Oh, well. Either way, it is purty dang obvious you did not come here for actual feedback or discussion. So sad.... Toodles! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

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"Wow. I guess I was wrong

"Wow. I guess I was wrong when I considered this to be a reasonable forum...

Still, thanks for all the effort!"

Don't mention it, anytime, etc etc..

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So I guess that the truth is

So I guess that the truth is unreasonable but a fairy tale written in a book that has been edited by more people that a dictionary is true and Atheist would be willing to review it. You definitely need a few more life lessons.

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No problem. I'm writing a

No problem. I'm writing a book so I know these things.

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Sorry guys. I ain't gonna do

Sorry guys. I ain't gonna do nothing with this guy's website. I have more important I want to get done and would have to sacrifice those to debunk him. Maybe in the future. I have downloaded his website so I do have it to dabble at occasionally. I'd rather get the novel I have spent the last year working on written. So sorry.


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When they find the hull of a

When they find the hull of a boat on Ararat with a three thousand year old T-Rex or even an American Bison skeleton I will then be impressed. Of course I will suspect trickery but the trickery might impress me.

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Have you been to Williamstown

Have you been to Williamstown, KY yet?

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@Mike Re: "Have you been to

@Mike Re: "Have you been to Williamstown, KY yet?"

If you are talking about the audacious Ken Ham Ark Encounter, then I admit my curiosity has been itching ever since I heard about it. Problem is, though, the thought of handing over that much money to that organization is a big deterrent to my going to see it. I can get good laughs for much cheaper much closer to home. LOL

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Have not been. Too many of my

Have not been. Too many of my relatives live in the area and I'm to be shot on site for being "Atheist Walking". You don't want to go unless you can act stupid, very stupid and I can say that because I'm from the area.

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I ain't been and I ain't

I ain't been and I ain't planning on ever going. Well, I would go for one reason, to burn it down.


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Mike: No,. I live in KY but

Mike: No,. I live in KY but will not go there. Life is too short.

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If they ever find the boat it

If they ever find the boat it will mean the Noah story is a myth. It rains for 40 days and 40 nights. Noah makes a boat out of WOOD, and hits the high seas for 354.36 days. The entire world is flooded. Finally some land is found on the peak of a mountain top... ABOVE THE TREE LINE. Noah gets out of the boat and then builds a big fire so he can sacrifice one of every clean animal to god. (Literally killing off all the clean animals who entered the ark in pairs.) Now here is the $30,000 question.

WHAT IN THE HELL DID HE USE FOR WOOD? The ark was destroyed the day Noah put it ashore.

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@Cognostic: WHAT IN THE HELL


Maybe he used coal, which was formed in a few hours during Noah's Flood.

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FFS - Why in the hell didn't

FFS - Why in the hell didn't I think of that. Coal! Yea, it could have formed over night. Kill a dinosaur in the evening, wake up in the morning and you've got coal. Sure!


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