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What religious people or anyone who believes in God does not do; is question their beliefs. They merely accept what has been told from them by parents or society.
1. Who is God?
2. What is God?
3. Is God male or female?
4. Does God exist?
5. Is there proof that God exist? If there is,how can I prove it?
6. Does God has a set of rules for its descendents to follow? If so,why do we have to follow those rules? Why did it make those rules? How did it make those rules?
7. How did God create the universe?
8. Do I really believe in God?
9. Why do I believe in God?
10. If I wasn’t indoctrinated by my parents would I still believe in God?
11. If I questioned my beliefs would I believe in God?
12. Do I agree with Gods statement,even if what God said could be incorrect. (Yes they can be don’t be single minded, Days Of Noah, Leviticus 18:22)
13. How can I disprove the existence of God,if I do not see it?
14. Have I really experienced God, or was it something else entirely?
15. What is the proof to say that the earth itself is proof of God?
16. Where is the proof to say that the mind and body is proof of God?
17. There are 4,200 religions in the world; why am I so sure that this is correct when I have not studied the others?
If the answer to these questions are um or I dont know but I still believe in it anyways,then it is a no and you are too afraid to admitt it.

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