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Considering that most people

Considering that most people during their waking hours believe the Christian claims concerning Jesus to be fiction (including a sizable number of Christians)...why should we place any value on hallucinations?

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" if I had an answer to this

" if I had an answer to this question of mine, which could answer why Christians see Jesus and Muslims don't see Muhammad which didn't require a supernatural answer,"

Begging the question again, there are no supernatural answers, only pure assumption.

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The brain is a wonderful and

The brain is a wonderful and complex system, and the mere fact that slightly damaging it or having certain areas probed can erase memories, make you see things, change your personality and so on, would lead one to think that all of this is just simply a trick of the mind.

I don't believe in NDE is the theological aspect of it, But could the mind be tricking you and enforcing your belief?

Very likely I would say.

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One of the traditional images

One of the traditional images of Jesus is apparently modeled on Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander. When I was a kid, all the Jesus pictures were Western Europeans with blue eyes and brown or blond hair. They were always painted in horrible cheap-looking sepia colors. I've always found that type of printing creepy. You still see it flyers produced by the Jehovah's witlesses and other loony outfits.

I guess the church didn't want Jesus to look too Jewish. Since he probably never existed, I don't suppose it matters how he's portrayed. The world is flooded with Jesus images, so it's not surprising some people have dreams or hallucinations that reflect those images.

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most NDErs don't describe him as the traditional paintings, they describe seeing Jesus with dark hair, and some say he looks tanned (even amongst Americans). Some even say he looks nothing like pictures, so I am wondering how they could hallucinate that

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RT: Do they all describe the

RT: Do they all describe the same individual? Are all descriptions the same?

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Of course mun, long hair,

Of course mun, long hair, beard, holes in hands and feet, sandals, scruffy dresser, crown of thorns. I'm convinced...

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"I am wondering how they

"I am wondering how they could hallucinate that"

I am wondering why you're wondering.

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Russian-Tank, I had an NDE. I

Russian-Tank, I had an NDE. I do not obsess over it, while you do. Which concerns me because someone of your age should be out having fun instead of obsessing whether you have a soul. For me, this is one example of the damage religion causes, inflicting pain and anxieties where there is no reason to.

Let us attempt to group some facts together. Anyone who experiences an NDE is near death, their brain is really f--ked up. Short circuits, parts shutting down, hallucinations, memory gone crazy, those are what's happening inside the ole noggin. What those who report NDE's have in common is that in almost all tales, what the person experienced was a version of something they were familiar with, maybe even something they were obsessing over.

So what can we draw from these observations? If there really was a god, if NDE's operated as you believe, everyone who experienced an NDE should have seen that god. The conclusion I draw is that there is no god, and that an NDE is nothing but crazy-ass hallucinations.

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Logically speaking. there's

Logically speaking. There's no such a thing as Soul! If it's something we can't see or touch than it doesn't not exist.

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NDE means you're not dead..

NDE means you're not dead.. chillax

RT, we've gone through this before..

try to be progressive and productive boy..
stop watching youtube only puts shit on your head..

life is too short to waste it with futile assertion.

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back at it again with his NDE

back at it again with his NDE....fuck

Russian tank i missed you bruh......!!!

now, GET OUT....

for some of you here who are new, i made a thread just for RT on A.hub that was last month i guess..
"the RT's delusion"

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At point in your "research"

At any point in your "research" did you ask yourself how anyone can realistically claim to know what Jesus looks like beyond a generic long hair and beard?

Also why do people find it at all remarkable that religious people who's brains are dying from lack of oxygen, experience calming thoughts involving imagery linked to their beliefs?

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The fact that Jesus shows up

The fact that Jesus shows up in different immigrates serves to point out the fact that we have no idea at all what this Jesus character might have looked like. During the life of Jesus men did not have beards or long hair. (Read Your Bible). It is a sin to have long hair like a woman.

Theologins get around this by calling Jesus a member of a minor sect that did have long hair. Esseen and Therapeuti are among the front runners. The FACT is that we have no description of Jesus and drawings of him have changed from the first century to present times.;

There is no good evidence for the actual existence of Jesus.

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I have told this story before

I have told this story before, so......I will again!

I am a registered nurse. I was admitting a man from the ICU to our rehabilitation wing. The admission process involves a detailed interview and head to toe physical assessment. The entire process can take 2 1\2 hours and I may have had 6-7 to do in a12 hour shift. Do the math! So, in the middle of my interview with this man, he begins to tell me about his NDE. I pretend I did not hear him and ask the next question. He was a bit taken aback. I would have stopped and listened if he told me how his illness was impacting his life ( work, family, money stresses). But, I figured, he had the time to dwell in Fantasy Land and I did not.

That is my NDEE! Near Death Experience Experience!

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Closely related to NDE is out

Closely related to NDE is out of body experience. Unlike NDE they can put OBE to the test. OBE test have failed to prove an actual OBE experience every time. 100% failure rate to prove OBE.

If they could test people's NDE's in a actual scientific method way, I am extremely confident the same thing would occur, 100% failure rate on having an actual OBE experience were they see "Jesus."

Perhaps they could devise a clever test with people that have been blind their entire lives.

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Stopping heart beat for a few

Heart stops beating for a few seconds applies! I mean it was tested many times and people mostly say they have seen nothing, Like completely blank picture.

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David Killens said:

David Killens said:

"What those who report NDE's have in common is that in almost all tales, what the person experienced was a version of something they were familiar with, maybe even something they were obsessing over."

So...if RT had his own NDE he might probably be hallucinating over everyone else's NDEs? Awesome. That would make a hell of a YouTube vid, but I wouldn't watch it.

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I sure hope I don't have any

I sure hope I don't have any NDE....

I'm hoping I just got done having sex with my GF... Then get instantly vaporized by a meteor....
Straight from "couldn't be better" to "couldn't be deader" :) lol

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Sounds more like asteroid to

Sounds more like asteroid to me LOL


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