Religious freedom to conduct relgious persecution just got weird in OZ

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Another product of Eton,

Another product of Eton, which is a fee charging school that has produced ten UK prime ministers, almost all of which were twats.

Meanwhile, that roll call sketch by Rowan Atkinson can be enjoyed via this link.

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Thank you for the link....

Thank you for the link...."Digit! Leave Orifice alone". Classic.

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The link was an ad for the

The link was an ad for the Angel Gabriel saving a small Texas Town. ????

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The link took me to Youtube &

The link took me to Youtube & Rowan Atkinson's "The School Master".
You mmight need to exorcise your computer Mrs O.

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I'll agree it is acting weird

I'll agree it is acting weird. Possessed? Maybe I should try the Japanese SOP for servers. Bribe them with candy named "Good Behavior."

I wonder where that fits with 'religious' beliefs.

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@Algebe; Not convinced Pope

@Algebe; Not convinced Pope Joan existed. By interested in your primary sources.Ie other than the myth.

As a young Catholic boy, my favourite Pope was John XX111. Today I daresay I'd see his feet of clay. Just as I see Francis as a dithering old twit rather just a nice old man. He says soothing things, but as far as I can see, it's still business as usual. IF he was serious he'd address the celibacy of the clergy, female priests and the open secret of priests' families in Ireland..

ADDENDUM: OOPS! Did some checking. Recent coin discoveries suggest Pope Joan May have existed. However, there is not yet a consensus.

"A shocking discovery on ancient coins might prove once and for all the existence of a female pope.

Researchers from an Australian university examined ancient silver coins and believe that they found evidence proving that Pope Joan, the rumored first and only female pope of medieval legend, truly did exist.

Since Peter the disciple was crowned the first pope, all 266 popes have been men. However, legends say that one woman disguised herself as a man and slipped under the radar, climbing all the way to the top of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy to become the first-ever female pope in the middle of the ninth century. "

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I haven't heard Francis say

I haven't heard Francis say all that many "soothing" things.

"Why is everyone still upset about pedophilia? The Church 'apologized." (obvious confusion between the meaning of the words "apologize" and "insult".

"Women are the strawberries on the cake." - Gee, sorry you don't think we have the substance of Cardinal 'Barbie Doll' Burke with his 20 foot trains.

"The European Church is like a grandmother." - He should be so lucky. The grandmothers are the work horses in a parish, but then he can only see women as breeding stock.

The whole Sin Nod on 'Family' - Let's see, a group of supposedly celibate old men, whose response to the pedophile crisis was TO PROTECT THE PEDOPHILES, holding a Sin Nod on 'Family' based on a nonsensical survey that violated all principals of data sampling. It finally dawned on me that the purpose was to void that ridiculous 'Mulierii whatever" The document said that WOMEN have the authority in the family. What was the function of the handful of hand picked women attendees? - Look pretty and stifle.

Followed by the Sin Nod on - pant, pant, pant, drool - 'Youth'

The 'lay' group in the vatican investigating pedophiles were even occasionally able to get into their own offices.

Yeah, real "soothing."

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Rugby and Soccer have been

Rugby and Soccer have been mentioned, but not Australian rules, which is based on Gaelic football .These players wear no padding except a cup. There are a lot of brain injuries and broken bones of various kinds.

The difference between the three codes:.

In Soccer, you kick the ball. Unless of course an opposing player says something unkind . Then you and your team start a brawl.

In Rugby, you kick the man if you can't kick the ball .

IN Australian Rules, you kick the ball if you can't kick the man.

Below; the glory of Aussie rules.


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Australian rule has always

Australian rule has always struck me as a brawl thinly disguised as rugby. Perhaps I'm being unkind .

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@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

AFL's common name from rugby and soccer players is "Ariel ping pong" ..I much prefer baseball....

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As brutal as rugby is, it’s

As brutal as rugby is, it’s not as dangerous as some other sports...base jumping, surfing, and boxing, among others.

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First warm up game against

First warm up game against England before world cup, and Amscombe is out for entire world cup, ffs.

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An update just to hand.

An update just to hand. Isaiah Folau and God Almighty vs. Rugby Australia and Common Sense will be heard in February 2020.


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