Religion/god after covid

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Pessimistic chimp rolls over

Pessimistic chimp rolls over for a bellyrub.

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@HEY TIN!!! The chess game

@HEY TIN!!! The chess game was fun. Now let's play a game of "Hide and Seek." I'm gonna go hide and you try to find me! (Nope, not here!)

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@Cog Re: "Now let's play a

@Cog Re: "Now let's play a game of "Hide and Seek." I'm gonna go hide and you try to find me!"

Well, to make it fair, I will need to pinch my nose shut. Otherwise, all I have to do is follow the odor of rotten eggs with a faint hint of Old Spice aftershave.

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I think that disasters always

I think that disasters always feed into religion.

I believe that when people are confronted with their own mortality, the instinct to survive compels us to imagine an afterlife so that this instinct can be satisfied.

I despise the saying that "there are no Atheists in foxholes", as this ignores a very salient point.

We shouldn't drive when we're drunk, because there are things going on with an alcohol-saturated brain that impair judgement. An attorney shouldn't represent him(or her)self because a person on trial can't be impartial.

A surgeon shouldn't operate on their own mother for similar reasons.

When we point out that there are no Atheists in foxholes . . . we are implying that people in foxholes are capable of rational, impartial judgement when--obviously--their reasoning abilities are impaired . . . just as your or my reasoning might be impaired if there were mortar and artillery rounds raining down on us from every side and angle.

The "no atheists in foxholes" point is a fallacy of logic and reason.


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