Religous beginning -means to obtain tax

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Religous beginning -means to obtain tax

Could the beginning of all religions writings not have started with ; we need tax money .

Seeing that they all started around the same time , have used this fantasy of writings to serve as a means to collect tax.

For a tax exempt society nothing appears to have changed , religious organizations are continuously looking for financial support .

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I would not call it TAX.

I would not call it TAX. Certainly religion is the oldest con game on the planet. Give the holy man money and he will talk to the spirits for you, bring you good luck or sell you a charm. Tax seems to be more connected to social order and tribal leaders or kings.

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I doubt it. Religion probably

I doubt it. Religion probably arises to help answer questions of the world and bind a community together. Taxes are used to help support large organizations, which can be secular or religious. It most likely the first 'taxes' was a tribute to the most powerful person in the region to make them stronger.


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Brad, you wrote, “Seeing that

Brad, you wrote, “Seeing that they all started around the same time...”

Really? What time was that?

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This theme in history. When

This theme in history. When it passes in the period of rebirth, the church is used in all ways by the hand of man. This theme in history is, in my opinion, the most interested. Even then, most groups appear who have the same view and are free to express it. That's what we do with friends every Sunday. We choose a topic for discussion and have a small debate, namely in the historical field. And when I got to the given case, I understood that no one knows how to do it except one. Then he told us to read as much as possible from here and date next time we will have an honest debate.

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I am a little confused.

I am a little confused. Religion most likely develops to unify a group and provide answers to universal issues. Large organizations, which may be secular or religious, are supported in part by cookie clicker taxes. The early "taxes" were probably a tribute to the dominant figure in the area meant to fortify them.

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drift boss, we are fighting

drift boss, we are fighting for our lives. Unfortunately, religion has the opposite effect and discourages collaboration. Time to abolish religion. Hopefully, some religious people will be able to get past their cognitive dissonance and realize that religion actually works to keep people apart rather than bring them together.

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