Proposed religious discrimination law

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Proposed religious discrimination law

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@ xeno

@ xeno

Correct. Sadly our pet pentecostalists and right wing nut jobs do not realise that the law will cut both ways. Not just their pet religions and views will be protected but the views of ANY established religion can, and will come under the protection of the law.
Judges tend to be humorless when confronted by badly framed laws.

I see a fine mess ahead. But this barrel of incompetents that call themselves the Australian Government have done nothing to convince us that they are anything but right wing ciphers for the worst of the GOP.

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What do you imagine the law

What do you imagine the law would do to the religious teaching that insists, "It is the Baptists or Catholics up the street that are following false gods and whom will burn in the fires of hell." I heard such things many times in my church days. "The Mormons are a Satanic Cult." Wouldn't such a law initiate cult wars between denominations? The Buddhists would certainly be able to sue the Christians, the Mormons could sue the Evangelicals, and the Catholics could sue everyone. Those doing most of the discrimination are, in fact, the religions themselves. Each of the religions could begin sending spies to the services of other denominations in the hopes that discrimination would be revealed in a service, and then the lawsuits would begin to fly. It might be entertaining. We could even start a daytime TV drama. "RELIGIOUS WARS - what the people up the street really think of you!"

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@ Cog

@ Cog

When the views of the Spaghetti Monster adherents can be treated with the same gravity as the dogma of the Baptists is a day I want to be in court....fuck me this mob of incompetents are opening up such a gigantic can of worms it is bloody hilarious.

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@Old man shouts ... I'm

@Old man shouts ... I'm looking forward to the day a Christian Street Preacher can be jailed for telling people they are filthy sinners who are going to be punished by god. I have seen these assholes tell women they are sluts and whores for the way they dress. They assert the only reason people are not Christian is because they want to use drugs and fornicate. Regardless of the truth of such claims, bringing private information into the public arena is insulting. When the Bible itself is ruled to be hate speech, that is the day I start celebrating. (Wait a minute---- It has already happened in Canada!!!) EXCELLENT!!!! OMG - I found another article in CAPE TOWN. What the fuck is wrong with America?

Court rules that religion cannot be used as a defence for anti-gay hate speech

Canada's Supreme Court Rules Against the Bible


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I hope this new law will lead

I hope this new law will lead to the prosecution of Xtians for their suppression and destruction of indigenous religious beliefs.

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@Algebe: The only bad thing

@Algebe: The only bad thing about that post is the fact that I didn't think of it first!!

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Urgh, I feel icky reading

Urgh, I feel icky reading that article.

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