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Reasons to not be a christian

1) It's boring.

2) It dulls the mind.

3) christians are irritating.

4) The music is really really awful.

5) They keep making you do shit most of which is unnatural.

4) It wastes so much time for nothing, like making you wait before you eat.

5) They keep bothering you for money, endlessly bothering you for money, never stop bothering you for fucking money.

6) It doesn't let you read good books and makes you read a bad one.

7) It keeps you from learning ANYTHING of value.

8) It never ceases telling you what a bad person you are.....even when you give them fucking money.

9) And just when your team is about to sink a basket to when the game or you are on your way to take a crap....THEY RING THE FUCKING DOOR BELL AND WHEN YOU ANSWER THEY ASK "DO YOU KNOW JESUS" AND TRY AND SELL YOU A FUCKING BOOK.

10) They protect child molestors.

11) They but into politics and try and force their bullshit on everybody!

Instead of posting the ten commandments, they should post these and other reasons NOT to be christian!

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Most people don't have a clue as to what the real Ten Commandments are, which is why the shysters push the fake ones. They are more user friendly than the real Ten Commandments are. But all of the biblical stories are based on the real Ten Commandments which is why people need to know what they are if they want to understand the biblical stories.

The comment about Christians asking for money is based upon the character Paul's dialogue. He said that people should get paid.

The Yeshua character said that people should sell all of their stuff, give the proceeds to the poor, and hit the road preaching with just the clothes on their backs and to sponge off of sympathetic converts.

Yeshua wasn't a Christian but Paul was. They represent two different religions.

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Diotrephes - Not only do most

Diotrephes - Not only do most not know the 10 commandments, but most don't know there were actually 613 of them!

Even funnier is that Moses's revealed 611 commandments with the first two of the Ten Commandments which were the only ones heard directly from God, adds up to 613.

So potentially only two are 'legitimate' with 611 being made up by Moses?!

It's almost as if this religion lark is total nonsense!!!!

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The traditional Ten Commandments are actually laws. They were not written on the stone tablets and called the Ten Commandments. They were given verbally. The actual real ten Commandments are found in Exodus 34:10-28. Verse 34:10 isn't a commandment but it sets up the basis for all of the miracles. Since all of the biblical stories are based on these verses it helps to know them as an aid to understanding the stories.

The story about the Ten Commandments is the clearest and easiest to understand story in the Bible because it's linear without interruptions. All that's necessary is to start reading from Exodus chapter 19-34 and make notes in you own words about what you've read every couple of paragraphs.

A 9:40 minute youtube video by 43Alley =

A 37 minute youtube video by AronRa =

A 23 minute youtube video by AronRa =

Have you ever read the Twelve Curses in Deuteronomy chapter 27? They are probably better than the fake Ten Commandments.

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It may be boring to you but

It may be boring to you but getting involved in peoples lives is not boring it is fulfilling, seeing that they have enough to eat and medical care and educational needs satisfied is not boring, keeping in touch with a person he or she is not boring so I totally disagree with you on your 1st point. on point number 2 you state that it dulls the mind, not at all!!!!it it enlargers the mind by reading scripture it inspires an individual really living the faith is exciting and by no means dull. You go on to state that Christians are irritating, Everybody has needs its the way you look at those needs and how you communicate with them, Do you have virtue patience is one of the characteristics of a Christian it all depends again how you look at a person. You also state that the music is awful, some of the greatest hymns and music have been selected as inspiring even by secular experts. Take amazing grace one of the greatest of all time has fulfilled many a person here. Can you please explain what you mean by unnatural? Basic Christianity is a set of beliefs what then do you have a problem with, and that you consider unnatural? You say they make you wait before you can eat not everything in life is eating except if you are a heathen you should discipline yourself and take time for spiritual things. Then you go on to state they bother you for money well it takes some funds to keep the lights on and to give out educational material and to support missionaries who may work in the third world or even at home. you also state well the bible is the best selling of all books, and classics like CS Lewis basic Christianity pilgrims progress etc etc have been inspiring reads and best sellers. You go on to state that it doesn`t let you learn anything of value well do you know that it teaches you a host of values like farming in order to survive and building well to drink and bathe .,there is value in this. Then you say it doesn1t stop telling you what kind of bad person you are. Well you see the Christian faith has virtues attached to it these are hallmarks and that is what lets a Christian stand out compared to a pagan or unbeliever, The Christians that I know like to witness and not sell you anything I don`t know who you mean here please be specific here. And the Christians that I know are not child molesters only one percent of pastors and priest fall into your category and action are taken against them especially nowadays. Then lastly you site politics, well refugees and women are current affairs and genocide in certain places should be addressed Since there is an attack on religion politically then we should get involved not to loose our rights as Christians. This is only a brief list of my responses to you.

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Christianity asks us to

Christianity asks us to become subservient to authority. Catholics want us to call priests "Father". Even if the chump is younger than me they will want me to call them father. I am not his child. Protestants call their preachers "Pastor". A caretaker of sheep. Either approach is an affront to human dignity.

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The priest is an authority

The priest is an authority figure he takes the place of Jesus , He is a reverend not by any means a chump. You are disrespectful here chimp3!!!!!. The problem with today`s society on a lot of fronts is it`s lack of respect. you see this with the police and teachers both authority figures. These are the signs of the times. no Respect at all and do you know where it comes from, The home there are no longer Christian values being espoused, THe media the entertainment industry all disrespectful.

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I can be a real son of a

I can be a real son of a bitch for sure.

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Simply Agnostic: "The priest

Simply Agnostic: "The priest is an authority figure he takes the place of Jesus"

Hah! Priests are (1) shacked up with their housekeepers, (2) permanently drunk alcoholics from drinking too much altar wine, or (3) pedophiles. Respect is earned, not demanded, and these peddlers of lies deserve it less than anyone.

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simply agnostic,

simply agnostic,

Priests who want people to call them "father" are heretics and children of hell.

They are not followers of Yeshua.

As Yeshua said in Matthew 23:9 (TLB) = "9 And don’t address anyone here on earth as ‘Father,’ for only God in heaven should be addressed like that."

Paul wanted to be the big man.

In 1 Corinthians 4:15 (CEV) = "15 Ten thousand people may teach you about Christ, but I am your only father. You became my children when I told you about Christ Jesus,"

So the priests, like Paul are heretics and go against the plain words of Yeshua, whom they claim to worship.

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Let's not try to play the

Let's not try to play the virtues of a Christian card, we all know some of the barbaric and archaic things they've done...

Colonialism - Christianity and colonialism are often closely associated because Catholicism and Protestantism were the religions of the European colonial powers and acted in many ways as the "religious arm" of those powers.

Slavery - Early Christianity variously opposed, accepted, or ignored slavery, Both the Old and New Testamentsrecognize that the institution of slavery existed.

Violence - You have the Inquisitions, Crusades, wars of religion and antisemitism as being among the most notorious examples of Christian violence.

Women - Belittled and mistreated for generations.

Just to mention a few!

Hard to be virtuous with such a horrific history!

There is no moral action you can do as a Christian that I could not do.

But there are plenty of bad moral actions you can perform under Christianity that I could reject.

And farming and cultivation has been documented to as early as 9,500BC so hardly taught by Christianity!
This is something humans have evolved to learn through trial and error and then passed down to generation and improved upon... essential evolution of a sort.

Every point you made is an argument from ignorance and appeal to religion, woeful points made.

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Thank you diotrephes, I will

Thank you diotrephes, I will watch them tonight.

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Yep, good ole christianity

Yep, good ole christianity sure sets an example. In modern times they target innocent gays and persecute them.
They go to forego nations and feed the poor BUT ONLY IF THE POOR BECOME SLAVES TO THAT RELIGION.
They force their shit in public schools and courthouses.
They make people pray and sing religious songs at public games and events.
They denigrate any thought that isn't christian.
They promote war, hate, and prejudice.
They belittle women.
They not only want money they want your TAX DOLLARS AS WELL!
They subvert public schools.
They subvert science.
The revise history.
They ban and burn books, to this day, in America!
They demonize people of color.
They try to hijack patriotism and morality and then pervert them.

Oh, one might say that they help the poor. Well to a degree yes but at a HIGH COST!

Christianity is the single worst thing to ever happen to humanity.
Murder, rape, child molesting, supporting tyrants like Hitler, Pinochet, Peron, genocide, slavery, brainwashing, are all hallmarks of christianity.
Not to mention campaigning against vaccinations and other stupid shit that endangers the entire population. Fucking stupid.
Supporting conservatives and nationalist populist authoritarians that want to end individual freedom and civil rights.
Yes, christianity has a fine record. It's glaring!
If christianity cares so much about people, why haven't they come out against guns and mass murder? Why haven't they come out against police brutality and institutional racism?
Why haven't they stood up for women's rights?
Why haven't they stood by Latinos that have come here to work and take care of their families?
Why haven't they admonished Trump for his mouth and sexual predation, his lies?
Why don't they care about the environment?
Why don't they give a shit about the general health of the people of this nation?
Fuck christianity!
It is the biggest hoax of all time. It is a study in hypocrisy and absurdity.

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Just xtianity? What about

Just xtianity? What about all the other religions?

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Of course, you are correct. All the faiths are bad, very bad but this thread is about the reasons not to be christian.

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That's a remarkably strong indictment. Critics usually concentrate on one or two favorite items but it's really devastating to see such a broadside. It would be fun to see how celebrity preachers would try to evade those charges.

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your profanity is not

your profanity is not accepted here!!!! get a life and stop boxing with GOD because your arms and your intellect is kind of small. What you say about Christianity is all error and exaggerated.

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Have you flipped to being a

Have you flipped to being a christian? Do you have evidence there is a god? Is it testable and pass peer review?

bigbill's picture
do you have evidence that he

do you have evidence that he doesn`t exist? please reiterate here. you know very well that you can`t say for certain that there is no GOD.because atheist stands for without God belief. Have you found out why you don`t believe in God. after surveying all that is around me where I get my food from the sheer beauty of the pacific ocean and Alaska among other areas I can`t possibly think why you don`t believe in a God who provided all of this. It takes more faith to believe that this wasn`t the work of a God.then to admit there is a god, What and why are you fighting the thought of a God.

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I have tried calling out to

I have tried calling out to god, but got no answer. I have found a lack of evidence for a god. Do you have evidence that a god is real? I get my food from walmart. Humans have been practicing agriculture for 10,000 years without a god growing any of the food. Nature can be awe inspiring, but that can happen without a god.

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the Lord hears the cry of his

the Lord hears the cry of his people the good book says.maybe you were looking for an esoteric experience, The Lord works through circumstances and from people. That's why we should look at our brothers and sisters who are living for the Lord Jesus as having relevance in our daily lives.You may get your food at the nearby store but when you just think of all the channels it went through to get to the store you will bow down and thank God, It is easy to overlook this the farming that you speak about comes from GOD did you ever look how a seed germinates. This whole creation story is astonishing to say the least.Just look at how magnificent the nature is just look at our national parks and our beaches the mountains where do you think this all came from Xenoview. Don`t try to use only your intellect to try to prove Gods Existence but also use your heart. It is not only thinking but doing for others that counts. I hope this helps you in your quest to find god.

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Ah! More of the lord works in

Ah! More of the lord works in mysterious ways crap. Your god has nothing to do with where I buy food, or how the food gets from the farmer, to the factory, and the store. Your god has nothing to do with humans learning agriculture, or how seeds grow. So which of the two creation stories do you believe, Genesis 1 Adam and Eve made together, or Genesis 2 Adam made from dust and Eve from his rib? Does your god talk to you? Do you have any proof your god is real?

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@Simply Agnostic: "the

@Simply Agnostic: "the farming that you speak about comes from GOD"

Every farm product, every slice of meat, every piece of fruit is the result of intelligent design by us. For most of our species' history we lived a meager existence as hunter-gatherers. Then we discovered agriculture. We selectively bred wheat, corn, rice, etc., from wild grasses. We selectively bred cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc., from wild animals. I'm in awe of the intelligence and effort behind those achievements. When I buy food, I think of the amazing technology that feeds the world today.

None of this has anything to with your imaginary god. It's all the result of human work and ingenuity. Give credit where credit's due.

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Now remember "simply agnostic

Now remember "simply agnostic" you said you would label your post as "I am playing devils advocate here!" You did not do so here, so we have to assume you switched it up again.

I am actually getting a bit concerned for you, I feel more and more like you are dealing with some underlying psychological conditions, and you probably could use some counseling. Either that, or you are just looking for attention and will bounce around to whatever gets you the most attention. Regardless, I think you should stop reading/posting here.

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Oh BULLSHIT simply agnostic!

Oh BULLSHIT simply agnostic!
You get food because NATURE provided it. Not any god. It takes the lack of intelligence to believe in a god. It takes NO effort to believe in a god. No god provided anything.
Yeah it takes faith to believe in a god because it sure doesn't take common sense or intelligence. You have to have faith, a LEAP of faith, to leap over the gap of evidence for a god.
The burden of proof is on those that believe in a god not on those that don't' BELIEVE YOU!
You have defined "atheism" incorrectly. It's not that we don't believe in a god (we don't) it's that we don't believe YOU or anyone that says that there is a god. And that is the point. People started saying that there was a god, an abstract and unnatural idea. We atheist simply don't believe them. They must PROVE this abstract unnatural idea.

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@simply agnostic or whatever

@simply agnostic or whatever the FUCK he is calling himself at this time!
I beg to differ. I can cuss all I want. There is no god to box with. I didn't exaggerate anything and I am not in error. My intellect soars way above yours. At least I can stay with my convictions. I don't pretend to be something I am not. You are the epitome of a liar. You don't even know who the hell you are!

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Mykcob4: Why do you have so

Mykcob4: Why do you have so much anger at the church and Christians in general that you have to use profanity time and again to make your point? God loves you and I`m reaching out to you to try to help you come out of the bitterness that you have. Jesus loves you he will come into your heart and you`ll see a transformation so amazing, You will become a new person. I don`t think telling by your responses to me and others that you like yourself very much one cusss word after another why? Looking at what Jesus said that you can tell a mans character by what comes out of his mouth then what goes in. James the Lords half brother said that the tongue is above all things wicked. And he mentions cussing here. So please accept this advice as one who doesn`t want to disparage you but to be of some assistance. Just take a deep breath and relax. I don`t know what kind of pressure you find yourself under but something inside you is making you cuss.TRy some meditation and pray pick up the Gospel and read a Psalm or gain wisdom from god rather then worldly wisdom.

mykcob4's picture
@simply agnostic

@simply agnostic
Angry? I am not angry. Do hate the church? Of course I do. Do I hate christians? Only the ones that are hypocrites. Oh, wait that would be all of them.
Proselytizing to me is just condescending bullshit and you know it. You love it when I cuss because you pretend that you are all mature and above the fray. You get all smug and pretentious.
But here is what you have been since you have been on the forum.
1st you pretended to be some weird version of whatever the hell, well we don't know and I doubt that you knew either.
Then you decided to claim that you were definitely an atheist.
Then you went hardline evangelical.
Then some modicum of agnostic. Lately you pretend to be agnostic but everything you post is batshit crazy evangelical.
You like to lecture people. You think that you have some sort of authority to do so. You disrespect everybody else's belief or nonbelief for some reason thinking that your fucking belief is superior and should be bowed down to.
So here's the score.
You're a mixed up goofball with a superiority complex.
You have NO fucking authority.
If I want to cuss I can and I will.
If you don't like it tough shit.
I can disrespect YOUR goddamned faith as much as loud and as vulgar as I care to and I will.
My nonbelief has been PERSECUTED.
See the difference? You get a little insulted but atheists get persecuted. BIG disparity!
So don't lecture me, don't fucking preach to me, don't think you have ANY goddamned authority over me or anyone else!
If you don't like the way I say things YOU can fucking ignore it!
Remember asshole, YOU singled ME out on this thread.
I made nothing but general statements!
So If I want to say FUCK christians, FUCK god, FUCK jesus, I FUCKING will. If YOU take it personal, that is YOUR fucking problem.
The bible, psalms, who gives a shit, it's bullshit anyway.

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CyberLN: So far as my post on

CyberLN: So far as my post on civility, I will simply say that if any poster overtly tells someone with an opposing view to go away, brutally intimidates them, or shames them venomously about their age, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc., I will have to consider banning you. I prefer to give a lot of leeway to folks in the interest of discourse, but for fuck sake, cut out the bullshit! If anyone has any questions, comments, or want clarification about this, please PM me.

"brutally intimidates them" Well, well, another overt example of mykcob4's adolescent behavior rears it's ugly head and goes unpunished as the quality of debate continues to degrade at Atheist Republic.

Although I vehemently disagree with simply agnostic concerning his religious beliefs and his dishonest attempts to proselytize under the guise of being an agnostic, mykcob4's adolescent debating behavior continues to degrade verbal exchanges on the site. Not only does his behavior have the potential to influence other atheists to stoop to his level, but also turn people off that are considering leaving religion that see his words as proof of immoral behavior.

How many instances of brutal intimidation is mycoby4 allowed before he faces some consequences?

There have been so many I have lost count. He has been in the “consider” stage too long.

mykcob4's picture

Get off your highhorse!
I didn't single simply agnostic out, he singled me out. If I want to cuss there is nothing that says I can't.
I should report you for repeated harassment.
I didn't tell simply agnostic to go away. I told him if he didn't like my posts or the words I chose in those posts, that he didn't have to read or reply to them.
If YOU don't like my posts then you can ignore them as well.

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I do not envy CyberLN's job.

I do not envy CyberLN's job.

Me personally, as long as it is a war of words, and no one is physically threatening anyone, attempting to track down the person's physical whereabouts etc it not considered threatening behavior. How much can an anonymous person really threaten another anonymous person? Trying to call for banning someone is about the closest thing to a threat to an anonymous sign in.

I do not think mykob4 is intimidating either, for much of the same reasons, how can someone be threatening if they don't even know who you are. Sure he is abrasive, and I feel at times he makes sensitive theist or other people feel less welcome, but I do not feel that is a bannable offence. If it is, it creates a slippery slope real quick on being ban happy. Being on the other end of ban hammer on theist sites for calmly discussing my argument, I have seen how damaging to open discussion a hyper active admin can be.

If a theist or otherwise can be easily offended by mykob4, they should really not be here, especially when we really drill into basic flaws of their world beliefs. In fact, I would recommend the person to get off the internet pronto.

Also as mykob4 said, you do not have to read his post.

Usual rules apply though, no trolling, no purely attack posting, and other efforts to completely degrade a subject.

I feel mykob4 is at times a grumpy old(er?) guy that is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He just not going to always be super politically correct about it, but he is not trying to win the popularity vote either. He also knows a lot about how the world really works.


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