Resign, Resolve and Fortitude!

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Resign, Resolve and Fortitude!

The capability of understanding and executing these three things will lead you to success.
One must resign one's self to understand both your capabilities and your limitations. Everyone can do several things well and something exceptionally. Also, there are things that are beyond one's talent. This means one must know one's self. You must know who you are and where you are and how you fit into the environment that you are in.
After you have resigned yourself to understanding who you are and where you are, you can resolve yourself to effect a plan to achieve. Also, resolve means that you must overcome setbacks that are inevitable. Plan for success but also count on failures. Have a backup plan, something that you can fall back on. This allows you to aim high set lofty goals and not be devastated if you don't reach them.
At every stage in life, around every corner, you will meet exhaustion. You will have to dig deep inside yourself to push through tough times.

I employ this strategy in everything I do and everything I have done. Sports, business, life in general.

Why did I start this thread? Well, I have seen a lack of commitment by people these days. It seems to me that people are too focused on immediate satisfaction instead of putting in the hard work that success requires. Success can be measured many ways but it is a fact that most if not all of you are successful.

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