Religion judged on the actions of the few

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Have you ever read your bible

Have you ever read your bible? What about when the god of the bible ordered the murder of the midianites in Numbers 31? Do you consider murdering children for being disobedient as written in Deuteronomy 21 to be child abuse?

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In my religion, God gives

In my religion, God gives life and takes it away, because it is his will. 6,316 people will die in an hour. He decides when you last heart beat shall be. I'm going to attempt to answer on why God allows suffering. This includes abuse, violence, starvation and basically bad stuff. In Christianity, we have all sinned by rejecting God, via lying and unjust behavior. We have rejected him, thus we deserve eternal suffering (hell). You may ask:" What about the stick-thin kids who are yet to die from starvation in Africa, surely not following God doesn't mean this living torture". Ephesians 2:3b says that "we were by nature deserving of wrath". God's wrath. The wrath of suffering. By rejecting God, we bring on ourselves our wrath.

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Wow. And you actually think

Wow. And you actually think your religion is a good thing?

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I believe it to be a good

I believe it to be a good thing because, despite our sins, we are forgiven by God despite our sins and our wrongs. God has the every right to do anything, but he forgave our crimes towards him.

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@unknown: That is a horrible

@unknown: That is a horrible philosophy and you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading that shit.

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Could you give me reason why

Could you give me reason why this philosophy is horrible.

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I gotta get me some of what

I gotta get me some of what you're smoking.

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I'm only educated on Islam,

I'm only educated on Islam, Christianity and by default Judaism. The fact is that when people of any of these faiths are at their worst, they have very clear text they can refer to in their respective books. If you want to exact some street justice on homosexuals, the Bible can certainly provide justification. If you look at the actions of ISIS, there's nothing they have committed that Muhammad didn't either do himself or strongly sanction.

These are obviously extreme examples. On an evil scale of 1-10 they'd be a 9 or a 10. The 4 through 8's also drive me bananas. Dawkins quoted someone in a documentary I was watching today that I'm now going to butcher. "In a world with no God, good people would do good and bad people would do bad. It's only in a world with God that good people do bad." This is clearly a simplistic statement, but one can't help but be tempted to agree

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That's Steven Weinberg.

That's Steven Weinberg.
"'With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion."

Voltaire said something simliar.
"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities."

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Sorry Unknown

Sorry Unknown

Im on my phone so I can't cut and paste the post that I'm replying to.

I guess my question is, what would collective responsibility look like? What does that mean in this context? I'm not being facetious, I can just be a bit slow.

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A vast number of churches or

A vast number of churches or religious groups coming together to accept responsibility. But due to the size of Christianity, I have no idea on the actual number of churches coming together.

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Thank you Algebe! I try to

Thank you Algebe! I try to embarrass myself at least once a day. This thread seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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The immense harm done by

The immense harm done by religion down through the centuries is too massive to be laid to the feet of a few individuals. On the other hand, we do realize that there are many fine Christians out there. Some of them are my friends!

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Our criticism will continue

Our criticism will continue to fly over your head if you continue to focus soley on certain examples we use against religion to back our main point:

The point being that religion is outdated, antiquated, and peoples need for it is belated. It's not based on truth. It's all INTERPRETATION (not even what the original scribes really implied) that allows religion to facilitate these mistakes and atrocities for thousands of years. There has been so much death throughout history over what we INTERPRET from our ancestors ignorant view of the world.

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I guess I missed the link

I guess I missed the link/evidence/proof/substantiation/etc that all atheists patently condemn an entire religious constituency for their wayward few. Please, humor me with that information before we go any further with this inane question.

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When I said atheists in the

When I said atheists in the first question, I only mean some atheists. They are very few, but nonetheless I think there are some. Look at the first page.

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@ unknown

@ unknown
Yes we judge religion on a few....A FEW THOUSAND YEARS!!!!!!!!!

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This whole topic is kind of

This whole topic is kind of ironical for two reasons.

First, there's Cain's famous question: "Am I my brother's keeper?" The consensus on Christian websites seems to be that the answer should be"YES." If a brother or sister in your religion is doing wrong in the name of your god, you share the responsibility. It's in the book.

Second, it's usually theists who blame all atheists for heinous actions by a few alleged atheists, specifically Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. It's debatable whether any of these monsters were really atheists, and they certainly didn't commit their crimes in the name of atheism. This is in contrast with the Crusaders, for example, who committed dreadful atrocities in the name of Christ and the church.

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Hitler and Stalin were not

Hitler and Stalin were not atheist. Hitler was a devout Catholic and so was Stalin. Actually, Pol Pot was a catholic as well.


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