putting children in the hands of pedophiles

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putting children in the hands of pedophiles

For many years, it baffles me why people willfully put their faith, trust, and children into institutions (churches,temples,etc) who's main objective, proven time after time in front of the whole country,( news reports of scandals and hush money paid to the victims...which could NEVER compensate for the damage done) has been to protect pedophiles, ( not reporting their hideous acts against children to the police, and passing on the violators to another parrish to molest another child) and extract money from people at every opportunity? What makes my blood boil is that the "higher ups" Cardinals, Bishops, even, yes, The Pope, KNOWS exactly what is going on. Clergy is not a large community. These "Men of the Cloth" are just as guilty as the violators. The Pope came out and apologised a while ago...alot of good that does. If these were anything else other than religious institutions, they would have been dismantled , and the violators thrown in jail a long time ago. But because it's religion, people have a tolerance for it. Which to me is disgusting, and against everything that religion is supposed to stand for. People put their children into these places!! ... I just hope that the next child that is abused/ molested is not one of theirs.Money laundering is also big with these religious institutions. They also take in billions of dollars and pay not one penny in taxes. It is QUITE a rackett!!

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I couldn’t agree with your

I couldn’t agree with your frustration more. I’ve watched this debate several times as a way to vent my frustration concerning catholic church pedophiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUR4OH7_0PE

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They are not pedophiles, at

They are not pedophiles, at least not all.

You can call them:

Con Artists
Mind Rapists

They are all guilty of those for sure.

And most importantly:

DO NOT be surprised if he sends you a Pedobear as a Christmas present :)

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Anyone who molests a child is

Anyone who molests a child is a PEDOPHILE. While not all clergy are pedophiles, there has been enough of them over many, many decades to have cost the religious institutions tens of millions of dollars in restitution and "hush" money. As I said earlier, the "higher ups" know exactly what is going on, including the " almighty Pope" that everyone worships so much... they, along with the violators should be thrown in prison for not reporting these things to the police. They have 100% of the peoples trust and confidence, and it is taken advantage of too often. Instead, these atrocities are kept "hush, hush" in the religious community, and the violators are moved to another parrish where they can do it again to someone else.

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While true, the idea of child

While true, the idea of child abuse in modern times was considered a normal part of the rites of passage in another. It's relative. Not suggesting people rationalize the here and now with the practices of antiquity. I'm simply drawing a contrast to the changes in morality over the ages. What was moral then is considered amoral now.

The idea of trusting clergy to do something righteous, in light of the centuries of religious blood-letting and suffering in servitude, carries with it a pretty obvious caution. I cannot, for the life of me, share your delusions of any clergy being above-board. They never have been. Sexually abusing children is not news worthy. It's as old as the institution itself and now we're expected to be abhorred by it because its happening in our time?

The church's cool reaction to this latest spate of exposed abuses is telling of a system historically steeped in its dark implications. Again, nothing new to report here.

The message?

People keep their respect for the church because they've no place else to turn. They believe in a god and have been indoctrinated to channel that belief (worship) through the church or the institutions of their respective cultures. It's old news. If they were to dismantle, as you say, these institutions they would be stripped of something more important to them than the virginity of the children. Barbaric? You bet.

Welcome to a world of man and his gods.

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Believe me, I have never had

Believe me, I have never had any delusions about clergy...to me, they are just regular men and women, like anyone else, and have "sinned" just as anyone else. It's the religious faction that holds these people to a Godlike standard, That is what frustrates me... even in the face of damning evidence, they still don't want to believe it... hitting them over the head still wouldn't do it.

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Not all institutions have

Not all institutions have records of molesting and abusing children. It is important that these institutions would undergo frequent visit form the government and authorities to check if the children have no secret problems.

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How do you know what

How do you know what institutions have those records and which don't? These things are usually buried, and only come to light when one of the victims is courageous enough to come forward. Would YOU take a chance with YOUR CHILD??

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The reason why a child

The reason why a child shouldn't go to church. it better safe than sorry.

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The First Pedophile-Enabling

The First Pedophile-Enabling Catholic Bishop Finally Goes Down


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After reading the article, it

After reading the article, it appears he went down in theory but not so much in practice.

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"A notorious paedophile

Totally unbelievable how the Catholic Church seems to be just a gigantic club for sexual child abuse.

"A notorious paedophile priest abused every boy at a regional Victorian school between the age of 10 and 16, the child sex abuse inquiry has heard." (Australia)


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