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Thank you for being the only

Thank you for being the only one so far to address the bad behavior of mycob4; If he continues then some kind of action should be taken after all you don`t have to tolerate profanity on that scale, He has been using poor language for quite some time I as a financial support here should not have to be addressed in this profane fashion. Please monitor his and others threads. thank you

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@simply agnostic

@simply agnostic
Language is not an issue. I can USE any language I choose. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD!
You think that because you make some financial contribution that you get to ban me? That is just stupid, not as stupid of flipping every week or so like you have done, but still really stupid.
Your problem is that I show NO respect for your religion. That is your real problem. You think that everyone should bow down to YOUR faith. Well, I'm not going to do that. FUCK christianity.
We should monitor YOUR threads because they are almost all TROLL threads. When you were clearly NOT an atheist you posted in the Atheist ONLY YOU should have been banned. So don't hand me your false indignation.

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If you want to keep posting

If you want to keep posting here I advise you to stop yYou show no respect period to anyone who has a Christian view point. You say that you were a Christian at one time, So what happened to your walk? What resentment and bitterness do you still cling to in your heart.? Stop using profanity or be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love

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So ban me simply agnostic.

So ban me simply agnostic. Fucking do it. You think that you have the authority to do it so do it!
I can use profanity if I fucking want to. I show respect to christians that have an open mind. I don't respect trolls such as you. I don't respect preaching or proselytizing.
As far as what happened....NOTHING. That is the point. No one need anything to happen to realize that christianity is all bullshit.
So as for your little empty threat:
Fuck, shit, damn, hell!
No moderators have ever told me that I cannot use profanity on this forum. Reason being is that the forum allows freedom of speech. I didn't threaten you in any way. I used profanity. It wasn't directed at you. You took it personally. SO FUCKING WHAT?!

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I w ill pray for you you don

I w ill pray for you you don`t see the error of your ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I if I were you to stop using filithy language, because what your doing without realizing it is turning people off like the thread from the site administrator said.Bad little boy please behave.

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@simply agnostic.

@simply agnostic.
Praying for someone is just condescending bullshit. It is just you trying to say that you are're not at all!
I consider phrases like "I'll pray for you" filthy language. The only one turning people off of the thread is you with your attempt to hijack it.
The fact is the thread is about christianity abusing women. How chistianity has institutionally enslaved women. That is a cold hard fact. Language has nothing to do with it. You tried to make this thread about language because you can't defend the historic actions of christianity.
I didn't see anything from the site administrator directed to or about me. I didn't get a PM or any notification. I'm sure you just made that shit up.
So you behave and stay on topic and quit your feeble attempt to derail the thread. BTW the only one disagreeing with me is you, and maybe ImFree, but that is it.

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I've not chimed in on any of

I've not chimed in on any of this because I've just now read it all. Sometimes living life gets in the way of my ability to immediately read everything that is posted. (Snark intended.)

I'll start off by saying that I'm dealing with a medical issue that is quite draining so perhaps it's the crankiness from that talking right now, but here goes anyway: I think a few of you are acting like school yard brats over all of this. I'll resist banning all of you in hopes that you all will pull your heads out of your asses and grow the hell up.
Cuz really, I want to be the forum mod, not the forum mommy.

Debating ideas is wonderful. Making it personal is tedious, silly, and despite what you all may think (at least based on your behavior) profoundly ineffective.

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Unfortunate to hear you are

Unfortunate to hear you are going through a medical issue CyberLN. I hope you get better soon.

I think you are a great unbiased mod, and would hate to lose ya.

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Profanity may make you

Profanity may make you uncomfortable, but all speech within forum rules is acceptable. You choose to read it, so any offense is your own fault. You don't get to censor people. I for one, truly appreciate the passion of some posts. Gratuitous profanity is sometimes irritating, but guess what? I ignore it.

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Sorry dude, "God" is the one

Sorry dude, "God" is the one with the peanut shell sized brain.

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awesome list

awesome list

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I agree with your list except

I agree with your list except the music, some of their music is pretty catchy, even annoyingly so. But I would say: I agree, most of their music is really bad.

I agree with your 2nd list in whole.

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It stops critical thinking,

It stops critical thinking, and doesn't allow for personal growth. It causes a person to feel like personal growth is 'sinful.'

I could go on...but I'd be here all day. ^_^

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People on this forum would

People on this forum would prefer that YOU would be here all day because even when you're mean you are gentle. ^_^
On the other hand, I am a harsh SOB and many people can't handle it. ~_~

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One more thing about

One more thing about christians is they make fucking terrible neighbors. This summer no less than 3 homes put up a sign that read "Summer Bible Study". I didn't think much about it until every-fucking-day seemingly millions of fucking vans and SUVs showed up with boatloads of fucking loudass, unruly BRATS! So I guess "Summer Bible Study" is really a place where any christian housewife (they aren't allowed to have jobs) can drop off their brats so they can go home and fuck the pool boy.
These fucking little shits get a midday sugar high and make noise until their slut mom comes and picks them up. And I thought the Oxycontin dealer was bad. At least his customers didn't block my drive or park on my grass. And I could get rid of him....which I did.
How do you get rid of fucking "Summer Bible Study" kids?
And the goddamned mormons. Every week mormons have a "get together." It's all about showing the girls how to tie their hair in a particularly ugly bun. And show the boys the most annoying tactic for knocking on doors. They come in multiple dozens, all calling themselves "elders". Fuck that, not one was over 30. Mormons have these "get togethers" every week at the eldest of the elder's houses. Just my luck they live in my culdesac. 30, 40 cars in an 11 house culdesac. That with the fact that the redneck across the street has a bass boat parked in front of his house and his cars all over the neighborhood( he has six cars).
Christians are nothing if they aren't annoying, to say the least. Superficial, hypocritical, lying, simple-minded morons the lot of them.

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Damn. I am glad I do not have

Damn. I am glad I do not have to deal with that in my neighborhood. I live near a major university town in an admittedly upper class neighborhood. We all just wave to each other once in awhile, and maybe polite conversation for a few min if we bump into each other if we are out walking the dog or something.

I don't know what I would do if I had neighbors like that. Maybe if their backyard is close enough to your backyard I would put up a concise to the point list, on a large sign the kids could read? Or I dunno maybe a large atheist convention with equal amount of cars and noise level?

My HOA does have statuettes where people can not park cars long term on the street, but everyone here has driveways and garages. If everyone has parking space for 4 cars between their garage and driveway, I think you could probably instill an HOA rule that residents cannot store their cars/boats on the street.

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We have driveways and garages. Enough to accommodate 4 cars for each house. The problem is that the rednecks make redneck living rooms out of their garages. It was really funny during a hail storm when all of their cars and boats got shelled by baseball sized hail. I laughed my ass off.

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Hah, god was punishing them

Hah, god was punishing them rednecks... Damn we on the wrong side to use that line. Oh well.

In the last neighborhood I was in, we would get ice and snow in the winter, someone always insisted on parking their lexus on a curve near the main neighborhood exit. A few months later there was a flyer up asking if anyone knew about a hit and run on the lexus that was parked on that same corner after a snowstorm.

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And... no proof that the god

And... no proof that the god exists

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Jehovah's Witlesses are

Jehovah's Witlesses are enough to make Christianity look like an awful idea all on their own.

The old demon preacher from "Poltergeist" just came to my door with his fearsome silent daughter. I could see the rest of his brain-damaged troops fanning out in pairs to plague my neighbors. The old guy asked me who built my house, to which I replied a builder. Then he wanted to know who built the world. Silly question. The funny thing was that he claimed not to be a Christian but rather a follower of Christ. That confounded me a bit. Martin Borman wasn't a Nazi, just a follower of Hitler. Anyway, he finally gave me up as a lost cause and they departed. The daughter's final baleful gaze seared my soul. Or it would have if I had one.

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You want to read something funny?
My neighborhood gets preyed upon by Jehovahs from time to time. You'd think that I would be the rude one to them, but I never am. I always tell them "sorry but I am just not interested, thank you but no thanks and I quietly close the door. (I like to cuss on this forum because it fucking upsets the theist here. I get a kick at how they react.)
Well, I use to have a neighbor that was a crazy tea party no information voter who also claimed to be a devout christian. He didn't know a thing about christianity or the bible but that didn't stop him from claiming that he was an authority. He was such a fucked up individual. He use to get falling down drunk every single day. He was drunk 24/7. He would sit in his redneck living room (garage) with the door open, drink, smoke pot, take meth, and play his stereo as loud as he could. This is every fucking day. I would go down to his house turn off the radio and stare at him until he eventually would go inside and go to bed. This was an everyday event. He once told that I didn't love my country because I was an atheist. He probably meant Liberal but he said, atheist. I served 22 years in the USMC and this drunk shit doesn't even pay his taxes and he had the nerve to say that to me.
Well, one day some Jehovahs approached him and HE got into a shouting match with them (the Jehovahs didn't yell). The Jehovahs happen to be all women, but he threatened to hit them and he screamed at them. Finally, I nd a bunch of my neighbors ran down there to shut him the hell up.
The next weekend the Jehovahs were back and each group had a male with them.

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Heh, guess even jehovah

Heh, guess even jehovah witnesses can learn something.

I almost never have anything positive come out of unexpected visitors to my door, of which I would get unfortunately quite a few. Wireless, battery operated motion detecting cameras have gotten to the point they are quite cheap and easy to set up. I spent a few bucks to order one online and spent a few quick minutes to set up. Now when the doorbell rings, I can just check my smartphone real quick for a live view and just not answer if I do not recognize the person/uniform. I make the camera super obvious too, I am surprised by how many people see the camera as they approach and just turn around and leave as soon as they spot it or its motion sensing light turns on if it is darker out. The scammer visits stopped entirely, cameras make them VERY uncomfortable apparently, (which only makes sense.)

Those girl scouts with their cookies tho, damn. INSISTENT. And if I have a hankering for some cookies, it is all over, I am a sucker :)

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Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I'm going to take a guess here... You don't like Christians??!! Pmsl

Brilliant well constructed points, I guess I feel lucky that I live in the UK and religion isn't that big of a deal.

You very rarely have anyone come to your house to spout the most ridiculous bollocks you've ever heard, if fact I only happens a handful of times a year.

All we get here is the usual shite..

- jehovers knocking 3 or 4 times a year
- local Baptist church similar ratio to the above
- local church fairs or fayte
- 'what's in the bible' stands pop up once a month at train stations or shopping centres
- the regular as clockwork Islamic 'not in our religion' activists anytime there is an attack

Yawn, same crap different day...

I'd rather they all sod off but it's better then other countries from what I gather.


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