Results of Celibacy

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Results of Celibacy

Catholic priests have to follow celibacy once they decided to enter priesthood, but is it good for them. Most religions allow their preachers or pastors to be married like ordinary men. One of the results of celibacy I think is that some priests hid their relationship or families in instances that they wasn't able to commit perfectly with celibacy. What else do you think?

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I think you are 100% correct

I think you are 100% correct mysticrose. Celibacy is something that cannot possibly be attained by the human animal, and that's just what we are, animals. We have some very basic needs and when you tell someone, anyone, that they cannot have one of these needs, their primal urges kick in and the body does what the body wants to do.

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There is a small percentage

There is a small percentage of the human population that is asexual (less than 1%) and isn't sexually attracted to anything. I suppose they could probably go without sex, considering they find nothing sexually attractive.

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Then celibacy doesn't make

Then celibacy doesn't make sense at all. Why the Catholic church continue to ask this condition for those who want to become a priest. Aren't married man capable of preaching the bible teachings?

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I don't really know much

I don't really know much about anyone's capability to preach, but I do know some contextual info that could shed a little light on things...

Back in the day, we're talking 900-1100 and on into 1400, the patriarchal system of Europe was such that only eldest sons were heirs, unless a family was ridiculously rich. This is for good reason, as women were likely to die young and early due to the 60% mortality rate of childbirth. Unfortunately, it left a lot of undateable dudes running around. So, they joined the monastary, which would guarantee at least some level of comfort for them.

Let's put our twos and twos together - poor, unmarried men needed the financial support donated by rich men who had married several times. I'm not sure when it stopped being just a condition and became a rule, though.

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I really have no idea why,

I really have no idea why, but many religions and philosophical doctrines speak of the virtue of celibacy.

I'm certainly not at all for it, but I'm just saying that it must come from somewhere. I think it's about focus, but... we're all adults here, so we know... sexual deprivation does *nothing* good for concentration!

It also dramatically shortens your life span, and causes several other health problems like cancer and senility. I wouldn't wish that on a priest.

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Agreed! However, if a priest

Agreed! However, if a priest is a pedophile I am all for him practicing celibacy even if it makes him develop cancer, grow elderly sooner and go senile!

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I agree the sexual

I agree the sexual deprivation can effect concentration. Human beings are sexual in nature and we can't deny it. The population of the world showed how humans consumed time having this so-called sex (well except for rare asexual people).
Compared to women, it seems that men are more likely to indulge into sex easily so it is hard for priests to control their sexual nature. They might be able to control it by diverting it into something but they can't fully avoid the calling of their own body. Their subconscious will still disturb them. Celibacy is a torture.

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I do think it's interesting

I do think it's interesting how the first "orders" from God were to be fruitful and multiply... but yet sex is so condemned by Christian religion. How else are we supposed to follow orders?

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I have also had some

I have also had some suspicions "arouse" when this contradictory information was presented to me at a young age. Why celibacy if we are to be fruitful and multiply.

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In Genesis, the orders to

In Genesis, the orders to perform were fairly direct, and if the book is to believed, from God's own mouth. The orders for Celibacy? I can't find them.

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I just re-read this again!

I just re-read this again! Not having sex causes cancer and shortens your life span?! Why are we not taught this in sex ed classes? lol

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Lol, I think it's about

Lol, I think it's about timing... those kids don't need any extra encouragement, if things are now as they were back when I was in school...

Although I really do think that they should have a second round of sex ed classes around age 20, for the stuff people *really* need to know. And again at 30, because it's probably good to know stuff then too. And whatever, the doctor should just have instructional videos to hand out because after that people will start forgetting stuff.

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Someday cancer treatment

Someday cancer treatment facilities will be sex filled marijuana lounges where people sip on lemon zested teas! And everybody will have cancer.

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Good point! We don't want to

Good point! We don't want to encourage them any sooner than we have to!

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I think some people should

I think some people should remain celibate if only to keep from breeding more and more Jerry Springer type families. But for anyone to assume that any human being could possibly remain celibate is ludicrous.

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Were there ever any priests

Were there ever any priests on Jerry Springer? I haven't watched that show in forever...

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Yes there were, but they

Yes there were, but they could have been actors!

SammyShazaam's picture
I'm sure many priests are

I'm sure many priests are actors, Jerry Springer nothwithstanding.

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Watching that show makes me

Watching that show makes me wish eugenics worked (sadly, we can't breed smart people reliably).

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Imagine the possibilities!

Imagine the possibilities!

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Priesthood is a choice (I am

Priesthood is a choice (I am just not sure how many priests are forced to be one :) ) so, if they think they cannot follow all those responsibilities of being a priest, just do not be a priest, they can choose to be a pastor instead.

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They can be a pastor if

They can be a pastor if catholic is not their religion. You're right priesthood is a choice and most priests were not force but they had to do it in order to please other people or their parents. Such decision will make them suffer for long if they really don't like it..

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During my younger years, I

During my younger years, I have read from a particular old Catholic book that the reason why nuns and priests must practice celibacy is because they are 'marrying' god and must have no sexual/romantic relationships with other human beings. It sounds disturbing, but that is what I've read. lol.

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God does declare off the bat

God does declare off the bat that he is a jealous god, so I suppose they wouldn't be able to entertain extramarital affairs once married to hom... but there's an awful lot of women in the convent! He's apparently also a greedy and libidinous god, lol.

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God of polygamy! He must be a

God of polygamy! He must be a Mormon

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I do not believe that any

I do not believe that any form of religious celibacy or chastity is essential or beneficial. That is one of the foremost reasons that Catholic priests are on the decline. If they were allowed to get married and have children, it would be a more sought after position. There's a reason the Catholic church is notorious for child molestation. I've found one way to potentially end that cruelty.

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There are indeed catholic

There are indeed catholic priests who are married. If a man is married before being ordained, he remains so and does not have to be celebate. If a man who is unmarried is ordained, he must be celebate.

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I remember reading about

I remember reading about similar situations being encouraged in Corinthians. If people were married before entering the church they should stay so, but if not they really shouldn't be seeking to get married. Basically, the point seemed to be that there are more important things to concentrate on once you begin to walk the path of god.

Try explaining that to your wife though!

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I think at one point, they

I think at one point, they will have to reduce their strict policies or they might end up without any fresh blood entering the priesthood.

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I believe that if you are

I believe that if you are going to give advice about marriage and family and what God thinks you should do about them, you should have to go through marriage also. That way you will know what you are talking about.


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